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London Borough of Tower Hamlets pubs in August 2018

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Tower Hamlets (62)
93 Feet East,150 Brick Lane, London,E1 6RU,Tower Hamlets
Albert,Albert Public House, 74 St Stephens Road, London,E3 5JL,Tower Hamlets
All Bar One,All Bar One, 42 Mackenzie Walk, London,E14 5EH,Tower Hamlets
Anfora Wine Bar,367 Cambridge Heath Road, London,E2 9RA,Tower Hamlets
Angel & Crown,Angel And Crown Public House, 170 Roman Road, London,E2 0RY,Tower Hamlets
Apples and Pears,26 Osborn Street, London,E1 6TD,Tower Hamlets
Approach Tavern,47 Approach Road, London,E2 9LY,Tower Hamlets
Ark Bar,Bow Quarter Manhattan Building, Fairfield Road, London,E3 2UJ,Tower Hamlets
Art Euporia,186 Hackney Road, London,E2 7QL,Tower Hamlets
Artful Dodger,47 Royal Mint Street, London,E1 8LG,Tower Hamlets
Backyard Bar,231-237 Cambridge Heath Road, London,E2 0EL,Tower Hamlets
Bad Sports Bar,Basement, 184 Hackney Road, London,E2 7QL,Tower Hamlets
Bancroft Arms,Bancroft Arms, 410 Mile End Road, London,E1 4RQ,Tower Hamlets
Bar Locks PH,21 White Church Lane, London,E1 7QR,Tower Hamlets
Blind Beggar,The Blind Beggar, 337-341 Whitechapel Road, London,E1 1BU,Tower Hamlets
Boro' of Bethnal Green Working Mens Club,Bethnal Green Working Mens Club, 42-46 Pollard Row, London,E2 6NB,Tower Hamlets
Bottles and Battles,Unit 67, Brushfield Street, London,E1 6AA,Tower Hamlets
Bow Bells,Bow Bells Public House, 116 Bow Road, London,E3 3AA,Tower Hamlets
Brown Bear,Brown Bear Public House, 139 Leman Street, London,E1 8EY,Tower Hamlets
Callaghans,55 Chrisp Street, London,E14 6LP,Tower Hamlets
Captain Kidd,Captain Kidd Public House, 108 Wapping High Street, London,E1W 2NE,Tower Hamlets
Carpenters Arms,73 Cheshire Street, London,E2 6EG,Tower Hamlets
Champagne Route Ltd,30 Gauging Square, London,E1W 2AE,Tower Hamlets
Chapter House Student Living Bar,9 Frying Pan Alley, London,E1 7HS,Tower Hamlets
Commercial Tavern,Commercial Tavern Public House, 142-144 Commercial Street, London,E1 6NU,Tower Hamlets
Coupette,423 Bethnal Green Road, London,E2 0AN,Tower Hamlets
Craft Cocktail Company,Unit 12, 28 Sclater Street, London,E1 6HR,Tower Hamlets
Davys At Canary Wharf,31-35 Fishermans Walk, London,E14 4DH,Tower Hamlets
Dean Swift,Dean Swift Public House, 2-6 Deancross Street, London,E1 2QA,Tower Hamlets
Dog & Truck,72 Back Church Lane, London,E1 1LX,Tower Hamlets
Drapers Arms Bar & E1 Venue Bar,432 Bancroft Road, London,E1 4DH,Tower Hamlets
Duke of Wellington,12-14 Toynbee Street, London,E1 7NE,Tower Hamlets
East London Liquor Company Ltd,Unit Gf1, Bow Wharf, 221 Grove Road, London,E3 5SN,Tower Hamlets
Eleanor Arms,460 Old Ford Road, London,E3 5JP,Tower Hamlets
Enoteca Super Tuscan,8a Artillery Passage, London,E1 7LJ,Tower Hamlets
eOne Club,168 Mile End Road, London,E1 4LJ,Tower Hamlets
Exit Bar,174 Brick Lane, London,E1 6RU,Tower Hamlets
Festival Inn,Festival Inn Public House, 71 Grundy Street, London,E14 6AD,Tower Hamlets
Flamingos,30 Alie Street, London,E1 8DA,Tower Hamlets
Galvaniser's PH,2 Devas Street, London,E3 3FD,Tower Hamlets
