Staffordshire Moorlands pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Staffordshire Moorlands - 123
Alton Bridge Hotel,"Alton Bridge Hotel, Station Road, Alton",ST10 4BX,Staffordshire Moorlands
Ball Haye Green Working Mens Club,"Ball Haye Green, Leek",ST13 6BH,Staffordshire Moorlands
Ball Haye Tavern,"Ball Haye Tavern, 89 - 91 Ball Haye Green, Leek",ST13 6BH,Staffordshire Moorlands
Banks Farm Pavillion,"Banks Farm, Cheadle Road, Oakamoor",ST10 3AN,Staffordshire Moorlands
Barley Mow,"Church Road, Biddulph, Stoke on Trent",ST8 6NE,Staffordshire Moorlands
Beer Dock Leek,"5 MARKET PLACE, LEEK",ST13 5HH,Staffordshire Moorlands
Benks,"39 Stockwell Street, Leek",ST13 6DH,Staffordshire Moorlands
Biddulph Bowling And Recreational Club,"BIDDULPH BOWLING AND RECREATION CLUB CONGLETON ROAD, STOKE-ON-TRENT",ST8 7RG,Staffordshire Moorlands
Bird In Hand,"117 Tape Street, Cheadle, Stoke On Trent",ST10 1ER,Staffordshire Moorlands
Black Cock Inn,"Black Cock Inn, 393 Uttoxeter Road, Blythe Bridge",ST11 9NT,Staffordshire Moorlands
Black Head Inn,"Black Head Inn, High Street, Upper Tean",ST10 4DY,Staffordshire Moorlands
Black Lion Inn,"Church Lane, Butterton",ST13 7SP,Staffordshire Moorlands
Black Lion Inn,"Consall Forge, Consall",ST9 0AJ,Staffordshire Moorlands
Black Swan,"Black Swan, 12 Sheep Market, Leek",ST13 5HW,Staffordshire Moorlands
Blacksmiths Arms,"BLACKSMITHS ARMS 39 SHAWE PARK ROAD, STOKE ON TRENT",ST10 2DJ,Staffordshire Moorlands
Blythe Cricket Club,"Cresswell Lane, Draycott",ST11 9RE,Staffordshire Moorlands
Bulls Head Alton,"BULLS HEAD INN HIGH STREET, STOKE-ON-TRENT",ST10 4AQ,Staffordshire Moorlands
Bulls Head Inn,"High Street, Kingsley",ST10 2AE,Staffordshire Moorlands
Butchers Arms,"Butchers Arms, Moor Road, Reapsmoor, Longnor",SK17 0LL,Staffordshire Moorlands
Charlie Bassetts,"Charlie Bassetts, New Road, Dilhorne",ST10 2PQ,Staffordshire Moorlands
Cheadle Cricket Club,"CRICKET PAVILION TEAN ROAD, STOKE-ON-TRENT",ST10 1LX,Staffordshire Moorlands
Checkley Cricket Club,"Uttoxeter Road, Checkley, Stoke on Trent",ST10 4NA,Staffordshire Moorlands
Den Engel Belgian Bar,"11 - 13 Stanley Street, Leek",ST13 5HG,Staffordshire Moorlands
Dog And Partridge,"Uttoxeter Road, Lower Tean",ST10 4LN,Staffordshire Moorlands
Draycott Arms,"Draycott Arms, Cheadle Road, Draycott In The Moors",ST11 9RQ,Staffordshire Moorlands
Forsbrook Cricket Club,"Forsbrook Cricket Club, Dilhorne Lane, Dilhorne",ST11 9EZ,Staffordshire Moorlands
Fountain Inn,"Fountain Inn (WET SALES ONLY), 14 Fountain Street, Leek",ST13 6JR,Staffordshire Moorlands
Fox And Goose,"FOX AND GOOSE, Foxt Lane, STOKE ON TRENT",ST10 2HN,Staffordshire Moorlands
Foxhound,"THE FOXHOUND 56 HOT LANE, STOKE ON TRENT",ST8 7JT,Staffordshire Moorlands
Grizzleys Brewhouse,"19 Bank Street, Cheadle",ST10 1NR,Staffordshire Moorlands
Hales Hall Caravan Park,"HALES HALL, oakamoor road, Cheadle",ST10 4QR,Staffordshire Moorlands
Jervis Arms,"JERVIS ARMS ONECOTE ROAD, LEEK",ST13 7RU,Staffordshire Moorlands
Knypersely Sport Club,"Knypersley Sports Club, Tunstall Road, Biddulph",ST8 7AQ,Staffordshire Moorlands
Lamplighter,"The Lamplighter, 60 Tape Street, Cheadle",ST10 1ES,Staffordshire Moorlands
Leek Masonic Club,"2-4 King Street, Leek",ST13 5NW,Staffordshire Moorlands
Leek Rugby Club,"St Edwards Park, Cheddleton, Leek",ST13 5RD,Staffordshire Moorlands
Leek Town Football Club,"Macclesfield Road, Leek",ST13 8LD,Staffordshire Moorlands
Marquis Of Granby,"Church Lane, Ipstones",ST10 2LD,Staffordshire Moorlands
Mulberry Leaves,"Churnet Way, Macclesfield Road, Leek",ST13 8YG,Staffordshire Moorlands
Old Sam's,"12 Congleton Road, Biddulph",ST8 6DX,Staffordshire Moorlands
Peakstones Inn,"Cheadle Road, Alton, Alton",ST10 4DH,Staffordshire Moorlands
Powys Arms,"524 Cheadle Road, Wetley Rocks",ST9 0BA,Staffordshire Moorlands
Pride Of The Moorlands,"THE PRIDE OF THE MOORLANDS JUNCTION ROAD, LEEK",ST13 5QP,Staffordshire Moorlands
