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    Romford 1861 Census Walk

    part 1

     History of Romford

    Romford 1861 Census - an abridged walk through the town of Romford following the enumerators steps. This lists the head of most households present in 1861, but not all - there would have been approximately 2000 persons in total listed in this census.

    All that part of the Town ward of Romford lying on the south side of the Turnpike Road from the corner of Hornchurch lane to Pigstyle Bridge west of the Road to Hornchurch as far as Havering Well, North of the Boundary from Havering Well to Bell House Farm and East of the Boundary from Bell House Farm to Pigstyle Bridge.

    High Street:
    Chemist & druggist - Frederic Harris
    Auctioneer & Appraiser - Stephen Collier
    Printer & bookseller- Hannah Harvey
    Jeweller - William B lake
    Master Grocer - Joseph Scruby
    Hotel Keeper - Joseph Cowland [White Hart]
    Inn Keeper - George Hardcastle [White Hart Tap]
    Land proprietor - Caroline Broome
    Brewers Foreman - Isaac Beamish
    Brewers Clerk - Edward W Kimpton
    Brewery Labourer - Charles Eary
    Veterinary surgeon - Thomas Sparks
    Tailor - Mary A Cook
    Carpenter - William Wooton
    Furniture broker - Philip Wilks
    Groom- Charles J Whipps
    Brewery Labourer - William Lewis
    Brewery Cashier - Frederick G Richardson
    Tobacco pipe maker - John Palmer
    Tobacco pipe maker - Samuel Ford
    Tobacco pipe maker - Hugh Bailey
    Tobacco pipe maker - William R Mathew
    Butcher - William Rayner
    China & glass dealer - Mary Collier
    Plumber - Edward Silcock
    Book maker - Isaac Black
    Tobacconist - Samuel C Cox
    Corn dealer - John Smith
    Tailor - Francis K Cumbers
    Drover - John Goff
    Joiner - Charles Frances
    Gardener - John Attwell
    Ag Labourer - James Brown

    Rays Square:
    Brewery Labourer - Nathaniel Annett
    Widow. Susan Shaw
    Chimney sweeper - James Comberland
    Ag Labourer - Thomas Howe
    Tinman - Richard Counter
    Brewery Labourer - Thomas Gentry
    Ag Labourer - John Lushing
    Brewery Labourer - James Ramsey
    Marine Store dealer - James Chilcott
    Sawyer - Thomas Finch
    Ag Labourer - Thomas Newell
    Fish vender - William Cornwell
    Ag Labourer - James Wright
    Brewery Labourer - Joseph Wawson

    High Street:
    Ag Labourer - James Brazier
    Ag Labourer - john Finelly
    Ag Labourer - Samuel Hunt
    Marine store dealer - John Green
    Coffee house keeper - Emily Jordan
    Greengrocer - Charles Williams
    Marine store dealer - Thomas Young
    Chelsea pensioner - William Slipper
    Baker - John Franklin
    Shoe maker - James Hale

    Waterloo Road:
    Grocer, William Suckling
    Fishmonger - Daniel Joel
    Lodging House keeper - Ann Chapple
    Brewery Labourer - Richard Smith
    Brick layer - John Jay
    Railway porter - Joseph Webb
    Dress maker - Jane Adams
    Brewery Engine driver - John Norman
    Tailor - William Dennis
    Cooper at brewery - David Carter
    Cooper brewery - James E Vale
    Brewery Labourer - John Moore
    Carpenter - George Thorogood
    Brewery carpenter - Robert Wipeth
    Wheelwrights smith, Thomas Humfryes
    Engineer Turner - Charles Raynell
    Shoe maker - William Sarling
    Brewery cooper - Charles Carter
    Railway porter - William Fewell
    Brewery Drayman - John Cutts
    Brewers Drayman - Charles Starr
    Watchman in brewery - John Drake
    Master Plumber - Charles Goodwin
    Ag Labourer - James Finch
    Ag Labourer - James Carter
    Chair weaver - Eliza Nicholls
    Shoe maker - John Cousins
    Publican - William Loveday
    Brick layer - John Sibthorp
    County court bailiff - Tamer T Axon
    Brewers drayman - Samuel Cattling
    Fund holder- Caroline Biggs
    Inspector of Police - William Gilpin
    Professor of music - John Walden
    Gardener - James Lovely
    Dress maker - Elizabeth Axon
    Plumber - Francis Summerfield
    Harness maker - John Pooley
    Brewery Labourer - Alfred Yull
    Brewers drayman - James Long
    Dress maker - Elizabeth Keele
    Tailor - Ridley Lyon
    Grocer - Thomas Heathcote
    Cooper at brewery - Peter Drake
    No occup - Ellen T Hayward
    Brewers drayman - John Bailey
    Ag Labourer - Daniel Nutting
    Shoe maker - George Rogers
    Coach builder - Charles Rogers
    Laundress - Elizabeth Clark
    Brewers drayman- John Long
    Baker- George Carter
    Brewers Labourer - William Fisk
    Brewery Labourer - John Gunn
    Brewery Labourer - James Shelford
    Ag Labourer - Thomas Archer
    Dress maker- Elizabeth Barnett
    Carpenter - George W Miller
    Jobber - John Carter
    Railway porter - Robert Harrison
    Independent - John Bailey
    no occup - Charles Hart
    Railway signalman - William T Axon
    Carpenter- Joseph Hills
    Jobber - William Rouse
    Brewers Labourer - William Tyler
    Market gardener - William Axon

