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    Romford 1861 Census Walk

    part 3

    History of Romford

    Romford 1861 Census - an abridged walk through the town of Romford following the enumerators steps. This lists the head of most households present in 1861, but not all - there would have been approximately 950 persons in total listed in this census.

    All that part of the Town ward of Romford lying North of the high Road from Collier Row lane to Pigstyle Bridge East and South of the Boundary from Pigstyle Bridge to the Wash in Collier Row lane and West of the Wash to High Street

    North Street:
    Farm bailiff- James Knox
    Brook cottage - Thomas Taylor
    Como Cottage - William H Tolbutt
    Salesman - Walter T Turner
    Grocer - Ellis Fordham

    North Street:
    Draper- David Kissock
    Curate of Romford - Walter J Sowerby
    High bailiff of County Court - Samuel Southey
    Nurse - Rebecca Boreham
    Ostler - Simon Kimpton
    Cabman - William Spelman
    Brick layer- George Gunn
    Labourer - William Turnhill
    Stone mason - George Adcock
    Builder - Joseph White
    Wheelwright - Isaac Manning
    Glazier - William Bulley
    Almshouse - Mary Gainham
    Green grocer - Eliza Finch
    Inspector of Local Board of health - George Ffitch
    Labourer - Thomas Brady
    Boot maker - Henry N Ottley
    Cab driver - Thomas Jones
    Auctioneer - George Collis
    School mistress- Joanna Cressey
    Cab carman - Leonard Spackman
    Police constable - William King
    General Practitioner - Robert A Bowers

    High Street:
    Golden Lion, Cab proprietor & Inn Keeper - Noah Dunnett
    Chemist - Edward Pertwee
    Ironmonger - William Mabbett
    Bank manager - Charles Weedon
    Corn merchant & confectioner - George Griggs
    Baker - John S Fitch
    Book seller & stationer - Thomas Robinson
    Tailor - Robert Bartlett
    Boot maker - Richard Bunyed
    Clothier - William Taylor
    Butcher - John Finch
    Baker - George Mundy
    Milliner - Ann Carter
    Hair dresser - Louisa Andrews
    Carrier - Robert Welton
    Coach & Bell inn, Richard Carter

    Angel Yard:
    Butcher - George Lovett
    Labourer - Joseph Rippingale
    Fish monger - John Young
    Ag Labourer - James Hill

    High Street:
    Peartree Court:
    Cab driver - Henry Abrams
    Cabman - Charles Siggers
    Tobacco pipe maker - Joseph Oliver
    Shoe maker - William Judd
    Ag Labourer - William Wright

    High Street:
    Grocer - Joseph Webb
    Butcher- Henry Kelcey
    Woolpack inn - Charles Nicholson
    Basket maker - William Balls
    Hotel cook - Sophia Bugbee
    Butcher - William J Poston
    Tobacconist - Jane A Whitlow
    Hair dresser - George Holloway
    Watch maker - Andrew Kistler
    Baker - Henry Flowers
    Retailer of Beer - Charles Childs
    Fishmonger - John Ireland

    High Street:
    Shoe maker - Richard W Matthews
    Dealer - George Reynolds
    Pork butcher - Joseph Axon
    Umbrella maker - Lydia Shipton

    Union Court:
    Ag Labourer - John Brewer
    Ag Labourer - John Wilson
    Ag Labourer - George Fry
    Ag Labourer - William Clarkson

    London Road:
    Butcher- Richard Sorrell
    Labourer - Henry Bentley
    Shoe maker - John Pasfield
    Labourer - Robert raven
    Dress maker - Sarah Goodwin
    Basket maker - Charles Hollingsworth
    Stay maker - Henry Kooke
    Hostler - James Tickner
    Shoe maker - Thos R Marshall
    Labourer - Joseph Rayment
    Tinman - William Charlick
    Cordwainer - Martin Chapman
    Plumber - Herbert Dowsing
    Solicitor -George Fitch
    General Labourer - Charles Potter
    Gardener - Martin Harrow
    Carpenter - Henry Harrold
    Chaplain to Romford union - George Bailey
    Cooper - Henry Unwin
    Baptist minister- John Gibbs
    Beer shop keeper - William Gray [Slaters Arms]
    Labourer - James Washington
    Labourer - William Royce
    Marine store dealer - Daniel Kember
    Labourer - William Bond
    Shoe maker - William Little
    Blacksmith - George Wood
    Ag Labourer - William Claydon
    Ag Labourer - John Cousins
    Labourer - William Hockley
    Chimney sweeper - George Burgess
    House painter - James Button
    Labourer - Thomas Cordery
    Carpenter - William Baker

    High Street:
    Labourer - Thomas Wright
    Labourer - James Marshall
    Labourer - Charles bailey
    Labourer - John Southgate

    Mawneys Lane:
    Labourer - Francis Bailey
    Great Mawneys Farm - John Lee
    Bank manager - George A Addison
    Bricklayers Labourer - William Spinks
    Carpenter - Charles Eaton
    Gardener - Wiliam Brown
    Labourer - Stephen Wright

    London Road:
    Beer seller - John Matthams
    Labourer - Josiah Westrup
    Gardener - Benj W Loveley
    Sawyer - Henry Hale
    Baker - James Algar
    Bricklayer - Frederick Diss
    Labourer - George Masters
    Butcher - Thomas Anderson
    Ag Labourer - John Short
    Relieving officer - Thomas W Capron
    Farm bailiff - Thomas Cornell
    Labourer - Thomas Smith
    Labourer - George White
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