Rochdale, Lancashire pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Rochdale Lancashire - 192
409 Littleborough,"34 Church Street, Littleborough, Lancashire",OL15 9AA,Rochdale
Alkrington Tennis & Social Clu,"Alkrington Tennis And Social C, Uplands, Middleton, Manchester",M24 1EA,Rochdale
Alpine Gasthof,"Alpine Ayinger Brau Gasthof, 164 Whitworth Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL12 0JG,Rochdale
Apple & Pears,"Apple And Pear, Andover Avenue, Middleton, Manchester",M24 1TY,Rochdale
Bamford Bowling Club,"50 Norden Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 5PN,Rochdale
Bamford Fieldhouse Cricket Club,"Bamford Fieldhouse Cricket Club, Hollin Lane, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 5PW,Rochdale
Bay Horse,"41 Torrington Street, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 2EZ,Rochdale
Beaconsfield Conservative Club,"Beaconsfield Conservative Club, 90 Bury Street, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 4QT,Rochdale
Black dog,"Black Dog, Rooley Moor Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL12 7JG,Rochdale
Blackley Golf Club,"Victoria Avenue East, Manchester",M9 7HW,Manchester
Blue Pitts Inn,"842 Manchester Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 2SP,Rochdale
Boarshaw Working Mens Club,"1 Dixon Street, Middleton, Manchester",M24 6GB,Rochdale
Britannia Inn,"Britannia Inn, 6 Middleton Gardens, Middleton, Manchester",M24 4DF,Rochdale
British Legion Castleton Comrades Club,"20 Smalley Street, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 3EB,Rochdale
Brownhill Hotel,"Brownhills Hotel, 19 Heights Lane, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL12 0PX,Rochdale
Browns No. 1,"41-43 Bridge Street, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 1JF,Rochdale
Bulls Head,"Bulls Head Hotel, Ogden Lane, Newhey, Lancashire",OL16 3TD,Rochdale
Carsons Sports,"38-42 Townley Street, Middleton, Manchester",M24 1AS,Rochdale
Carters Arms,"Carters Arms, 610 Manchester Old Road, Middleton, Manchester",M24 4PW,Rochdale
Cask & Feather,"1 Oldham Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL16 1UA,Rochdale
Castle Hawk Golf Club,"Castle Hawk Golf Club, Chadwick Lane, Heywood, Lancashire",OL11 3BY,Rochdale
Cemetery Hotel,"470 Bury Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 5EU,Rochdale
Club 3000 Bingo,"Unit G52, Middleton Shopping Centre, Middelton, Rochdale",M24 4EL,Rochdale
Corporation Inn,"55 Milkstone Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 1EB,Rochdale
Cronkeyshaw Social Club,"11 Cronkeyshaw Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL12 0QR,Rochdale
Crown & Shuttle,"Crown And Shuttle, 170 Rochdale Road, Milnrow, Lancashire",OL16 3BU,Rochdale
Crown Inn,"The Crown Inn, 52 Rochdale Road, Middleton, Manchester",M24 2PU,Rochdale
Crown Oil Arena - Rochdale AFC (Bars Only for Food Hygiene),"Spotland Stadium, Sandy Lane, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 5DR,Rochdale
Duke of Wellington,"Duke Of Wellington, 2-4 Manchester Street, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 1DL,Rochdale
Dusty Miller Hotel,"Dusty Miller, 34 Middleton Gardens, Middleton, Manchester",M24 4DF,Rochdale
Dyers Arms,"Dyers Arms, 157 Whitelees Road, Littleborough, Lancashire",OL15 8DU,Rochdale
Edwin Waugh,"10-12 Market Street, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 4LY,Rochdale
Elephant & Castle,"608 Bury Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 4AU,Rochdale
Engineers Arms,"Engineers Arms, 11-13 Aspinall Street, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 4HL,Rochdale
Firgrove Working Mens Club,"1 Leigh Street, Milnrow, Lancashire",OL16 3BH,Rochdale
Flower of the Valley,"122 Halifax Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL16 2NJ,Rochdale
Flying Horse,"The Flying Horse Hotel, 37 Packer Street, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL16 1NJ,Rochdale
