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South Hams, Devon pubs in August 2018

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South Hams Devon - 117
Albert Inn,"The Albert Inn, 32 Bridgetown, Totnes",TQ9 5AD,South Hams
Ashburton Arms,"Ashburton Arms, Daniels Lane To Church Lane West Charleton, West Charleton",TQ7 2AH,South Hams
Bay Horse Inn,"Bay Horse Inn, Cistern Street, Totnes",TQ9 5SP,South Hams
Bushells Riverside,"24 South Embankment, Dartmouth",TQ6 9BB,South Hams
California Country Inn,"The California Country Inn, Leighmoor Cross To California Cross, Modbury",PL21 0SG,South Hams
Castle Inn,"The Castle Inn, The Barnhay, Stoke Gabriel",TQ9 6SA,South Hams
Church House Inn,"Church House Inn, Road Past Church House Inn, Marldon",TQ3 1SL,South Hams
Church House Inn,"Church House Inn, Acces To Church House Inn, Rattery",TQ10 9LD,South Hams
Church House Inn,"Church House Inn, Church Walk, Stoke Gabriel",TQ9 6SD,South Hams
Church House Inn,"Church House Inn, The Square, Harberton",TQ9 7SF,South Hams
Church House Inn,"Church House Inn, Stokenham",TQ7 2SZ,South Hams
Coast Bar & Nightclub,"Coast Bar And Nightclub, Lower Union Road, Kingsbridge",TQ7 1EF,South Hams
Cornwood Inn,"Cornwood Inn, Main Road, Cornwood",PL21 9PU,South Hams
Crabshell Inn,"The Crabshell Inn, Embankment Road, Kingsbridge",TQ7 1JZ,South Hams
Creeks End Inn,"Creeks End, Squares Quay, Kingsbridge",TQ7 1HZ,South Hams
Cricket Inn,"Cricket Inn, Beesands",TQ7 2EN,South Hams
Crooked Spire,"Crooked Spire Inn, The Square, Ermington",PL21 9LP,South Hams
Dartbridge Inn,"Dartbridge Inn, Buckfastleigh",TQ11 0JR,South Hams
Dartington Community Centre,"Meadowbrook, Road To Bidwell Brook School, Shinners Bridge",TQ9 6JD,South Hams
Dartmoor Union Inn,"Dartmoor Union, Fore Street, Holbeton",PL8 1NE,South Hams
Dartmouth & District Conservative Cl,"8 Victoria Road, Dartmouth",TQ6 9SA,South Hams
Dartmouth Arms,"26 Lower Street, Dartmouth",TQ6 9AN,South Hams
Dartmouth Inn,"Dartmouth Inn, Warland, Totnes",TQ9 5EL,South Hams
Dodbrooke Inn,"Dodbrooke Inn, Church Street, Kingsbridge",TQ7 1DB,South Hams
Dolphin Inn,"Dolphin Inn, Riverside Road East, Newton Ferrers",PL8 1AE,South Hams
Dolphin Inn,"Dolphin Inn, Kingston",TQ7 4QE,South Hams
Duke of Cornwall Inn,"Duke Of Cornwall Inn, Keaton Road, Ivybridge",PL21 9DH,South Hams
Durant Arms,"Durant Arms, Ashprington",TQ9 7UP,South Hams
Eddystone Inn,"The Eddystone Inn, Heybrook Drive, Heybrook Bay",PL9 0BN,South Hams
Exeter Inn,"Exeter Inn, Church Street, Modbury",PL21 0QR,South Hams
Ferry Boat Inn,"Ferry Boat Inn, Manor Street, Dittisham",TQ6 0EX,South Hams
Ferry Inn,"The Ferry Inn, Fore Street, Salcombe",TQ8 8JE,South Hams
First and Last Inn,"The First And Last Bistro, Church Street, Ermington",PL21 9NJ,South Hams
Fishermans Rest,"Fishermans Rest, Fore Street, Aveton Gifford",TQ7 4JL,South Hams
Floating Bridge,"Floating Bridge Inn, Coombe Road, Dartmouth",TQ6 9PQ,South Hams
Fortescue Arms,"Fortescue Arms, East Allington",TQ9 7RA,South Hams
Fortescue Inn,"Fortescue Inn, Union Street, Salcombe",TQ8 8BZ,South Hams
Foxhound Inn,"Foxhound Inn, Brixton",PL8 2AH,South Hams