    Barrack Ground:
    Machinist - James Marchant
    Brewery carpenter - John W Keele
    Cabinet maker - George Reed
    Platelayer on railway - john Clench
    Carman - John Rickwood
    Carpenter - John Springet
    Lath turner - Robert Tydeman
    Coal merchant - William Tydeman
    Painter - William Cornell
    Railway porter - William Fayers
    Wheelwright - Abraham Vauderword
    Gardener, William Millbank
    Ag Labourer - Arthur Cass
    Shoe maker - Thomas Perkins
    Grocer - Thomas Pitts
    Harness repairer - William Smith
    Brick layer - Robert Fairman
    Bricklayers Labourer - Edward Aldous
    Market gardener - Charles Hayless
    House owner - John King
    Labourer, William Butler
    Ag Labourer - John Ray
    Brewery Labourer - William Ray
    Watchman - Robert Saunders
    Ag Labourer - Charles Wood
    Ag machinist - William Warren
    Cattle dealer - Joseph Guiver
    Beer retailer - Charles Cumbers
    Private coachman - Joseph Starling
    Railway porter - William Campion

    Waterloo Road:
    Iron founder - Robert H Alabaster
    Carpenter - William Bruty
    Cattle dealer - William Heard
    Ag Labourer - James Moss
    Ag Labourer - Charles Lodge
    Railway signalman - George Carr
    Bricklayers labourer - Henry Smith
    Waiter - James Hedge
    Brewers servant - Alfred Hills
    Ag Labourer - Samuel Meade
    Laundress - Hephzibah Nunn
    Blacksmith - Edmund Cowell
    Railway porter - John Dennis
    Ag Labourer - Henry Stubbings
    Brick layer - George Taylor
    Stone mason - William Blake
    Carpenter - William Witt
    Brewery Labourer - William Wray
    Brewery Labourer - Samuel Workman
    Brewery Labourer - Charles Potter
    Gardener - James Bailey
    Engineers Labourer - James Webb
    Brick layer - John Taylor
    Blacksmith - Robert Horide
    Brewery Labourer - John Simmons
    Cabinet maker - Isaac Flinn
    Shoe maker - William Taylor
    Brick layer - John Masters
    Brick layer - Tilus Wells
    Laundress - Mary Banks

    Barrack Ground:
    Ag Labourer - Thomas Wakeling
    House painter - William Milton
    Carpenter - Thomas Davis

    Barrack Ground:
    Police constable - James Manning
    Brewers cooper - Samuel Hayward
    Comb maker - Thomas W Spencer
    Schoolmistress - Sarah A Ayley

    Carpenter - Thomas Bright
    Stoker at Gas works - Joseph Whalesby
    Brewery Labourer - Henry Boreham
    Carpenter - William Bradford
    Shoe maker - Joseph Potter
    Iron founder - Margaret Alabaster
    Ag Labourer - William Cooper
    Sawyer - David Bull
    Brewery Labourer - William Rowlatt
    Ag Labourer - James Day
    Brick layer - John Milbourne
    Gardener - John Finch
    Shoe maker - John Jefferey
    Brewery Labourer - William H Barlow
    Drover - John Rich
    Brick layer - John Cross
    Groom - John Bennett
    Brewery Labourer - Thomas Knight
    General dealer - James Rowlatt
    Bricklayers labourer - George Bennett
    Tobacco pipe maker - George Masters
    Drover - George Huggins
    Well digger - James Bennett
    Brick layer - William Murley
    Brick layer - Arthur Brown
    Ostler - Samuel Goldsmith
    Carman - Henry J Holby
    Drover - George Rich
    Taylor - James White
    Brewery Labourer - John Dowsett
    Brewery drayman - Joseph Dowsett
    Carpenter - John Osborne
    Ag Labourer - John James
    Ag Labourer - David Cobb
    Carpenter - John Rayment
    Ag Labourer - John Potter
    Ag Labourer - David Speller
    General Labourer - William H Bush
    Brewery Labourer - William Ramsey
    Brewery Labourer - Joseph Palmer
    Ag Labourer - James Harris
    Hotel waiter - William Charlick
    Whitesmith - Samuel Swain
    Brewery Labourer - James Smith
    Butcher- William Sorrell
    Brewery Labourer - James Golding
    Grocer - Jane E Thompson
    Ag Labourer - Thomas Potter
    Shoe maker - David Stiff
    Police constable- James Davies
    Carpenter - Alfred Martin
    Brewery Labourer - William Jackson
    Railway signalman - John Hayward
    Shoe maker - Joshua Pryke
    Ag Labourer - John Stanley
    Blacksmith - Edward Brown
    Ag Labourer - Henry Gentrey
    Boot maker - Davis Collins
    Ag Labourer - George Stowe
    Boot maker - Charles peck
    Boot maker - George farrow
    Boot maker- John Siblous
    Police constable - William Cousins
    Ag Labourer - Thomas Hale
    Brewery Labourer - Samuel Perry
    Plumber painter - Joseph Westwood
    Laundress - Sophia Sorrell
    Ag Labourer - George Turner
    Baker - Charles Woodward
    Brick layer - William Watts
    Brewery Labourer - Thomas Nash
    Ag Labourer - Thomas German
    Carrier to London - William Murphy
    Licensed Victualler - Jeremiah Murphy [Laurie Arms]