Free Trade Tavern,"Free Trade Tavern, 115 Newhey Road, Milnrow, Lancashire",OL16 4JF,Rochdale
Gardeners Arms,"644 Manchester Old Road, Middleton, Manchester",M24 4PW,Rochdale
Gardeners Arms,"Gardeners Arms, 266 Hollin Lane, Middleton, Manchester",M24 5LE,Rochdale
Gardeners Arms,"Gardeners Arms, 330 Grimshaw Lane, Middleton, Manchester",M24 2AU,Rochdale
Harbord Harbord,"Jd Weatherspooon Plc, 17-21 Long Street, Middleton, Manchester",M24 6TE,Rochdale
Hare & Hounds,"865 Bury Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 4AA,Rochdale
Hare & Hounds,"Hare & Hounds, 228 Oldham Road, Middleton, Manchester",M24 2JZ,Rochdale
Hare & Hounds,"Hare And Hounds Inn, 76 Ramsden Road, Wardle, Lancashire",OL12 9LQ,Rochdale
Hark to Towler,"Hark To Towler, 122-124 Bury New Road, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 4RG,Rochdale
Harvester Pub and Grill,"Sir Winston Churchill, Bury Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 5HW,Rochdale
Heap Bridge Social Club,"Heap Bridge Social Club, Waterfold Lane, Heywood, Lancashire",BL9 7JY,Rochdale
Heywood Civic Centre,"Heywood Civic Hall, Church Street, Heywood, Rochdale",OL10 1LW,Rochdale
Heywood Cricket Club,"Heywood Cricket Club, Aspinall Street, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 4HW,Rochdale
Heywood Reform Club,"34 Tower Street, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 3AA,Rochdale
Heywood St James Football Club,"Heywood St James Football Club, Shepherd Street, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 1JW,Rochdale
Hopwood Arms,"Hopwood Arms, 753 Rochdale Road, Middleton, Manchester",M24 2RA,Rochdale
Hopwood Unionist Club,"Hopwood Unionist Club, Manchester Road, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 2AP,Rochdale
Horse & Farrier,"776 Edenfield Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL12 7RB,Rochdale
Horse & Jockey,"1-3 Well I' Th' Lane, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 1AU,Rochdale
J D Dance Club,"J D Dance Club, 180 Whitehall Street, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL12 0RZ,Rochdale
Jolly Carter Inn,"Jolly Carter, 321 Oldham Road, Middleton, Manchester",M24 2DW,Rochdale
Kenyon Inn,"Kenyon Inn, 71 Kenyon Lane, Middleton, Manchester",M24 2QS,Rochdale
Kingsway Hotel,"Kingsway Hotel, 145 Kingsway, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL16 5HS,Rochdale
Ko Ko's,"Ko Ko's, Packer Street, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL16 1NJ,Rochdale
Lancashire Fold,"77 Kirkway, Middleton, Manchester",M24 1EP,Rochdale
Leesa Vain Dance & Exercise Academy,"Dance Actions, Spring Gardens, Middleton, Manchester",M24 6DQ,Rochdale
Littleborough Conservative Club,"Littleborough Conservative Clu, 8 Peel Street, Littleborough, Lancashire",OL15 8AQ,Rochdale
Littleborough Cricket Club,"Denhurst Road, Littleborough, Lancashire",OL15 9LD,Rochdale
Littleborough Sports Club,"Littleborough Rugby Club, Rakewood Road, Littleborough, Lancashire",OL15 0AP,Rochdale
Lowerplace Liberal Club,"Lower Place Liberal Club, 389 Oldham Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL16 5LN,Rochdale
Manchester Golf Club Ltd,"Hopwood Cottage, Rochdale Road, Middleton, Manchester",M24 2PQ,Rochdale
Mark Twain,"Mark Twain Inn, 127 Whitworth Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL12 0RE,Rochdale
Middleton Cricket Club,"Middleton Cricket Club, Towncroft Avenue, Middleton, Manchester",M24 5DA,Rochdale
Middleton Masonic Lodge,"The Pavillion, Manchester Old Road, Middleton, Manchester",M24 4DY,Rochdale
Milnrow Cricket Club,"Milnrow Cricket Club, Harbour Lane, Milnrow, Lancashire",OL16 4EL,Rochdale
Milnrow Working Mens Club,"Milnrow Working Mens Club, 131 Dale Street, Milnrow, Lancashire",OL16 3LH,Rochdale
Miss Q's Sports Bar & Academy,"Norman Snooker Club, Great George Street, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL16 1QG,Rochdale
Mojitos,"8a Bamford Village Precinct, Norden Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 5PN,Rochdale
