London historical street directory and pub history

This is now an updated and complete, historical London street directory for 1832 and 1842 and more

Romford 1886 Kelly's Directory

History of Romford

Commercial Traders L - P

Lake William Bentall, watch maker & jeweller, High Street
Lamb Thomas, farmer, Pigtail farm, London Road
Landon harcourt Palmer, solicitor, see Postans & Landon
Landon James, professor of music, St Edwards Road
Large Edward, Dolphin inn, Market place
Large William, farmer, Brookside
Lasham John William, chemist, High Street
Lea Henry William Hope, solicitor, Camden villas, Victoria Road
Lee Alfred William, cabinet maker, South Street
Lee Joseph, farmer, Park Farm, London Road
Levy Solomon, herbalist, High Street
Limbrick John, eating house, Market place
Linnett John, carman & farmer, Albert Road
Literary & Mechanics’ Institute (Rev Canon Hitchcock, president; W T Martin, hon sec; John Spencer jun, hon librarian)
Little John, Rising Sun PH, South Street
Loder Mary Ann (Mrs), ladies school, Dalston villas, Weston Road
London Clothing Company, clothiers, South Street
London & County Banking Co Limited (branch) (Thomas Flockton Barrow, manager), High Street; draw on head office, London EC
Lovatt Alfred, Lawrie Arms PH, St Andrews Woad
Lucas Bessie (Mrs), china & glass dealer & pianoforte tuner, High Street
Ludkin Frances (Mrs), dress maker, Albert Road
Ludkin Henry, shopkeeper, Victoria Road
Lynn Robert, tailor, 4 Waterloo Road
McNamara John, photographer, South Street
Makin Alice & Annie (Misses), ladies school, Western Road
Mann John, farmer, Little Pettit’s Farm
Manning Sarah (Miss), dress maker, George Street
Manning William, carrier, North Street
Mansell Walter, agent for Jey's Sanitary Compounds Co Lim, South Street
Mantell Frederick Louis, Star PH, South Street
March Sarah & Emma (Misses), fancy repository, Market place
March David, draper, Market Place
Martin John, blacksmith, High Street
Martin W T, relieving officer No 2 district, 2 Lamorna terrace, Victoria Road
Massey Joseph, fruiterer, Shaftesbury Road
Mathew Richard Hare, boot maker, High Street
Mays William Rust, builder, Park lane, Brentwood Road
Mead John, shoe maker, Market Place
Meadmore Wm, nurseryman, Market Place & confectioner, High Street
Medcalf Alfred, butcher & cattle dealer, Hill cottage
Merton William, tripe dealer, High Street
Milbank Ellen (Miss), shopkeeper, St Andrews Road
Milbon John, builder, Queen Street
Milton Richard, beer retailer & carpenter, London Road
Minns Thomas, grocer & baker, High Street
Mister Fanny (Mrs), toy shop, Victoria Road
Mumford Joseph Brett, drill instructor to the A & B companies of the 1st Essex Rifle Volunteers, Nortth Street
Mundy Frank, poulterer, High Street
Mundy George sen, baker, High Street
Mundy George jun, house & general agent, London Road
Mundy Lulu (Miss), teacher of music, London Road
Murphy Richard, sign writer, Spring cottage, Victoria Road
Muskett William, baker & confectioner, Market Place & South Street
Nash Stephen, coal merchant, South Street
Neal Emma (Mrs), dress maker, 4 Eastern terrace, Albert Road
Negus George, shopkeeper, Mill terrace
New Zealand Meat Stores (Samuel Fletcher, man), Market place
Nicholls John, nurseryan, florist etc, Carlisle Road
Norris Henry, Swan Inn, Market place
Page Henry, Kings Head Inn, Market place
Pain William, cattle dealer, Romford Lodge
Palmer Alice (Mrs), fishmonger, Queen Street
Palmer Richard, horse slaughterer, High Street
Parfit George, marble, stone & monumental mason, Hornchurch Road
Parish Alfred, boot maker, George Street
Parr & King, fancy drapers, hosiers & haberdashers, stationery etc; periodicals ordered; agents for the Perth dye works, Kingston house, Victoria Road
Parson Eliza Susan (Mrs), dress maker, North Street
Patching John, White Hart Hotel, High Street
Peck Charles, boot maker, Market Place
Pegrum Mary Ann (Mrs), dress maker, Albert Road
Perry Henry, grocer, George Street
Peters John, engineer & beer retailer, St Andrews Road
Peters John, plumber etc, Alice cottage, George Street
Pilborough George Charles, hair dresser & photographer, South Street
Pinfold Eliza (Mrs), chimney sweeper, Market Place
Pink John Thomas, general & furnishing ironmonger, bar iron & oil merchant & agent for Flavel’s patent prize kitchener, High Street; & at Barking
Pipe George William, basket maker, London Road
Poel William, carrier, North Street
Porter Joseph, coach builder, South Street
Postans & Landons, solicitors, Crown chambers
Poston James Roger, butcher, High Street
Potter & Hanna, surgeons, North Street & Western Road
Potter Joseph, boot maker, St Andrews Road
Price Mary (Miss), dress maker, High Street
Pryke Joshua, shoe maker, 33 Waterloo Road
Pullan George, tailor, High Street

What I am now attempting to achieve is the coverage of an earlier London street directory in 1832. This is unique, plus images of the 1842 Robsons directory which confirm earlier entries and also carry much more trade detail about a premises or person. Here is the index of streets in 1832, many with 1842 imagery added.
And next is the complete 1940 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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