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    Search the historical London street directory, pub history site and World War One records of gallantry and casualties by surname, street or pub name; including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This site justs get more interesting.

    Romford 1839 Pigots Directory

    History of Romford

    Romford, with the villages of Hare Street, Dagenham, Havering Atte Bower, Rainham, Wennington and Neighbourhoods.

    Trades People - Saddlers to Wine Merchants & Miscellaneous

    Saddlers and Harness Makers
    Chase Mary, Dagenham
    Draper Charles, High Street
    Mead & Son, Hornchurch Lane
    Playl Thomas, Havering
    West Edward Seed, Dagenham

    Shopkeepers & Dealers in Grocers & Sundries
    Beard John, Wennington
    Cleaver William, Havering
    Enever Ann, Romford
    Enever Robert, Dagenham
    Golding Joseph, Romford
    Hill John, Rainham
    Holmes Sarah, North Street
    Kershaw Geo (& eating house), Romford
    Kittle William, Dagenham
    Nichols Thomas, Market Place
    Sackett james, dagenham
    Taylor Richard, Hare Street
    Waters Charlotte, Dagenham

    Smiths and Farriers
    Bennett John, Havering
    Cresey George, Dagenham
    Hasten John, Dagenham
    King William, rainham
    Lutman John, Wennington
    Parker Robert, Hornchurch Lane
    Pearson Chares Andrew, Dagenham
    Staines William, Hare Street
    Strutt Mary, Romford
    Wheatley James, Romford
    Wheatley Octavious, Rainham

    Stay Makers
    Dawson Louisa Ann, Romford
    Rooke Ash, Hornchurch Lane

    Straw Hat Makers
    Collett Eliza, Romford
    Dawson Luisa Ann, Romford
    Hornstead Lydia, Romford
    Littlechild John, Market Place
    Staff Elizabeth, North Street
    Wall Martha, Market Place

    Bowers Robert Arnold, Market Place
    Butler Charles, Market Place
    Sewell and Collin, North Street
    Sewell George, Romford

    Anderson Mark, Romford
    Barlow John, Romford
    Byatt John, High Street
    Cook Samuel, Romford
    Edney William, High Street
    Ouzman Richard, Romford

    Tailors contd ...

    Sawyer Thomas Fennell, North Street
    Southy Samuel, High Street
    Worth Richard, High Street

    Watch & Clock Makers
    Attwell William Henry (& jeweller), Market Place
    Bennett James, Romford
    Kistler Andreas, Romford

    Cobb John, Havering
    Hasten John, Dagenham
    Laver William, Romford
    Strutt Mary, Romford
    Vandevour Abraham, Rainham

    Wine & Spirit Merchants
    Carter Richard, High Street
    Merrington James, Market Place

    Attwell William Henry, fancy bazaar, Market Place
    Boyce Elizabeth, horse & gig owner for hire, Romford
    Brown Joseph, tripe dresser, Romford
    Carter John, millwright, Romford
    Chapel John, carrier, Romford
    Clifton Henry, dyer & scourer, Romford
    Collett Thomas, coach proprietor, Romford
    Collier Stephen, timber merchant, Romford
    Cook Wm, glass & earthenware dealer, Romford
    Daniels William, machine maker, Romford
    Day William, eating house, Market Place
    Excise Office, sun Inn, Romford - Thomas Albon Carter, supervisor
    Fletcher Samuel, pawnbroker, Market Place
    Flood Edward, news agent, Hornchurch Lane
    Fredman Isaac, toy dealer, Romford
    Gardner Samuel, brick & tile maker, Havering
    Gas Works, Hornchurch Lane - George Martin Bell, proprietor
    Ind & Smith, brewers, Romford
    Lake James, umbrella maker, Grays Square
    Lexford Henry, carrier, Romford
    Nichols Thomas, parish clerk, Market Place
    Orbell George, horse dealer, Romford
    Packer Anthy, whip & thong maker, Romford
    Rooke Ash, glass cutter, Hornchurch Lane
    Rorison Thomas, tea dealer, North Street
    Savill Chas, dealer in British wines, High Street
    Smith James, currier and leather cutter, Market Place
    Southy Samuel, glover & breeches maker, High Street
    Stamp Office, Market Place - James Macarthy, agent
    Starnes James, gun maker, High Street
    Strutt Henry, tobacco pipe maker, Romford
    Sturdy Wm, statuary & mason, Romford
    Tolbutt Edward, corn inspector, Romford
    Turner Ann, eating house, Romford
    Union Poor House, Romford - Benjamin Goode Miller, governor
    Viall John, yarn spinner, Dagenham
    Workman William, town crier, Grays Square
    Wynn John, dealer in marine stores, Havering


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