Portsmouth, Hampshire pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Portsmouth Hampshire - 163
Abarbistro,"58 White Hart Road, Portsmouth",PO1 2JA,Portsmouth
Admiral Drake,"Kingston Crescent, Portsmouth",PO2 8DH,Portsmouth
Alexandra Bowls And Social Club,"Northern Parade, Portsmouth",PO2 9PB,Portsmouth
Auckland Arms,"Netley Road, Southsea",PO5 3NB,Portsmouth
Baffins Inn,"127 Tangier Road, Portsmouth",PO3 6PD,Portsmouth
BOSCAS Club,"Isambard Brunel Junior School, Wymering Road, Portsmouth",PO2 7HX,Portsmouth
Brewhouse And Kitchen,"26 Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth",PO1 2DD,Portsmouth
Bridge Tavern,"54 East Street, Portsmouth",PO1 2JJ,Portsmouth
British Telecom Social Club,"82A High Street, Portsmouth",PO6 3AJ,Portsmouth
Broad Oak Sports And Social Club,"Airport Service Road, Portsmouth",PO3 5PQ,Portsmouth
Clarence Gardens,"118 London Road, Portsmouth",PO2 0LZ,Portsmouth
Coach And Horses,"London Road, Portsmouth",PO2 9SE,Portsmouth
Cockleshell Comunity Centre,"Henderson Road, Southsea",PO4 9SJ,Portsmouth
Copnor Snooker Club,"137 Copnor Road, Portsmouth",PO3 5BS,Portsmouth
Cosham Conservative Club,"11 Spur Road, Portsmouth",PO6 3DY,Portsmouth
Craneswater Club,"Highland Road, Southsea",PO4 9BZ,Portsmouth
Cross Keys,"Birdlip Road, Portsmouth",PO6 4EE,Portsmouth
Crown Bingo And Social Club,"High Street, Portsmouth",PO6 3BU,Portsmouth
Croxton's,"94 - 96 Palmerston Road, Southsea",PO5 3PT,Portsmouth
Dan Lewie Bar,"Walton Road, Portsmouth",PO6 1UJ,Portsmouth
David Lloyd Centre,"The Boardwalk, Portsmouth",PO6 4TP,Portsmouth
Derby Tavern,"47 Stamshaw Road, Portsmouth",PO2 8LG,Portsmouth
Drift Bar,"78 Palmerston Road, Southsea",PO5 3PT,Portsmouth
Duke Of Buckingham,"119 High Street, Portsmouth",PO1 2HW,Portsmouth
Duke Of Devonshire,"119 Albert Road, Southsea",PO5 2SQ,Portsmouth
Eastney Tavern,"100 Cromwell Road, Southsea",PO4 9PN,Portsmouth
Edge Of The Wedge/Wedgewood Rooms,"147B, Albert Road, Southsea",PO4 0JW,Portsmouth
Ferry House Lodge,"472 Mile End Road, Portsmouth",PO2 7BX,Portsmouth
Festing Hotel,"1A Festing Road, Southsea",PO4 0NG,Portsmouth
Fifth Hants Volunteer Arms,"74 Albert Road, Southsea",PO5 2SL,Portsmouth
Fleet,"1 King Henry I Street, Portsmouth",PO1 2PT,Portsmouth
Fort Cumberland Arms,"125 Eastney Road, Southsea",PO4 9JB,Portsmouth
Genting Casino,"108 Commercial Road, Portsmouth",PO1 1EJ,Portsmouth
George And Dragon,"137 Kingston Road, Portsmouth",PO2 7EB,Portsmouth
George Inn Portsdown Ltd,"Portsdown Hill Road, Portsmouth",PO6 1BE,Portsmouth
Golden Hind,"384 Copnor Road, Portsmouth",PO3 5EN,Portsmouth
Green Posts,"371 London Road, Portsmouth",PO2 9HJ,Portsmouth
Hampshire Boulevard,"1-2 Hampshire Terrace, Portsmouth",PO1 2QF,Portsmouth
Harbour Lights And Premier Inn,"1 Southampton Road, Portsmouth",PO6 4SA,Portsmouth
Harvest Home,"106 Copnor Road, Portsmouth",PO3 5AN,Portsmouth
Hole In The Wall,"36 Great Southsea Street, Southsea",PO5 3BY,Portsmouth
