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Women at the Wicket: A History of Women's Cricket in Interwar England. Written by Adam McKie

Romford 1839 Pigots Directory

History of Romford

Romford, with the villages of Hare Street, Dagenham, Havering Atte Bower, Rainham, Wennington and Neighbourhoods.

Trades People - Butchers to Gardeners


Abrey Daniel, Havering
Axon John (pork), Romford
Axon William (pork), Romford
Collier Louisa, Market Place
Collier Thomas, Romford
Couzens Thomas, Dagenham
Ennever Thomas, Dagenham
Finch John, Romford
Mayhew Samuel, Rainham
Mitchell James, Dagenham
Nichols Thos (pork), Market Place
Poston William John, High Street
Rayner William, Romford
Smith Edward, Market Place
Smith hebry, Dagenham
Sorrell Henry, Hare Street
Sorrel William, Romford
Spurge Jas jun, Hornchurch Lane
Spurge Joseph, North Street

Cabinet Makers

Clube Ann, Romford
Collier Stephen, Romford


Bartlett & Son (& builders), North Street
Collins John, Romford
Curtis Robert, North Street
Death John, Rainham
Dykes Wm and Elizabeth, North Street
Everett John, rainham
Gardner Samuel, Havering
Hammond Samuel Adams, Romford
Holgate Benjamin, Dagenham
White Thomas, North Street


Ellis William, Romford
Savill Charles, High Street

Chymists and Druggists

Macarthy James (& soda water and ginger beer manufacturer), Market Place
Redin Thomas, High Street
Sewell Edward, Market Place

Coach Builders

Laver William, Romford
Strutt Mary, Romford

Coal Merchants & Dealers

Daldy Edward Mee (and maltster), Rainham
Freshwater Daniel, Romford
Higgs John, High Street
Kershaw Jeremiah, High Street

Coopers & Basket Makers

Dykes Wm and Elizabeth, North Street
Starkey Diana, Market Place



Dodd Henry, North Street
Higgs John, High Street
Mundy George, Market Place
Parker James, Romford

Corn Chandlers

Green Matthew, Hare Street
Higgs John, High Street
Langham Lewis, Market Place
Mumford Joseph, Market Place


Fire etc Office Agents

Alliance, Wm Cook, Market Place
County, William Ellis, High Street
Essex Economic, William Henry Attwell, Market Place
Essex Equitable, John Higgs, High Street
Guardian, Robert Surridge, High Street
Norwich Union, Edward Sewell, Market Place
Phoenix, Jno Bartlett, North Street and Alfred Ward, Market Place
Royal Exchange, Stephen Collier, High Street
Sun, John Delamare, North Street

Fishmongers & Fruiterers

Bailey John, Romford
Bolster Richard, Romford
Brower John, Romford
Brown John, Romford
Clarance Adolphus, Market Place
Howe Mary, Romford
Lovely James, High Street
May Emma, Hornchurch Lane
Moore Joseph, Market Street


Furniture Brokers

Clube Anne, Market Place
Dykes Wm and Elizabeth, North Street

Gardners & Seedsmen

Attewell John and James, Romford
Lewsey Thomas, London Road



If you would like to contribute the amazing new project to map London over the last hundred years and more, please continue to read. What is needed is mainly details of when a London street was renamed, bombed, cleared, or tidied. Pictures are the best way of expressing anything, and a picture tells a thousand words. Also needed is those thousand words, or even fity words. Anything will be brilliant. Please help out before the London skyline is transformed for ever. What is needed, just an email to the Email the London team. We can do the rest; and you also get your name on the site, if this is OK.

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