George & Dragon,2-4 Hackney Road, London,E2 7NS,Tower Hamlets
Good Samaritan,87 Turner Street, London,E1 2AE,Tower Hamlets
Goodmans Field,Goodman Field Public House Gro, 87-91 Mansell Street, London,E1 8AP,Tower Hamlets
Goodman's Stile,44 Commercial Road, London,E1 1LN,Tower Hamlets
Grapeshots,2-3 Artillery Passage, London,E1 7LJ,Tower Hamlets
Hope & Anchor,14 Newby Place, London,E14 0EY,Tower Hamlets
Howling Hops,Unit 9a, Queens Yard, 43 White Post Lane, London,E9 5EN,Tower Hamlets
Hungerford Arms,240 Commercial Road, London,E1 2NB,Tower Hamlets
Indo,133 Whitechapel Road, London,E1 1DT,Tower Hamlets
Jamboree,Thames House, 566 Cable Street, London,E1W 3HB,Tower Hamlets
Juju's,15 Hanbury Street, London,E1 6QR,Tower Hamlets
Kings Arms,11a Buckfast Street, London,E2 6EY,Tower Hamlets
Leman Street Tavern,Unit 3, North West Block, Goodman's Fields, London,E1 8PT,Tower Hamlets
Little Bull at the London Hospital Urban Bar,176 Whitechapel Road, London,E1 1BJ,Tower Hamlets
London Cocktail Club,Commercial Unit 12, Avant Garde Building, 29 Sclater Street, London,E1 6LB,Tower Hamlets
Lupita,60-62 Commercial Street, London,E1 6LT,Tower Hamlets
Mad George Tavern,George Tavern, 373 Commercial Road, London,E1 0LA,Tower Hamlets
Marquis Of Cornwallis,Marquis Of Cornwallis Public House, 304 Bethnal Green Road, London,E2 0AG,Tower Hamlets
Moretown Belle,5 Thomas More Square, London,E1W 1YW,Tower Hamlets
Morgan Arms,43 Morgan Street, London,E3 5AA,Tower Hamlets
Mother Kelly's Bottle Shop & Tap Room,Railway Arch 251, Paradise Row, London,E2 9LE,Tower Hamlets
Mucci's,Ground, Queen Mary University Of London, 327 Mile End Road, London,E1 4NS,Tower Hamlets
Nags Head,Nags Head Public House, 17-19 Whitechapel Road, London,E1 1DU,Tower Hamlets
Nelsons Head PH,32 Horatio Street, London,E2 7SB,Tower Hamlets
Nicolas,Unit RP480, 1 Canada Square, London,E14 5AX,Tower Hamlets
Old Street Brewery,Unit 11, Gales Gardens, London,E2 0EJ,Tower Hamlets
Pepper Saint Ontiod,21 Pepper Street, London,E14 9RP,Tower Hamlets
Perseverance,Perseverance Public House, 110-112 Pritchards Road, London,E2 9AP,Tower Hamlets
Poplar Blackwall & District Rowing Bar,Ferry Street, London,E14 3DT,Tower Hamlets
Prince Regent,Prince Regent Public House, 81 Salmon Lane, London,E14 7PR,Tower Hamlets
Princess of Prussia,15 Prescot Street, London,E1 8AZ,Tower Hamlets
Prospect of Whitby,57 Wapping Wall, London,E1W 3SH,Tower Hamlets
Queens Head,Queens Head Public House, 8 Flamborough Street, London,E14 7LS,Tower Hamlets
Redchurch,107 Redchurch Street, London,E2 7DL,Tower Hamlets
Royal Oak,73 Columbia Road, London,E2 7RG,Tower Hamlets
Satan's Whiskers,343-345 Cambridge Heath Road, London,E2 9RA,Tower Hamlets
Sebright Arms,Sebright Arms Public House, 31-35 Coate Street, London,E2 9AG,Tower Hamlets
Senior Common Room Bar (Blizzard Bar),Ground, Queen Mary University Of London, 327 Mile End Road, London,E1 4NS,Tower Hamlets
Seven Stars,49 Brick Lane, London,E1 6PU,Tower Hamlets
Simmons,61 Royal Mint Street, London,E1 8LG,Tower Hamlets
Sir Sidney Smith,22 Dock Street, London,E1 8JP,Tower Hamlets