Moon Spinners,"Moon Spinners, 31 Newhey Road, Milnrow, Lancashire",OL16 3NP,Rochdale
Moorcock Inn,"Moorcock Inn, Halifax Road, Littleborough, Lancashire",OL15 0LD,Rochdale
Nelson Hotel,"131 Drake Street, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL16 1QB,Rochdale
Newhey Lodge Sports Bar,"Newhey Liberal Club, Huddersfield Road, Milnrow, Lancashire",OL16 3RU,Rochdale
Newmarket Hotel,"New Market Hotel, 43 Hind Hill Street, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 1AQ,Rochdale
Newtown National Club Ltd,"3 Nixon Street, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 3JN,Rochdale
Norden Cricket Club,"Norden Cricket Club, Woodhouse Lane, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL12 7SD,Rochdale
North Manchester Golf Club,"Rhodes House North Manchester, Manchester Old Road, Middleton, Manchester",M24 4PE,Rochdale
Owd Betts,"Owd Betts, Edenfield Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL12 7TY,Rochdale
Ox and Plough,"Ox & Plough Inn, 178 New Road, Littleborough, Lancashire",OL15 8NL,Rochdale
Pack Horse Inn,"Pack Horse Inn, Birtle Road, Heywood, Lancashire",BL9 6UR,Rochdale
Pig & Whistle,"Pig And Whistle, 138 Pilsworth Road, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 3DY,Rochdale
Quirky Catering @ The Flying Horse Hotel,"The Flying Horse Hotel, 37 Packer Street, Rochdale",OL16 1NJ,Rochdale
Ratcliffe Bars & Function Suite,"Ratcliffe Arms, Sandy Lane, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 5DR,Rochdale
Regent Snooker Club,"Regent Snooker Club, Regent Street, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL12 0HQ,Rochdale
Richmond Hall,"Richmond Hall, Lomax Street, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL12 0JR,Rochdale
Riflemans Arms,"11 Mizzy Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL12 6HW,Rochdale
Ring O'Bells,"Ring O Bells, St Leonards Square, Middleton, Manchester",M24 6DJ,Rochdale
Rochdale Catholic Club,"Rochdale Catholic Club, 12-14 Ann Street, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL16 1QQ,Rochdale
Rochdale Cricket & Squash,"Bridgefold Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 5BX,Rochdale
Rochdale Masonic Buildings,"1 Richard Street, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 1DU,Rochdale
Rochdale Rugby Union Club,"Rochdale Rugby Union Club, Moorgate Avenue, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 5LU,Rochdale
Royal Exchange,"The Royal Exchange Hotel, 80 Featherstall Road, Littleborough, Lancashire",OL15 8DW,Rochdale
Royds Arms,"158 Rooley Moor Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL12 7DQ,Rochdale
Ship Inn,"Ship Inn, 693 Rochdale Road, Middleton, Manchester",M24 2RN,Rochdale
Slip Inn,"Slip Inn, 65 Newhey Road, Milnrow, Lancashire",OL16 3PS,Rochdale
Springfield Park Golf Club,"Springfield Park Golf Club, Bolton Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 4RE,Rochdale
Star Inn,"438 Edenfield Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL12 7PD,Rochdale
Starkey Arms,"Starkey Arms, 22 Manchester Road, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 2AH,Rochdale
Success to the Plough,"Success To The Plough, 179 Bolton Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 3LW,Rochdale
Sudden Social Club,"Sudden Social Club, Manchester Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 4PE,Rochdale
Summit Hotel,"Summit Hotel, 152 Bury New Road, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 4RG,Rochdale
The Albion,"The Albion Hotel, 25 Wood Street, Middleton, Manchester",M24 4DH,Rochdale
The Albion Bistro,"600 Whitworth Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL12 0SW,Rochdale
The Balderstone Club,"The Balderstone Club, Harvard Street, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 2HA,Rochdale
The Baum,"33-35 Toad Lane, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL12 0NU,Rochdale
The Bay Horse,"260 Oldham Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 2ER,Rochdale