Hong Kong Charlies,"75 Palmerston Road, Southsea",PO5 3PP,Portsmouth
Isambard Kingdom Brunel,"2 Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth",PO1 2DD,Portsmouth
John Jacques,"74-82, Fratton Road, Portsmouth",PO1 5BX,Portsmouth
King Street Tavern,"70 King Street, Southsea",PO5 4EH,Portsmouth
Kings Theatre,"Albert Road, Southsea",PO5 2QJ,Portsmouth
Kingsley's Bar,"68 Osborne Road, Southsea",PO5 3LU,Portsmouth
Langstone Harbour Fishermens Association,"Milton Locks, Southsea",PO4 8LT,Portsmouth
Lawrence Arms,"63 Lawrence Road, Southsea",PO5 1NU,Portsmouth
Leopold Tavern,"154 Albert Road, Southsea",PO4 0JT,Portsmouth
Little Johnny Russells,"12-14, Albert Road, Southsea",PO5 2SH,Portsmouth
Locks Sailing Club,"6 Longshore Way, Southsea",PO4 8LS,Portsmouth
Lord Chichester,"182 Chichester Road, Portsmouth",PO2 0AX,Portsmouth
Lord John Russell,"12 Albert Road, Southsea",PO5 2SH,Portsmouth
Lyberry Bar,"Public House, 29 - 33 Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth",PO1 2RY,Portsmouth
Manor House,"43 Court Lane, Portsmouth",PO6 2LG,Portsmouth
Moneyfield Sport And Social Club,"Moneyfield Avenue, Portsmouth",PO3 6LA,Portsmouth
Mr Pickwick,"142 Milton Road, Portsmouth",PO4 8PN,Portsmouth
Newcome Arms,"189 Newcome Road, Portsmouth",PO1 5DT,Portsmouth
Northcote Hotel,"35 Francis Avenue, Southsea",PO4 0HL,Portsmouth
O.C.D (Southsea Golf Club),"Burrfields Road, Portsmouth",PO3 5JJ,Portsmouth
Old Oyster House,"291 Locksway Road, Southsea",PO4 8LH,Portsmouth
Park Tavern,"18 Edinburgh Road, Portsmouth",PO1 1DE,Portsmouth
Paulsgrove Social Club,"Marsden Road, Portsmouth",PO6 4JB,Portsmouth
Pembroke Gardens Bowling Club,"Pembroke Road, Portsmouth",PO1 2NS,Portsmouth
Phoenix Lodge Rooms,"110 High Street, Portsmouth",PO1 2HJ,Portsmouth
"Pickle Bar, Warrant Officer & Senior Rates","Queen Street, Portsmouth",PO1 3HH,Portsmouth
Portsmouth Harbour Cruising Club,"Tipner Lane, Portsmouth",PO2 8RD,Portsmouth
Portsmouth Irish Centre,"77 Elm Grove, Southsea",PO5 1JF,Portsmouth
Portsmouth Post Office Social Club,"134A, London Road, Portsmouth",PO2 9DE,Portsmouth
Portsmouth Rail Social Club,"Selbourne Terrace, Portsmouth",PO1 5BL,Portsmouth
Portsmouth Rifle Club,"Goldsmith Avenue, Southsea",PO4 0AW,Portsmouth
Portsmouth Sailing Club,"21 Bath Square, Portsmouth",PO1 2JL,Portsmouth
R N Sailing Centre,"Whaley Road, Portsmouth",PO2 8ER,Portsmouth
RAOB,"202-204, New Road, Portsmouth",PO2 7RW,Portsmouth
RNOC Club,"86 Lake Road, Portsmouth",PO1 4HF,Portsmouth
Royal British Legion,"Lucknow Street, Portsmouth",PO1 1PS,Portsmouth
Royal Maritime Club,"75-80, Queen Street, Portsmouth",PO1 3HS,Portsmouth
Royal Naval Club And Royal Albert Yacht Club,"17 Pembroke Road, Portsmouth",PO1 2NS,Portsmouth
Rutland Arms,"205 Francis Avenue, Southsea",PO4 0AH,Portsmouth
S2 Snooker Club,"223 Kingston Road, Portsmouth",PO2 7EG,Portsmouth