    High Street:
    Licensed Victualler - John Rich [New Mill inn]
    Ag Labourer - William Chapple
    Ag Labourer - William Carter

    Essex buildings, High Street:
    Tobacco pipe maker - William Coppen
    Brewery Cooper - Alexander Sherbert
    Brewers clerk - Matthew Gibson
    Ag Labourer - John Digby
    Brewery Labourer - Henry W Smith

    High Street:
    Brewery Labourer - John Rowlatt
    Brewery Watchman - John Finch
    Shopkeeper - Mary Eniver
    Blacksmith = John Warren
    Ag Labourer - John Stubbings

    Balls Court:
    Laundress - Ann Turner
    Ag Labourer - Samuel Fry
    Straw carter - James Martin
    Wood sawyer - Thomas Benson
    Ag Labourer - Abraham Brooks
    Ag Labourer - Thomas Hockley
    Ag Labourer - Benjamin Parson
    Labourer at Coal wharf - James Millborn

    High Street:
    Dress maker - Ann Shaw
    Grocer- Joseph Golding
    Bricklayers Labourer - Thomas Mays
    Ag Labourer - James Crisp
    Ag Labourer - Daniel Forster
    Brewery Labourer - Luke Poole
    Road Labourer - James Bradley
    Ag Labourer - David Simpson
    Ag Labourer - George Hitchcock
    Licensed Victualler - Alfred Pryor [Sun inn]
    Licensed Victualler - Henry Kinch [Compasses]

    London Road:
    Carpenter - John Pitch
    Chelsea pensioner- James Miles
    Ag Labourer - John Kilman

    High Street:
    Ag Labourer - Robert Hardy
    Brick layer - Richard Dowsett
    Ag Labourer - James Cornwell
    Timber merchant - Charles Springham
    Cow keeper - Samuel Runacres
    Carpenter - John Crisp
    Tailor - Mark Anderson

    London Road:
    Practical brewer- John G Matthews
    Solicitor - William H Clifton
    Sack hirer- Thomas D Lee
    Retired Army Lieut-Col - Benjamin Graves
    Market gardener - Alithia Stubbs
    Ag Labourer - Robert Ray
    Ag Labourer - Thomas Collins
    Ag Labourer - George Harvis
    Plumber - William Iron

    Crow Lane:
    Farmer - Selina Seabrook
    Ag Labourer - William Childs
    Straw dealer - Abraham Mead
    Bell House, Farmer - Thomas W Haws

    Rush Green:
    Brewery Labourer - Robert Dawkins
    Ag Labourer - William Hampton
    Horse keeper - John King
    Ag Labourer - Joseph Bennett
    Ag Labourer - George Harding
    Ag Labourer - Henry C Blewett
    Ag Labourer - Edward Miller
    Hurdle maker- Charles G Bridge
    Hay jobber- James Hawkins
    Beerhouse keeper- John Potter [Coopers Arms]
    Hurdle maker - John Bridge
    Barman - George Blewitt
    Farmer - Ephraim Gray

    Waterloo Road:
    Sawyer - Richard Watling
    Ag Labourer - William Sparrow
    Ag Labourer - Thomas Stanley

    South Street:
    Licensed Victualler - Thomas Matthews [Star inn]
    Manager of gas works, Henry E Marriage
    Ag Labourer - Thomas Cast
    Commercial clerk, Brewery - Henry W Smith
    High Bailiff of Essex Co Court - Charles Godfrey
    Salesman & Farmer - Thomas Turner
    Leather seller - Joseph Smith
    Storehouse clerk, brewery - Eusebius S Palmer
    Annuitant - Henry Ind
    Coachman of London Bus - William Manning
    Land surveyor - John Ping
    Farrier - Henry Lagden
    Basket maker- James Mumford
    Glass cutter - James Rooke

    High Street:
    Coachman - James Hughes

    Waterloo Road
    Brewery Labourer - George Hills
    Ag Labourer - Charles Bennett
    Baker - John Yearley

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