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Romford 1855 Post Office Directory

History of Romford

Private Residents

Andrews William, esq, near the cemetery

Ansell William esq, St Edwards Square

Benton Miss, North Street

Black Mrs, Gidea Hall

Bowers Robt Arnold esq, North Street

Burbrow Mr Thomas, London Road

Mrs, North Street

Clarkson William Hill esq, St Edwards Square

Clifton William Henry esq, Eastbury

Clifton Mr John, Prospect place

Collier Mrs, London Road

Davey Norris Fasham esq, Market place

Day Benjn Wm esq, Romford common

Delamare Mrs, Market place

De Medina Henry Augustina esq, North Street

Dodds Mr Joseph, London Road

Figes Mr Thomas, North Street

Finch Mrs, Waterloo Road

Gardiner Mr John, London Road

George Mr Frederick, Hare Street

Gillock Mrs, London Road

Graham Mr John, London Road

Grant Ven Anthony, DCL [archdeacon of St Albans & vicar of Romford], Vicarage, North Street

Graves Colonel, London Road

Gray Miss, North Street

Harvey Mrs, North Street

Higgins Mr William, London Road

Higgs John esq, East House

Hopkins Mrs, North Street

Hurrell Mrs, North Street

Ind Mrs, London Road

Ingram Mr Charles, London Road

Jones Rev William Taylor, MA [chaplain of Romford Union], North Street

Jones Mr Lewis, Squirrel Farm

Laird Mr John W, Brook cottage, North Street

Last Mr Joseph, North Street

Latham Rev Charles [Independent], South Street

Laurie John esq, Marshalls

Lenny Mr William, North Street

Littlechild Mrs, Prospect Place

Love Mr James, London Road

Martin Mrs, Mercury Gardens

Mashiter Octavius esq, Priests

Mashiter Thomas jun esq, Priests

Mashiter Wm esq, Priests

Matthews Chas Peter esq, Gidea Hall

Merrett Mr Alexr Fredk, London Road

Merrett Mrs, London Road

Mouat John esq, Whalebone Gate

Mull William esq, Whalebone House

Neave Sir Digby, bart, Dagnam park

Neave Sheffield esq, Priory

Neave Mrs, Gidea Hall

Nichols Mr Thomas, Market place

Parker Mrs, Church Lane

Pearce Rev Standen [Baptist], 1 Victoria cottage, London Road

Pennyfeather Mrs, Essex buildings

Perkins Mrs, Market place

Potter Charles esq, Essex buildings

Powling Mr William, London Road

Prater Mrs, London Road

Rawlings Chas Joseph esq, Market place

Ray Mr Thomas, Market place

Reynolds Richard esq, Hare Street

Roberts Richard esq, High Street

Rogers James esq, London Road

Sage Edward esq, Furze House

St George James esq, Mill House

Shaw Mr George, London Road

Shepherd Mrs, London Road

Skilton rev /wm James, MA [curate], St Edwards Square

Spurge Mr James, North Street

Stammers Mr Daniel, London Road

Stanton Wm esq, Vale wood lodge

Surridge North esq, Market place

Thomas Mr John, North Street

Thwaites Mrs, Hill cottages

Tolbutt Edward esq, London Road

Tolbutt William Henry esq, North Street

Tucker Mr, Hare Lodge

Tweed Mrs, South Street

Twyford Mr Thos waters, London Road

Wadeson Samuel James esq, South Street

Waller Mrs, South Street

Wells Mrs, London Road

Whitbread Mr George, London Road

Whiting Charles esq, London Road

Wilson Colonel, CB, St Edwards Square

Wood Mr William, near the Turnpike

Wooler Jonathan Westgarth, esq, Cottons


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