George and Dragon,"George And Dragon, Mayors Avenue, Dartmouth",TQ6 9NG,South Hams
George Inn,"George Inn, Main Street, Blackawton",TQ9 7BG,South Hams
Globe Inn,"Globe Inn, Frogmore",TQ7 2NR,South Hams
Green Dragon Inn,"The Green Dragon, Church Road, Stoke Fleming",TQ6 0PX,South Hams
Hope & Anchor Inn,"Hope And Anchor Inn, Hope Cove",TQ7 3HQ,South Hams
Horse and Groom,"Horse And Groom, Bittaford Bridge To Monksmoor Bridge, Bittaford",PL21 0EL,South Hams
Hunting Lodge,"Hunting Lodge, Cadleigh Park, Cadleigh",PL21 9JN,South Hams
Imperial Inn,"Imperial Inn, Western Road, Ivybridge",PL21 9AN,South Hams
Journey's End Inn,"Journeys End Inn, Village Road Past The Journeys End Inn, Ringmore",TQ7 4HL,South Hams
King William IV Hotel,"King William Iv Hotel, 45 Fore Street, Totnes",TQ9 5HN,South Hams
Kings Arms,"The Kings Arms, 18 Fore Street, Salcombe",TQ8 8BU,South Hams
Loddiswell Inn,"Loddiswell Inn, Fore Street, Loddiswell",TQ7 4QJ,South Hams
Lopes Arms,"The Lopes Arms, 27-29 Tavistock Road, Roborough",PL6 7BD,South Hams
Lord Nelson,"Lord Nelson Inn, 7 Fore Street, Totnes",TQ9 5DA,South Hams
Lyneham Inn,"Lyneham Inn, Plympton",PL7 5AT,South Hams
Maltsters Arms,"The Maltsters Arms, Main Road, Harbertonford",TQ9 7SZ,South Hams
Maltsters Arms,"The Maltsters Arms, Tuckenhay",TQ9 7EQ,South Hams
Market House Inn,"Market House Inn, Market Street, Dartmouth",TQ6 9QE,South Hams
Mildmay Colours Inn,"Mildmay Colours Inn, Fore Street, Holbeton",PL8 1NA,South Hams
Miners Arms,"Miners Arms, Road From Hemerdon To Newnham Road, Hemerdon",PL7 5BU,South Hams
Modbury Inn,"Modbury Inn, Brownston Street, Modbury",PL21 0RQ,South Hams
Mussel Inn,"Mussell Inn, Renney Road, Down Thomas",PL9 0AQ,South Hams
New Inn,"New Inn, Moreleigh",TQ9 7JH,South Hams
Oak Inn,"Royal Oak, Station Road, South Brent",TQ10 9BE,South Hams
Odd Wheel,"The Odd Wheel, Knighton Road, Wembury",PL9 0JD,South Hams
Old Inn,"The Old Inn, Halwell",TQ9 7JA,South Hams
Old Inn,"The Old Inn, Higher Town, Malborough",TQ7 3RL,South Hams
Packhorse,"The Pack Horse, Plymouth Road, South Brent",TQ10 9BH,South Hams
Pig & Whistle,"Pig And Whistle Inn, Newton Road, Littlehempston",TQ9 6LT,South Hams
Pigs Nose Inn,"Pigs Nose Inn, The Saddle To Corner Cottages, East Prawle",TQ7 2BY,South Hams
Plymouth Argaum R.F.C.,"Plymouth Argaum Rfc, Bickleigh Down Road, Roborough",PL6 7AD,South Hams
Queens Arms,"Queens Arms, Slapton",TQ7 2PN,South Hams
Red Lion Inn,"Red Lion Inn, The Level, Dittisham",TQ6 0ES,South Hams
Regal Club,"Regal House, Church Street, Kingsbridge",TQ7 1DD,South Hams
Rose & Crown,"Rose And Crown, Market Street, Yealmpton",PL8 2EB,South Hams
Royal Dart Yacht Club,"The Royal Dart Yacht Club, Priory Street, Kingswear",TQ6 0AB,South Hams
Royal Oak,"Royal Oak, Higher Town, Malborough",TQ7 3RL,South Hams
Salcombe Yacht Club,"Salcombe Yacht Club, Cliff Road, Salcombe",TQ8 8JQ,South Hams
Sea Trout Inn,"Sea Trout Inn, Eight Trees, Staverton",TQ9 6PA,South Hams
Seale Arms,"10 Victoria Road, Dartmouth",TQ6 9SA,South Hams
Seven Stars Public House,"13 Mill Street, Kingsbridge",TQ7 1ED,South Hams