Prince Of Wales,"PRINCE OF WALES FERNWOOD DRIVE, LEEK",ST13 8JD,Staffordshire Moorlands
Priory Hotel,"Abbotts Road, Leek",ST13 6EZ,Staffordshire Moorlands
Quiet Woman,"QUIET WOMAN 73 ST EDWARD STREET, LEEK",ST13 5DN,Staffordshire Moorlands
Railway Hotel Froghall,"Railway Hotel, Kingsley Bank, Froghall",ST10 2HA,Staffordshire Moorlands
Red Cow Inn,"Red Cow Inn, Ash Bank Road, Werrington",ST9 0DT,Staffordshire Moorlands
Red Lion,"28 Church Lane, Checkley",ST10 4NJ,Staffordshire Moorlands
Red Lion,"RED LION 37 CHEADLE ROAD, LEEK",ST13 7HN,Staffordshire Moorlands
Red Lion Inn,"Town End lane, Waterfall, Waterhouses",ST10 3HZ,Staffordshire Moorlands
Red Lion Leek,"7 Market Place, Leek",ST13 5HH,Staffordshire Moorlands
Reform,"Reform, Ankors Lane, Thorncliffe",ST13 7LP,Staffordshire Moorlands
Rewind & Jumpin Jacks,"MARKET STREET, LEEK",ST13 6HX,Staffordshire Moorlands
Rose & Crown,"ROSE AND CROWN NEW STREET, BIDDULPH",ST8 7HZ,Staffordshire Moorlands
Rose And Crown,"Rose And Crown, Stanley Road, Stockton Brook",ST9 9LL,Staffordshire Moorlands
Royal Oak,"High Street, Dilhorne",ST10 2PE,Staffordshire Moorlands
Royal Oak,"Macclesfield Road, Rushton Spencer",SK11 0SE,Staffordshire Moorlands
Stafford Arms,"The Green, Bagnall",ST9 9JR,Staffordshire Moorlands
Staffordshire Knot,"Marshfield Lane, Gillow Heath, Biddulph",ST8 6RG,Staffordshire Moorlands
Star Inn,"Star Inn, Star Bank, Oakamoor",ST10 3DW,Staffordshire Moorlands
Star Inn,"Star Inn, Main Road, Hollington",ST10 4HH,Staffordshire Moorlands
Stoke On Trent Boat Club,"Endon Wharf, Post Lane, Endon",ST9 9DU,Staffordshire Moorlands
Talbot Inn,"Grange Road, Biddulph",ST8 7RY,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Abbey Inn,"Abbey Green Road, Leek",ST13 8SA,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Auctioneers Arms,"Auctioneers Arms, The Green, Caverswall",ST11 9EQ,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Bird In Hand,"17 Market Place, Leek",ST13 5HJ,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Black Horse,"381 Leek Road, Endon",ST9 9BA,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Black Lion At Cheddleton,"12 Hollow Lane, Cheddleton",ST13 7HP,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Blacksmiths Arms,"Tythe Barn, Alton, Stoke On Trent",ST10 4AZ,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Blue Mugge,"17 Osborne Street, Leek",ST13 6LJ,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Boat Inn,"170 Basford Bridge Lane, Cheddleton",ST13 7EG,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Bradley Green,"High Street, Biddulph",ST8 6AS,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Britannia Inn,"46 West Street, Leek",ST13 8AA,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Butchers Arms,"BUTCHERS ARMS CHEADLE ROAD, STOKE ON TRENT",ST11 9AS,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Cock Inn,"19 Derby Street, Leek",ST13 6HN,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Crooked Spoon Alton Towers,"Alton Towers, Farley Lane, Farley",ST10 4DB,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Cross Inn,"Cross Inn, Ash Tree Road, Hoftens Cross, Cauldon Low",ST10 3EX,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Dog And Partridge Inn,"Town End lane, Swinscoe, Ashbourne",DE6 2HS,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Gardeners Arms,"Brown Lees Road, Biddulph",ST8 6PH,Staffordshire Moorlands