Shepherd's Crook,"107 Goldsmith Avenue, Southsea",PO4 8QZ,Portsmouth
Ship And Castle,"90 Rudmore Road, Portsmouth",PO2 8DR,Portsmouth
Ship Anson,"10 The Hard, Portsmouth",PO1 3DT,Portsmouth
Sir Alec Rose,"32-33, The Boardwalk, Portsmouth",PO6 4TP,Portsmouth
Sir John Baker,"80 London Road, Portsmouth",PO2 0LN,Portsmouth
Sirloin Of Beef,"152 Highland Road, Southsea",PO4 9NH,Portsmouth
Slug And Lettuce,"Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth",PO1 3TR,Portsmouth
Southsea Waverley Bowling Club,"91 Waverley Road, Southsea",PO5 2PL,Portsmouth
Sovereigns,"Kingston Crescent, Portsmouth",PO2 8AB,Portsmouth
Spice Island Inn,"1 Bath Square, Portsmouth",PO1 2JL,Portsmouth
Star And Garter,"230 Copnor Road, Portsmouth",PO3 5DB,Portsmouth
Still And West,"2 Bath Square, Portsmouth",PO1 2JL,Portsmouth
Sunlight And Twilight Club,"St Swithuns Primary, Taswell Road, Southsea",PO5 2RG,Portsmouth
Surrey Arms,"1-7 Surrey Street, Portsmouth",PO1 1JT,Portsmouth
The Barley Mow,"39 Castle Road, Southsea",PO5 3DE,Portsmouth
The Blue Anchor,"2 London Road, Portsmouth",PO2 0LH,Portsmouth
The Bold Forester,"177 Albert Road, Southsea",PO4 0JW,Portsmouth
The British Queen,"Public House, 18 Queens Road, Portsmouth",PO2 7NA,Portsmouth
The Carlton Club,"16-18, Portsdown Avenue, Portsmouth",PO6 1EJ,Portsmouth
The Churchillian,"Portsdown Hill Road, Portsmouth",PO6 3LS,Portsmouth
The Clarence,"Long Curtain Road, Southsea",PO5 3XX,Portsmouth
The Cosham Social Club,"14-16, Wayte Street, Portsmouth",PO6 3BS,Portsmouth
The Deco,"128 Elm Grove, Southsea",PO5 1LR,Portsmouth
The Dolphin,"41 High Street, Portsmouth",PO1 2LU,Portsmouth
The Druids Arms,"11-15, Binsteed Road, Portsmouth",PO2 7PH,Portsmouth
The Eastfield Hotel,"124 Prince Albert Road, Southsea",PO4 9HT,Portsmouth
The Eldon Arms,"11 - 17 Eldon Street, Southsea",PO5 4BS,Portsmouth
The Electric Arms,"190 Fratton Road, Portsmouth",PO1 5HD,Portsmouth
The Fat Fox,"11-13, Victoria Road South, Southsea",PO5 2SP,Portsmouth
The Fawcett Inn,"176 Fawcett Road, Southsea",PO4 0DP,Portsmouth
The First Post,"42A High Street, Portsmouth",PO6 3AG,Portsmouth
The Golden Eagle,"1 Delamere Road, Southsea",PO4 0JA,Portsmouth
The Good Companion,"2 Eastern Road, Portsmouth",PO3 6ES,Portsmouth
The Graham Arms,"51 George Street, Portsmouth",PO1 5QY,Portsmouth
The Grapes,"19 London Road, Portsmouth",PO2 0BQ,Portsmouth
The Honest Politician,"47-49, Elm Grove, Southsea",PO5 1JF,Portsmouth
The Invincible,"6 Wickham Street, Portsmouth",PO1 3EF,Portsmouth
The Jameson Arms,"122 Church Road, Portsmouth",PO1 1QE,Portsmouth
The Jolly Sailor,"54 Clarence Parade, Southsea",PO5 2EU,Portsmouth
The Jolly Taxpayer,"2 Eastbourne Road, Portsmouth",PO3 6LN,Portsmouth
The Kings,"39 Albert Road, Southsea",PO5 2SE,Portsmouth
The Liquorist,"R1, Boulevard Building, Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth",PO1 3TW,Portsmouth
The Lord Palmerston (Wetherspoons),"84-90, Palmerston Road, Southsea",PO5 3PT,Portsmouth
