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London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about London history, and connects to my many pub history sites. These pages are of all London Borough pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, currently 4441 pubs open in total. Index of all Boroughs

Kensington and Chelsea (104)
Anglesea Arms,Public House 15 Selwood Terrace, Onslow Gardens, LONDON,SW7 3QG,Kensington and Chelsea
Antelope,PUBLIC HOUSE, 22-24 Eaton Terrace, LONDON,SW1W 8EZ,Kensington and Chelsea
Ariadne's Nectar Bar,Public House, 274 Latimer Road, LONDON,W10 6QW,Kensington and Chelsea
Ashbee's Wine Bar,22-24 Hogarth Place, LONDON,SW5 0QY,Kensington and Chelsea
Azteca,329 King's Road, LONDON,SW3 5ES,Kensington and Chelsea
Barts,Ground Floor Rear and First Floor Chelsea Cloisters, Sloane Avenue, LONDON,SW3 3EL,Kensington and Chelsea
Beach Blanket Babylon,45 Ledbury Road, LONDON,W11 2AA,Kensington and Chelsea
Beaufort House,354 King's Road, LONDON,SW3 5UZ,Kensington and Chelsea
Blackbird,Public House, 209-211 Earl's Court Road, LONDON,SW5 9AN,Kensington and Chelsea
Builders Arms, Public House, 1 Kensington Court Place, LONDON,W8 5BJ,Kensington and Chelsea
Builders Arms PH,Public House, 13 Britten Street, LONDON,SW3 3TY,Kensington and Chelsea
Bunch of Grapes,Public House, 207 Brompton Road, LONDON,SW3 1LA,Kensington and Chelsea
Castle PH,Public House, 100 Holland Park Avenue, LONDON,W11 4UA,Kensington and Chelsea
Chatpata,160 Warwick Road, LONDON,W14 8PS,Kensington and Chelsea
Chelsea Pensioner, Public House, 358 Fulham Road, LONDON,SW10 9UU,Kensington and Chelsea
Chelsea Pensioners Club, Royal Hospital, Royal Hospital Road, LONDON,SW3 4SR,Kensington and Chelsea
Chelsea Potter, Public House, 119 King's Road, LONDON,SW3 4PL,Kensington and Chelsea
Chelsea Ram PH, Public House, 32 Burnaby Street, LONDON,SW10 0PL,Kensington and Chelsea
Chilled Eskimo, Public House, 48 Southern Row, LONDON,W10 5AN,Kensington and Chelsea
Churchill Arms, PUBLIC HOUSE, 119 Kensington Church Street, LONDON,W8 7LN,Kensington and Chelsea
Coco Momo,Public House, 25 Gloucester Road, LONDON,SW7 4PL,Kensington and Chelsea
Coronet Cinema and Print Room at the Coronet,103-111 Notting Hill Gate, LONDON,W11 3LB,Kensington and Chelsea
Courtfield Public House,Public House, 187 Earl's Court Road, LONDON,SW5 9AN,Kensington and Chelsea
Crown and Sceptre,PUBLIC HOUSE, 34 Holland Road, LONDON,W14 8BA,Kensington and Chelsea
Devonshire Arms,Public House The, 37 Marloes Road, LONDON,W8 6LA,Kensington and Chelsea
Dirty Bones,20 Kensington Church Street, LONDON,W8 4EP,Kensington and Chelsea
Drayton Arms,153 Old Brompton Road, LONDON,SW5 0LJ,Kensington and Chelsea
Duke of Clarence,148 Old Brompton Road, LONDON,SW5 0BE,Kensington and Chelsea
Duke of Wellington PH,179 Portobello Road, LONDON,W11 2ED,Kensington and Chelsea
Eclipse,113 Walton Street, LONDON,SW3 2HP,Kensington and Chelsea
Elephant & Castle, Public House, 40-42 Holland Street, LONDON,W8 4LT,Kensington and Chelsea