The George Inn,"Post Office Road, Alstonfield, Ashbourne",DE6 2FX,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Grapes Hotel (Wet Sales Only),"THE GRAPES MARKET PLACE, BUXTON",SK17 0NT,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Green Dragon,"The Green Dragon, 2 St Edward Street, Leek",ST13 5DS,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Greyhound Inn,"Greyhound Inn, Leek Road, Warslow",SK17 0JN,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Hare And Gate,"HARE AND GATE QUEENS DRIVE, LEEK",ST13 6QF,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Hollybush Inn,"Denford Road, Longsden, Leek",ST13 7JT,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Hollybush Inn,"The Holly Bush Inn, 181 High Lane, Brown Edge",ST6 8QA,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Huntsman,"The Green, Cheadle, Stoke On Trent",ST10 1XS,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Knights Table At The Travellers Rest,"Flash Bar, Quarnford, Buxton",SK17 0SN,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Knot Inn,"Station Lane, Rushton Spencer, Macclesfield",SK11 0QU,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Lazy Trout,"Meerbrook, Leek",ST13 8SN,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Manifold Inn,"Manifold Inn, Alstonfield Road, Hulme End",SK17 0EX,Staffordshire Moorlands
The New Broom,"New Broom Inn, Uttoxeter Road, Checkley",ST10 4NB,Staffordshire Moorlands
The New Inn,"Flash, Buxton",SK17 0SW,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Old Red Lion,"Froghall Road, Ipstones, Stoke on Trent",ST10 2NA,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Railway Inn,"RAILWAY HOTEL KINGSLEY BANK, STOKE-ON-TRENT",ST10 2HA,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Red House,"The Square, Caverswall, Stoke on Trent",ST11 9ED,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Red Lion Inn,"Boundary Road, Boundary, Cheadle",ST10 2NU,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Roaring Meg,"The Roaring Meg, Pennine Way, Biddulph",ST8 7EA,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Roebuck,"18 Derby Street, Leek",ST13 5AB,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Rushton Inn,"Macclesfield Road, Rushton Spencer, Macclesfield",SK11 0SE,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Ship Inn,"Cheadle Road, Upper Tean, Stoke on Trent",ST10 4ES,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Staffordshire Knot,"Pown Street, Sheen, Buxton",SK17 0ET,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Top Pub,"Hill Top, Brown Edge, Stoke On Trent",ST6 8TX,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Valiant Inn,"3 Stanley Street, Leek",ST13 5HG,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Watts Russell Arms,"Hope Dale, Alstonfield, Ashbourne",DE6 2GD,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Wheatsheaf (Jd Wetherspoons),"Wheatsheaf Inn, High Street, Cheadle",ST10 1AR,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Wheel,"Leek Road, Longsdon, Stoke On Trent",ST9 9QF,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Wilkes Head,"16 St Edwards Street, Leek",ST13 5DS,Staffordshire Moorlands
The Winking Man,"Buxton Road, Upper Hulme, Leek",ST13 8UH,Staffordshire Moorlands
Top O'th Trent,"Top Of The Trent, Woodland Street, Biddulph",ST8 6LW,Staffordshire Moorlands
Travellers Rest,"Tompkin Road, Stanley, Stoke on Trent",ST9 9LX,Staffordshire Moorlands
Westwood Golf Club,"Wallbridge, Newcastle Road, Leek",ST13 7AA,Staffordshire Moorlands
Whiston Hall Golf Ltd,"Black Lane, Whiston",ST10 2HZ,Staffordshire Moorlands
White Hart Hotel,"White Hart Hotel, High Street, Alton",ST10 4AQ,Staffordshire Moorlands
White Hart Inn,"White Hart Inn, High Street, Upper Tean",ST10 4DY,Staffordshire Moorlands
White Lion,"Macclesfield Road, Leek",ST13 8LD,Staffordshire Moorlands
Windmill Inn,"Ashbank Road, Werrington, Stoke on Trent",ST9 0DT,Staffordshire Moorlands
Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese,"Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, High Street, Longnor",SK17 0NS,Staffordshire Moorlands
Ye Olde Crown Hotel,"Ye Olde Crown Hotel, Leek Road, Waterhouses",ST10 3HL,Staffordshire Moorlands
Ye Olde Rock Inn,"Old Buxton Road, Upper Hulme, Leek",ST13 8TY,Staffordshire Moorlands
Ye Olde Royal Oak Inn,"Royal Oak Road, Wetton, Ashbourne",DE6 2AF,Staffordshire Moorlands
Yew Tree Inn,"Church Lane, Cauldon Low, Stoke on Trent",ST10 3EJ,Staffordshire Moorlands

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