The Beach,"Lake Bank, Littleborough, Lancashire",OL15 0DQ,Rochdale
The Black Swan,"34 Middleton Road, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 2HX,Rochdale
The Bobbin,"Tim Bobbin Hotel, 3 Dale Street, Milnrow, Lancashire",OL16 3LH,Rochdale
The Bridge Inn,"Bridge Hotel, 741 Edenfield Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 5TT,Rochdale
The Bridge Inn,"Bridge Inn, Well I' Th' Lane, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 2JR,Rochdale
The Brown Cow,"214 Bamford Road, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 4AA,Rochdale
The Bulls Head,"427 Halifax Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL12 9AB,Rochdale
The Church Inn Pub & Restaurant Limited,"Church Inn, Castle Hill Road, Heywood, Lancashire",BL9 6UH,Bury
The Commercial,"868 Manchester Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 2SP,Rochdale
The Cotton Tree Inn,"Cotton Tree Inn, 110 Boarshaw Road, Middleton, Manchester",M24 2WH,Rochdale
The Crown Inn,"Crown Inn, 37 Bury Street, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 3HH,Rochdale
The Donkey,"Green Gardens, 21 Syke Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL12 9TB,Rochdale
The Eagle,"59 Oldham Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL16 5QJ,Rochdale
The Empire,"Packer Street, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL16 1NJ,Rochdale
The Fair View Inn,"Fair View Inn, Broad Lane, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL16 4QQ,Rochdale
The Falcon Inn,"Falcon Hotel, 18-20 Church Street, Littleborough, Lancashire",OL15 9AA,Rochdale
The Gallows,"The Gallows, Kiln Lane, Milnrow, Lancashire",OL16 3JN,Rochdale
The Gardeners Arms,"Gardeners Arms, Manchester Road, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 2QD,Rochdale
The Gardeners Arms,"Gardeners Arms, 114 Sandy Lane, Middleton, Manchester",M24 2FU,Rochdale
The Globe Inn,"Globe Inn, 218 Ramsden Road, Wardle, Lancashire",OL12 9NU,Rochdale
The Grapes,"69 Norden Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 5PN,Rochdale
The Grapes Inn,"Grapes Inn, Peel Lane, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 4PR,Rochdale
The Harrows,"159 Bolton Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 3LW,Rochdale
The Healey Hotel,"172 Shawclough Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL12 6LW,Rochdale
The Heywood,"Heywood Hotel, 1 Tower Street, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 3AA,Rochdale
The Higher Bird i'th Hand,"113 Huddersfield Road, Milnrow, Lancashire",OL16 3QG,Rochdale
The Hornet,"Helmsman Lane, Rochdale",OL16 4PS,Rochdale
The Horse & Jockey,"Horse & Jockey, 114 Bury Street, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 4QT,Rochdale
The Hunters Rest,"66 Syke Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL12 9TD,Rochdale
The John Milne,"The John Milne, Newhey Road, Milnrow, Lancashire",OL16 4JF,Rochdale
The Lower Bird in Hand,"Lower Bird In Hand Hotel, 41 Huddersfield Road, Milnrow, Lancashire",OL16 3QZ,Rochdale
The Middleton Archer,"Middleton Archer, Kemp Street, Middleton, Manchester",M24 4UA,Rochdale
The Midland Beer Co,"826 Manchester Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 3AW,Rochdale
The Minders Arms,"Minders Arms, 51 Joshua Lane, Middleton, Manchester",M24 2AY,Oldham
The New Albany Hotel,"Albany Hotel, 85a-89 Rochdale Road East, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 4DX,Rochdale
The New Inn,"New Inn, 34 Long Street, Middleton, Manchester",M24 6UQ,Rochdale
The Nook,"19 Boarshaw Road, Middleton, Manchester",M24 6BR,Rochdale
The Ocean Lounge,"252 Grimshaw Lane, Middleton, Manchester",M24 2AL,Rochdale
The Oddfellows Arms,"Oddfellows Arms, 191 Oldham Road, Middleton, Manchester",M24 2LD,Rochdale
The Old Cock Inn,"Old Cock Inn, 528 Oldham Road, Middleton, Manchester",M24 2EB,Rochdale
The Old Fashioned,"Queen Anne Hotel, 26 Market Place, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 4NL,Rochdale