Finborough Arms, Public House, 118 Finborough Road, LONDON,SW10 9ED,Kensington and Chelsea
Fox & Pheasant PH, Public House, 1 Billing Road, LONDON,SW10 9UJ,Kensington and Chelsea
Garden Bar and Grill,41 Bramley Road, LONDON,W10 6SZ,Kensington and Chelsea
Gloucester Arms,Public House, 34 Gloucester Road, LONDON,SW7 4RB,Kensington and Chelsea
Goat,333 Fulham Road, LONDON,SW10 9QL,Kensington and Chelsea
Greyhound Public House,Public House, 1 Kensington Square, LONDON,W8 5EP,Kensington and Chelsea
Hereford Arms (The),PUBLIC HOUSE, 127 Gloucester Road, LONDON,SW7 4TE,Kensington and Chelsea
Hoop & Toy,34 Thurloe Place, LONDON,SW7 2HQ,Kensington and Chelsea
Jaks,Basement, 531-533 King's Road, LONDON,SW10 0TZ,Kensington and Chelsea
Jaks Bar Limited,87-89 Walton Street, LONDON,SW3 2HP,Kensington and Chelsea
Janet's Bar,30 Old Brompton Road, LONDON,SW7 3DL,Kensington and Chelsea
Kings Head, Public House, 17 Hogarth Place, LONDON,SW5 0QT,Kensington and Chelsea
Ladbroke Arms Public House,54 Ladbroke Road, LONDON,W11 3NW,Kensington and Chelsea
Lots Road Pub & Dining room,114 Lots Road, LONDON,SW10 0RJ,Kensington and Chelsea
Mau Mau,265 Portobello Road, LONDON,W11 1LR,Kensington and Chelsea
My Place Nightclub,1-3 Trebovir Road, LONDON,SW5 9LS,Kensington and Chelsea
Notting Hill Arts Club,19-21 Notting Hill Gate, LONDON,W11 3JQ,Kensington and Chelsea
Old Swan, Public House, 206 Kensington Church Street, LONDON,W8 4DP,Kensington and Chelsea
Pig & Whistle PH,92-94 Bramley Road, LONDON,W10 6UG,Kensington and Chelsea
Pig and Whistle Kitchen,92-94 Bramley Road, LONDON,W10 6UG,Kensington and Chelsea
Portobello Gold,95-97 Portobello Road, LONDON,W11 2QB,Kensington and Chelsea
Portobello Star Public House,Public House, 171 Portobello Road, LONDON,W11 2DY,Kensington and Chelsea
Prince Albert,11 Pembridge Road, LONDON,W11 3HQ,Kensington and Chelsea
Prince Of Wales,Public House, 8 Kensington Church Street, LONDON,W8 4EP,Kensington and Chelsea
Princess Victoria,PUBLIC HOUSE, 25 Earl's Court Road, LONDON,W8 6EB,Kensington and Chelsea
Raffles Club,287 King's Road, LONDON,SW3 5EW,Kensington and Chelsea
Riley's,PUBLIC HOUSE, 433 King's Road, LONDON,SW10 0LR,Kensington and Chelsea
Roadster California,11 Kensington High Street, LONDON,W8 5NP,Kensington and Chelsea
Rose and Crown,90 Lower Sloane Street, LONDON,SW1W 8BU,Kensington and Chelsea
Southam Street,Public House, 36 Golborne Road, LONDON,W10 5PR,Kensington and Chelsea
Sporting Club De Londres,27 Elkstone Road, LONDON,W10 5NT,Kensington and Chelsea
Sporting Page,PUBLIC HOUSE, 6 Camera Place, LONDON,SW10 0BH,Kensington and Chelsea
Stanhope Arms (The),Adam Court, 97 Gloucester Road, LONDON,SW7 4SS,Kensington and Chelsea
Stewart Arms PH,26 Norland Road, LONDON,W11 4TR,Kensington and Chelsea
Sun in Splendour,PUBLIC HOUSE, 7 Portobello Road, LONDON,W11 3DA,Kensington and Chelsea
Taste Wine 4 LTD,255 Pavilion Road, LONDON,SW1X 0BP,Kensington and Chelsea
Thai (at Rose & Crown),90 Lower Sloane Street, LONDON,SW1W 8BU,Kensington and Chelsea
The Admirable Crichton,Holland Park Theatre, Holland Park, LONDON,W8 6LU,Kensington and Chelsea