Slug and Lettuce,30a South Colonnade, London,E14 5EZ,Tower Hamlets
Star of the East,805a Commercial Road, London,E14 7HG,Tower Hamlets
Studio Spaces Ltd,Unit 2, 110 Pennington Street, London,E1W 2BB,Tower Hamlets
Subcult Ltd,Horn Of Plenty Public House, 36 Globe Road, London,E1 4DU,Tower Hamlets
The Archers,42 Osborn Street, London,E1 6TD,Tower Hamlets
The Beehive,104-106 Empson Street, London,E3 3LT,Tower Hamlets
The Bell,50 Middlesex Street, London,E1 7EX,Tower Hamlets
The Big Chill Bar,Unit CG002, Dray Walk, London,E1 6QL,Tower Hamlets
The Birdcage,80 Columbia Road, London,E2 7QB,Tower Hamlets
The Black Horse,40 Leman Street, London,E1 8EU,Tower Hamlets
The Camel Public House,The Camel Public House, 277 Globe Road, London,E2 0JD,Tower Hamlets
The Carlton,Carlton Arms Public House, 238 Bancroft Road, London,E1 4BS,Tower Hamlets
The Carpenters Arms,The Carpenters Arms, 135 Cambridge Heath Road, London,E1 5RN,Tower Hamlets
The Coborn,6-8 Coborn Road, London,E3 2DA,Tower Hamlets
The Craft Beer Co Limehouse,576-578 Commercial Road, London,E14 7JD,Tower Hamlets
The Craft Cocktail Company,Railway Arches, 253 Paradise Row, London,E2 9LE,Tower Hamlets
The Crown,223 Grove Road, London,E3 5SN,Tower Hamlets
The Crown,The Crown Public House, 667 Commercial Road, London,E14 7LW,Tower Hamlets
The Culpeper,40 Commercial Street, London,E1 6LP,Tower Hamlets
The Dispensary,19a Leman Street, London,E1 8EJ,Tower Hamlets
The Dundee Arms,Dundee Arms Public House, 339 Cambridge Heath Road, London,E2 9LH,Tower Hamlets
The Ferry House,Ferry House Public House, 26 Ferry Street, London,E14 3DT,Tower Hamlets
The Fine Line,29-30 Fishermans Walk, London,E14 4DH,Tower Hamlets
The Florist Arms,Florists Arms Public House, 255 Globe Road, London,E2 0JD,Tower Hamlets
The George,114-114a Glengall Grove, London,E14 3ND,Tower Hamlets
The Golden Heart,110 Commercial Street, London,E1 6LZ,Tower Hamlets
The Grapes PH,The Grapes PH, 76 Narrow Street, London,E14 8BP,Tower Hamlets
The Great Eastern,1 Glenaffric Avenue, London,E14 3BW,Tower Hamlets
The Green Goose,112 Anglo Road, London,E3 5HD,Tower Hamlets
The Greenwich Pensioner,The Greenwich Pensioner, 28 Bazely Street, London,E14 0ES,Tower Hamlets
The Griff Inn,Students Club Union, The Royal London Hospital, Stepney Way, London,E1 2JJ,Tower Hamlets
The Gun,54 Brushfield Street, London,E1 6AG,Tower Hamlets
The Hare,Hare Tavern Public House, 505 Cambridge Heath Road, London,E2 9BU,Tower Hamlets
The Henry Addington,Henry Addington, 22-28 Mackenzie Walk, London,E14 4PH,Tower Hamlets
The Horn of Plenty,Horn Of Plenty Public House, 36 Globe Road, London,E1 4DU,Tower Hamlets
The Ledger Building,Ledger Building, 4 Hertsmere Road, London,E14 4AL,Tower Hamlets
The Lighthouse,Iceland Public House, 421 Wick Lane, London,E3 2JG,Tower Hamlets
The Little Driver,125 Bow Road, London,E3 2AN,Tower Hamlets
The Lord Morpeth PH,402 Old Ford Road, London,E3 5NR,Tower Hamlets
The Lord Nelson,Lord Nelson Public House, 1-1a Manchester Road, London,E14 3BD,Tower Hamlets
The Lord Tredegar,50 Lichfield Road, London,E3 5AL,Tower Hamlets
The Manor Arms,150 East India Dock Road, London,E14 0BP,Tower Hamlets
