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Romford 1839 Pigots Directory

History of Romford

Romford, with the villages of Hare Street, Dagenham, Havering Atte Bower, Rainham, Wennington and Neighbourhoods.

Gentry and Clergy

Anderson Major Jas, havering Grange
Andrews Wm esq, Gothic Lodge
Arnold Mr Jon, Whalebone Cottage
Barnes Jno Esq, Round House, Havering
Blsck Mrs Alice, Gidea Hall
Burbrow Mr Alexander, North Street
Button Mr Philip, Wennington
Cock Mrs Lydia, Romford
Collier Mr Pratt, Romford
Crosse major John C G, berwick House, Rainham
Crosse Rev John Godfrey, Vicarage, Rainham
Delamare Mr John, Collier Row Lane
Delamare Mrs John, Hornchurch Lane
Delamare Mrs Peter, Romford
Fanshawe Henry Esq, Pargloes
Fanshawe Rev John, Pargloes
Fanshawe Rev Thos Lewis, Pargloes
Faulkner Rev Richard Rowland, Parsonage, Havering
Field Robert Esq, Pergo Park, Havering
Grant Rev Anthony, Vicarage House
Graves Col benj, Shrubbery Cottage
Higgs Mrs mary, Market Place
Ind Edward Esq, Isbury Lodge
Ind Edward Vipand, Esq, Romford
Last Mr Joseph, North Street
Mackintosh Hugh Esq, Marshalls
Martin Mr William, Hare Street
Mashiter Octavius, Esq, Priests
Neave Sir Thomas, Dagenham Park
Orbell Mrs Eliz, Hare Street
Peacock Jno Pickering, Esq, Whalebone House
Reynolds Richard, Esq, Hare Street
Richardson Captain, London Road
Robinson Edward, Esq, Havering Bower
Rogers John, Esq, Bedford
Taylor Mrs, North Street
Tolbutt Mrs, Romford
Tolbutt Edward, Esq, Romford
Tolbutt Wm, Esq, Hornchurch Lane
Turner Mr John, Romford
Tweed Mrs Mary, Hornchurch Lane
Tyler Mrs Susannah, Dagenham
Warren Wm Esq, Hampden House
White Captain Thos, Dagenham

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