Ship in Dock,"Ship In Dock, 1 Ridge Hill, Dartmouth",TQ6 9PE,South Hams
Ship Inn,"The Ship Inn, Noss Mayo",PL8 1EW,South Hams
Ship Inn,"The Ship Inn, Ware Hill, Ugborough",PL21 0NS,South Hams
Sloop Inn,"Sloop Inn, Bantham",TQ7 3AJ,South Hams
Sportsmans Inn,"Sportsmans Inn, Exeter Road, Ivybridge",PL21 0BQ,South Hams
Start Bay Inn,"Start Bay Inn, Torcross To War Memorial, Torcross",TQ7 2TQ,South Hams
Steam Packet Inn,"Steam Packet Inn, St Peters Quay, Totnes",TQ9 5EW,South Hams
Steam Packet Inn,"Steam Packet Inn, Fore Street, Kingswear",TQ6 0AD,South Hams
Stoke Gabriel Football Club,"Stoke Gabriel Amateur Football Club, Coombe House Lane To Paington Road, Stoke Gabriel",TQ9 6RR,South Hams
Tally Ho Inn,"Tally Ho Inn, Grattons Farm To Littlehempston, Littlehempston",TQ9 6NF,South Hams
The Anchor Inn,"Anchor Inn, Lutterburn Street, Ugborough",PL21 0NG,South Hams
The Barrel House/T/A The Totnes Brewing Co,"Barrel House, 59 High Street, Totnes",TQ9 5PB,South Hams
The Cherub Inn,"13 Higher Street, Dartmouth",TQ6 9RB,South Hams
The Church House Inn,"Church House Inn, Churchstow",TQ7 3QW,South Hams
The Cott Inn,"The Cott Inn, Cott Lane, Dartington",TQ9 6HE,South Hams
The Dolphin Inn,"The Dolphin Inn, Market Street, Dartmouth",TQ6 9QE,South Hams
The Mill Club,"1 Western Backway, Kingsbridge",TQ7 1QB,South Hams
The Pickwick Inn,"The Pickwick Inn, St Anns Chapel",TQ7 4HQ,South Hams
The Ship Inn,"The Ship Inn, Higher Street, Kingswear",TQ6 0AG,South Hams
The Sportsmans Arms,"Dunkirk House, Road From Oldstone Cross To Hemborough Post, Blackawton",TQ9 7DE,South Hams
The Trehill Arms,"The Trehill Arms, Harford Road, Ivybridge",PL21 0AS,South Hams
The Village Inn,"Thurlestone Hotel, Eddystone Road To Kerse Cross, Thurlestone",TQ7 3NN,South Hams
The Westward Inn,"The Westward Inn, Westward Inn To Beech Road, Lee Mill Bridge",PL21 9EE,South Hams
Totnes & District Conservative Club,"Totnes Conservative Club, Station Road, Totnes",TQ9 5HW,South Hams
Tower Inn,"The Tower Inn, Slapton",TQ7 2PN,South Hams
Tradesman's Arms,"Tradesmans Arms, Holy Brook Bridge Cross To Scorriton Cross, Scorriton",TQ11 0JB,South Hams
Tradesman's Arms,"Tradesmans Arms, Stokenham",TQ7 2SZ,South Hams
Treby Arms Public House,"The Treby Arms, Sparkwell",PL7 5DD,South Hams
Turtley Corn Mill,"Turtley Corn Mill, Exeter Road To Avonwick, South Brent",TQ10 9ES,South Hams
Victoria Inn,"Victoria Inn, Fore Street, Salcombe",TQ8 8BU,South Hams
Volunteer Inn,"Volunteer Inn, Fore Street, Yealmpton",PL8 2JN,South Hams
Waterman's Arms,"The Watermans Arms, Ashprington",TQ9 7EG,South Hams
White Hart,"White Hart, Dartington Lane To Dartington Hall, Dartington Hall",TQ9 6EL,South Hams
White Hart Inn,"White Hart Hotel, Church Street, Modbury",PL21 0QW,South Hams
White Thorn Inn,"The White Thorn Inn, Shaugh Prior",PL7 5HA,South Hams
Windjammer,"23 Victoria Road, Dartmouth",TQ6 9RT,South Hams
Ye Olde Smokey House,"Ye Olde Smokey House, Vicarage Road, Marldon",TQ3 1NN,South Hams
Yealm Yacht Club,"Ground Floor And First Floor, Yealm Yacht Club, Riverside Road East, Newton Ferrers",PL8 1AE,South Hams

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