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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    Romford 1886 Kelly's Directory

     History of Romford

    Private Residents A - F

    Abbott Saml, 1 Fernside villas, Carlisle Road
    Abrahams Edward, North Street
    Abrahams John, Brooklands, Eastern Road
    Adams Thomas, Western Road
    Adams Wm, Kirtland villa, Western Road
    Algar James, Shaftesbury Road
    Allam Edwin Clark, Normanshurst
    Allen Francis, 6 Crichton villas, Brentwood Road
    Ashe Albert, Hainult villa, Havering Road
    Ashmole Miss, Como cottages, North Street
    Ashton Samuel, Comus villa, Manor Road
    Attack Edward, Heatherdale, Albert Road
    Austin George, Compton house, Victoria Road
    Axon Joseph, Lorne villa, Victoria Road
    Ayers Robert, Claughton villa, Easter Road
    Bailey George, Laurie square
    Baker James, Auckland villa, Brentwood Road
    Bamford Chas, Stanley Lodge, Eastern Road
    Bardwell William C, Fern bank, Eastern Road
    Barrow Thomas Flockton, High Street
    Baxter Arthur, Hannah villa, Eastern Toad
    Beamish Isaac, Holly cottage, Western Road
    Beaumont Geo, Horace villa, Victoria Road
    Bedford Edward Wilson, The Paddock
    Belcher Walt, ACP, High school, South Street
    Belsham Alfred, 2 Rose villas, Western Road
    Benton Thomas, Lorne villa, Victoria Road
    Bescoby Charles, fernleigh, Victoria Road
    Bevitt William, Hazlehurst, Havering Road
    Bird Thomas, Canons, North Street
    Bishop John, 4 Kyme Road
    Black James, Fern Bank villa, Eastern Road
    Blackwell John, 4 Park cottages, North Street
    Blakeley Wm, Carlton villas, Victoria Road
    Bloomfield Chas, 8 Osborn terrace, Carlisle Road
    Bourne Mrs, Gresham cottage, Market Place
    Bourton Rev John [curate], Eastern Road
    Bray Richard H O, Market place
    Bray William John, Laurie square
    Brettingham Frank, 2 Penryn terrace, Victoria Road
    Bridge Mrs, Clyde villa, Eastern Road
    Bright Henry, The Cottage, Carlisle Road
    Brooks Samuel, St James villa, Victoria Road
    Brown James, Parkside villa, Victoria Road
    Brown Miss, Alexandra villa, Carlisle Road
    Brown Mrs, Lawn villa, Victoria Road
    Brown Philip, Osborne House, Milton Road
    Bruce Jn N, Grosvenor villa, Eastern Road
    Bunyan Arthur, Globe Road
    Burgess Charles, Western Road
    Burningham James, Penrose terrace, Victoria Road
    Burroughs Walter, Holly lodge, Eastern Road
    Burrows Mrs, North Street
    Bush Miss, Dymoke Road
    Calder William, Comis villa, Manor Road
    Campbell Frederick, 1 Penryn terrace, Victoria Road
    Canon Mrs, Moss lane
    Carder Frederick, Western Road
    Carter Miss, 1 Brookland villas, North Street
    Carter Thomas, Western Road
    Caswell Thomas, Hurst leigh, Junction Road
    Catley Mrs, 2 Park cottages, North Street
    Chalenor Samuel James, 3 Tregenna villas, Victoria Road

    Chalmers Frederick Victor, Claughton villa, Eastern RoadChampness Thomas, Claughton House, Eastern Road
    Chantler Mrs, Bowyer villa
    Charlton Miss, Ovingham, Brentwood Road
    Clark Chas, 2 Victoria cottages, London Road
    Clark John, Rosemary villa, Brentwood Road
    Clark Richard Geo, Western villa, South Street
    Clarke Mrs, market place
    Clifton Wm, Comyns, The Cottage, London Road
    Cobb Edward F, Stanley villa, Brentwood Road
    Cobb William, The Pavement
    Cocken Henry, 10 Osborn terrace, Carlisle Road
    Cockerton James Samuel, North Street
    Cole Stephen Eades, Bath House, Brentwood Road
    Collin Edward, Beech villa, Victoria Road
    Collier Francis, Junction Road
    Collings Charles McKensie, Western viaal, Western Road
    Cooper John, Victoria cottage, Victoria Road
    Corbell Geo W, Sandown villa, Victoria Road
    Corbin John, Elston villa, Carlisle Road
    Cox Thomas, Belle cottage, Western Road
    Crabb Mrs, Dorcas villas, Victoria Road
    Craig John James, Heath house, Eastern Road
    Cruse Hy Wm, Sandown villa, Victoria Road
    Cumbers Francis, 3 Kyme Road
    Curtis Mrs, Claremont villas, Victoria Road
    Custance Daniel, 6 Kyme Road
    Daldy Octavius George, South Street
    Daniels Charles, Carlisle Road
    Davey Theodore, 2 Western Road
    Davies John, Dymoke Road
    Davies Mrs, Rose cottage, London Road
    Davies Thomas, Dymoke Road
    Davis Richard, Eastern Road
    Davis Walter, Sandown villa, Victoria Road
    Deacon Miss, Laurie square
    Dean Henry, Dymoke Road
    Dennis Mrs, 1 St Marys terrace, London Road
    Dinsdale Miss, 2 Rosebank villas, Victoria Road
    Disnay Thomas, May villas, Victoria Road
    Downing Mrs, North Street
    Dugelby James, Elm cottage, Victoria Road
    Dunball Robert T, Western House, Western Road
    Durston Joseph, 3 Lamorna terrace, Victoria Road
    Dye Charles, Park view
    Edgar Henry Augustus, Market place
    Edwards James, 7 Kyme Road
    Ellis Mrs, Como cottages, North Street
    Ensor George Lewis, Victoria Road
    Eude Mrs, Eude cottage, Victoria Road
    Farquharson Albert, Brooklands villa, North Street
    Farrow Jn W, Cambridge villa, Victoria Road
    Fenton William Henry, Western Road
    Finch Miss, Eastern Road
    Fortescue Henry James, 9 Oak terrace
    Fraser James Alexander, Western lodge
    Frost Joseph, 1 Penrose terrace, Victoria Road
    Frost Richard Geo, Oakleigh, Western Road

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