The Lyberry,"29-33, Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth",PO1 2RY,Portsmouth
The Mars Public House,"1-3 Church Path North, Portsmouth",PO1 4DG,Portsmouth
The Mermaid,"222 New Road, Portsmouth",PO2 7RW,Portsmouth
The Old Customs House,"Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth",PO1 3TY,Portsmouth
The One Eyed Dog,"177-185, Elm Grove, Southsea",PO5 1LU,Portsmouth
The Painters Arms,"18 Lake Road, Portsmouth",PO1 4HA,Portsmouth
The Painter's Arms,"The Painters Arms, 18 Lake Road, Portsmouth",PO1 4HA,Portsmouth
The Pelham Arms,"78 Chichester Road, Portsmouth",PO2 0AH,Portsmouth
The Pembroke,"20 Pembroke Road, Portsmouth",PO1 2NR,Portsmouth
The Phoenix,"13 Duncan Road, Southsea",PO5 2QU,Portsmouth
The Phoenix,"51 Torrington Road, Portsmouth",PO2 0TN,Portsmouth
The Portland Arms,"136 - 138 Stamshaw Road, Portsmouth",PO2 8LX,Portsmouth
The Portsbridge,"Portsmouth Road, Portsmouth",PO6 2SJ,Portsmouth
The Raven,"Bedford Street, Southsea",PO5 4BT,Portsmouth
The Rose In June,"100-102, Milton Road, Portsmouth",PO3 6AR,Portsmouth
The Royal Albert,"115-117, Albert Road, Southsea",PO5 2SQ,Portsmouth
The Royal Standard,"20 Edinburgh Road, Portsmouth",PO1 1DE,Portsmouth
The Ship And Castle,"1-2 The Hard, Portsmouth",PO1 3PU,Portsmouth
The Southsea Village,"81-83, Palmerston Road, Southsea",PO5 3PP,Portsmouth
The Sportman's Arms,"Burnaby Road, Portsmouth",PO1 3AS,Portsmouth
The Stamshaw Lake Angling Club,"Ranelagh Road, Portsmouth",PO2 8HA,Portsmouth
The Sunshine Inn,"428 Havant Road, Portsmouth",PO6 1AB,Portsmouth
The Tap,"17 London Road, Portsmouth",PO2 0BQ,Portsmouth
The Thatched House,"Milton Locks, Southsea",PO4 8LT,Portsmouth
The Three Marines,"110 Highland Road, Southsea",PO4 9NQ,Portsmouth
The Vaults,"41-47, Albert Road, Southsea",PO5 2SF,Portsmouth
The Wellington Public House,"62 High Street, Portsmouth",PO1 2LY,Portsmouth
The White Horse,"51 Southsea Terrace, Southsea",PO5 3AU,Portsmouth
The Winchester Arms,"99 Winchester Road, Portsmouth",PO2 7PS,Portsmouth
The Yorkshire Grey,"25 Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth",PO1 2RY,Portsmouth
Three,"106 Palmerston Road, Southsea",PO5 3PT,Portsmouth
Tiger Tiger,"Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth",PO1 3TP,Portsmouth
Tipner Boating And Angling Club,"Tipner Lane, Portsmouth",PO2 8RP,Portsmouth
Trafalgar Arms,"254 Fratton Road, Portsmouth",PO1 5HH,Portsmouth
Tudor Sailing Club,"Eastern Road, Portsmouth",PO3 5LY,Portsmouth
Watersedge Park And Sports Social Club,"Southampton Road, Portsmouth",PO6 4RX,Portsmouth
Yates Wine Lodge,"13-19, Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth",PO1 2RY,Portsmouth
Ye Spotted Dogge,"11 High Street, Portsmouth",PO1 2LP,Portsmouth
Zanzi (Royal Tea),"4-8 Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth",PO1 2DD,Portsmouth

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