The Bletchley - Lolly and Pop Limited,Public House, 459 King's Road, LONDON,SW10 0LR,Kensington and Chelsea
The Bolton,Public House, 326 Earl's Court Road, LONDON,SW5 9BQ,Kensington and Chelsea
The Britannia,Public House, 1 Allen Street, LONDON,W8 6UX,Kensington and Chelsea
The Castle,Public House, 225 Portobello Road, LONDON,W11 1LU,Kensington and Chelsea
The Champion,Public House 1 Wellington Terrace, Notting Hill Gate, LONDON,W2 4LW,Kensington and Chelsea
The Coopers Arms,PUBLIC HOUSE, 87 Flood Street, LONDON,SW3 5TB,Kensington and Chelsea
The Cross Keys,1 Lawrence Street, LONDON,SW3 5NB,Kensington and Chelsea
The Crown,Public House, 153 Dovehouse Street, LONDON,SW3 6LB,Kensington and Chelsea
The Eagle,250 Ladbroke Grove, LONDON,W10 5LP,Kensington and Chelsea
The Earls Court Tavern,PUBLIC HOUSE, 123 Earl's Court Road, LONDON,SW5 9RL,Kensington and Chelsea
The Elgin,96 Ladbroke Grove, LONDON,W11 1PY,Kensington and Chelsea
The Globe,103 Talbot Road, LONDON,W11 2AT,Kensington and Chelsea
The Gloucester,187 Sloane Street, LONDON,SW1X 9QR,Kensington and Chelsea
The Goat Tavern,PUBLIC HOUSE, 3A Kensington High Street, LONDON,W8 5NP,Kensington and Chelsea
The Hansom Cab,84 Earl's Court Road, LONDON,W8 6EG,Kensington and Chelsea
The Hillgate,24 Hillgate Street, LONDON,W8 7SR,Kensington and Chelsea
The Hour Glass,Public House, 279-283 Brompton Road, LONDON,SW3 2DY,Kensington and Chelsea
The Italian Job,Public House, 45 All Saints Road, LONDON,W11 1HE,Kensington and Chelsea
The Kings Arms,Public House, 190 Fulham Road, LONDON,SW10 9PN,Kensington and Chelsea
The Mall Tavern,Public House, 71-73 Palace Gardens Terrace, LONDON,W8 4RU,Kensington and Chelsea
The Mitre,PUBLIC HOUSE, 40 Holland Park Avenue, LONDON,W11 3QY,Kensington and Chelsea
The Pembroke,Public House, 261 Old Brompton Road, LONDON,SW5 9JA,Kensington and Chelsea
The Phene Arms, 9 Phene Street, LONDON,SW3 5NY,Kensington and Chelsea
The Phoenix Pub and Dining Room,23 Smith Street, LONDON,SW3 4EE,Kensington and Chelsea
The Pig's Ear,35 Old Church Street, LONDON,SW3 5BS,Kensington and Chelsea
The Prince of Teck,PUBLIC HOUSE, 161 Earl's Court Road, LONDON,SW5 9RQ,Kensington and Chelsea
The Queen's Arms,30 Queen's Gate Mews, LONDON,SW7 5QL,Kensington and Chelsea
The Scarsdale,Public House, 23A Edwardes Square, LONDON,W8 6HE,Kensington and Chelsea
The Surprise,Public House, 6 Christchurch Terrace, LONDON,SW3 4AJ,Kensington and Chelsea
The Sydney Arms,70 Sydney Street, LONDON,SW3 6NJ,Kensington and Chelsea
Trafalgar,Public House, 200 King's Road, LONDON,SW3 5XP,Kensington and Chelsea
Warwick Arms,160 Warwick Road, LONDON,W14 8PS,Kensington and Chelsea
Windsor Castle,Public House, 114 Campden Hill Road, LONDON,W8 7AR,Kensington and Chelsea
Zefi Bar,Club, 531-533 King's Road, LONDON,SW10 0TZ,Kensington and Chelsea
Zetland Arms PH,PUBLIC HOUSE, 2-4 Bute Street, LONDON,SW7 3EX,Kensington and Chelsea
Metropolitan Public House,60 Great Western Road, London,W11 1AB,Kensington and Chelsea

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