The Old Post Office Ale House,"Castleton Post Office, 858-860 Manchester Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 2SP,Rochdale
The Oxford Inn,"662 Whitworth Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL12 0TB,Rochdale
The Plough Inn,"475 Oldham Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL16 4TD,Rochdale
The Queens Hotel,"Queens Hotel, 57 Church Street, Littleborough, Lancashire",OL15 8AB,Rochdale
The Red Lion,"Red Lion Hotel, 6 Halifax Road, Littleborough, Lancashire",OL15 0HB,Rochdale
The Reed Hotel,"Reed Hotel, Reed Hill, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL16 1DF,Rochdale
The Roebuck,"18 Middleton Gardens, Middleton, Manchester",M24 4DF,Rochdale
The Roebuck Hotel,"Roebuck Hotel, Yorkshire Street, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL16 1BH,Rochdale
The Spring Inn,"Spring Inn, 183 Broad Lane, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL16 4PR,Rochdale
The Summit Inn,"140 The Summit Inn, Summit, Todmorden Road, Littleborough, Lancashire",OL15 9QX,Rochdale
The Talbot Head,"Talbot Head Public House, 20-22 Shawclough Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL12 6LG,Rochdale
The Tanners Arms,"24 Whitworth Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL12 0EU,Rochdale
The Wellington,"1 Drake Street, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL16 1RE,Rochdale
The Wheatsheaf,"Wheatsheaf Hotel, Church Street, Littleborough, Lancashire",OL15 8AB,Rochdale
The Wilton Arms Hotel,"Wilton Hotel, 818 Manchester Old Road, Middleton, Manchester",M24 4RF,Rochdale
The Wishing Well,"89 York Street, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 4NS,Rochdale
The Woodman Inn,"Woodman Inn, 102 Wood Street, Middleton, Manchester",M24 5TP,Rochdale
Thornberries,"179A Kirkway, Middleton, Manchester",M24 1LW,Rochdale
Three Terriers,"The Three Terriers, 8 Bridge Street, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 1JB,Rochdale
Tophams Tavern,"Tophams Tavern, 18 Smithy Bridge Road, Littleborough, Lancashire",OL15 8QF,Rochdale
Tunshill Golf Club,"Tunshill Golf Club, Tunshill Lane, Milnrow, Lancashire",OL16 3TS,Rochdale
Turf Tavern,"564 Edenfield Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL12 7QJ,Rochdale
Vicolo Del Vino,"10a Baillie Street, Rochdale",OL16 1JG,Rochdale
Victoria Snooker Club,"Victoria Snooker Club, Sale Street, Littleborough, Lancashire",OL15 9BB,Rochdale
Village Urban Resort Bury,"Waterfold Business Park, Heywood Summit, Bury",BL9 7DB,Bury
Waggon Inn,"33 Butterworth Hall, Milnrow, Lancashire",OL16 3PE,Rochdale
Wardle Conservative Club,"Wardle Conservative Club, Ramsden Road, Wardle, Lancashire",OL12 9JU,Rochdale
Waterfold Farm Pub Restaurant,"Waterfold Business Park, Heywood Summit, Bury",BL9 7BQ,Rochdale
Waterside Bar & Restaurant,"Waterside Inn, 1-3 Inghams Lane, Littleborough, Lancashire",OL15 0AY,Rochdale
Wellfield Working Mens Club,"1 Prince Street, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL16 5LL,Rochdale
White Lion,"942 Edenfield Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL12 7SS,Rochdale
White Lion,"Jim Cooleys, 106 York Street, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 4NN,Rochdale
White Lion Hotel,"102 Yorkshire Street, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL16 1JY,Rochdale
Whittaker Golf Club,"Whittaker Golf Club, Whittaker Lane, Littleborough, Lancashire",OL15 0LH,Rochdale
Woodside Working Mens Club,"Woodside Working Mens Club, 22 Higher Wood Street, Middleton, Manchester",M24 5SW,Rochdale
Woolpack Hotel,"15 Birch Street, Heywood, Lancashire",OL10 1DF,Rochdale
Woolworths Sports Social Club,"Royle Cottage, Gipsy Lane, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 3HA,Rochdale
Ye Olde Boars Head,"Brigade Hall, Long Street, Middleton, Manchester",M24 6UE,Rochdale
Yew Tree Inn,"Oldham Road, Rochdale, Lancashire",OL11 2AZ,Rochdale

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