The Marksman,254 Hackney Road, London,E2 7SJ,Tower Hamlets
The Misty Moon,The Misty Moon, 456 Bethnal Green Road, London,E2 0EA,Tower Hamlets
The Narrow,The Narrow, 44 Narrow Street, London,E14 8DQ,Tower Hamlets
The New Globe,359 Mile End Road, London,E3 4QS,Tower Hamlets
The Octagon, The Queens Building,327-329 Mile End Road, London,E1 4NT,Tower Hamlets
The Old George,Old George Public House, 379 Bethnal Green Road, London,E2 0AN,Tower Hamlets
The Old Ship,The Old Ship Public House, 17 Barnes Street, London,E14 7NW,Tower Hamlets
The Oliver Conquest,70 Leman Street, London,E1 8EU,Tower Hamlets
The Owl & The Pussycat,The Owl And The Pussycat Public House, 34 Redchurch Street, London,E2 7DP,Tower Hamlets
The Pagination,9 Cabot Square, London,E14 4EB,Tower Hamlets
The Palm Tree,127 Grove Road, London,E3 5RP,Tower Hamlets
The Peacock,The Peacock Public House, 145 Aylward Street, London,E1 0QW,Tower Hamlets
The Pleasure Lounge,234 Cambridge Heath Road, London,E2 9NN,Tower Hamlets
The Pride Of Spitalfields,3 Heneage Street, London,E1 5LJ,Tower Hamlets
The Salmon & Ball,Salmon And Ball, 502 Bethnal Green Road, London,E2 0EA,Tower Hamlets
The Shakespeare,The Shakespeare Public House, 460 Bethnal Green Road, London,E2 0EA,Tower Hamlets
The Ship,290 Westferry Road, London,E14 3AG,Tower Hamlets
The Sipping Room,16 Hertsmere Road, London,E14 4EF,Tower Hamlets
The Star of Bethnal Green,The Star Of Bethnal Green, 359 Bethnal Green Road, London,E2 6LG,Tower Hamlets
The Sun Tavern,Sun Public House, 441 Bethnal Green Road, London,E2 0AN,Tower Hamlets
The Tea Merchant,25-27 Fishermans Walk, London,E14 4DH,Tower Hamlets
The Ten Bells,84 Commercial Street, London,E1 6LY,Tower Hamlets
The Victoria,110 Grove Road, London,E3 5TH,Tower Hamlets
The Victory,The Victory Public House, 27 Vyner Street, London,E2 9DQ,Tower Hamlets
The Water Poet,9-11 Folgate Street, London,E1 6BX,Tower Hamlets
The White Swan and Cuckoo,White Swan And Cuckoo Public House, 97 Wapping Lane, London,E1W 2RW,Tower Hamlets
Tooke Arms,Tooke Arms Public House, 165 Westferry Road, London,E14 8NH,Tower Hamlets
Town of Ramsgate,62 Wapping High Street, London,E1W 2PN,Tower Hamlets
Turners Old Star,14 Watts Street, London,E1W 2QG,Tower Hamlets
Urban Bar,27 Three Colt Street, London,E14 8HH,Tower Hamlets
Well and Bucket,Well And Bucket Public House, 143 Bethnal Green Road, London,E2 7DG,Tower Hamlets
Wentworth Arms,Wentworth Arms, 127 Eric Street, London,E3 4SR,Tower Hamlets
White Hart,White Hart Public House, 89 Whitechapel High Street, London,E1 7QX,Tower Hamlets
White Hart,White Hart Public House, 1 Mile End Road, London,E1 4TP,Tower Hamlets
White Swan,21 Alie Street, London,E1 8DA,Tower Hamlets
White Swan,White Swan, 556 Commercial Road, London,E14 7JD,Tower Hamlets
White's Gentlemans Club,32-38 Leman Street, London,E1 8EW,Tower Hamlets
Widows Son,75 Devons Road, London,E3 3PJ,Tower Hamlets
Wine Library,All Hallows Parish House, 43 Trinity Square, London,EC3N 4DJ,Tower Hamlets
Young Prince,448 Roman Road, London,E3 5LU,Tower Hamlets

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