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    Search the historical London street directory, pub history site and World War One records of gallantry and casualties by surname, street or pub name; including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This site justs get more interesting.

    Romford 1886 Kelly's Directory

     History of Romford

    Private Residents G - O

    Garrard Mrs, Aberdour House, Western Road
    Garrod Fredk Wm, Flora villa, Princes Road
    Gelson George, Carlisle Road
    Gilbey Frank, Eastern Road
    Gilbey Geo B, Melbourne Lodge, South Street
    Gilpin Miss, North Street
    Goodchild Wm, Arnsby villa, London Road
    Goodwin Charels, Essex house, London Road
    Gordon John Aberdeen, 1 Dolcoath terrace, Victoria Road
    Gowers Jas Alexander, Shaftesbury Road
    Grantham Chas, 1 park cottages, North Street
    Gravely Mrs, 4 Tregenna terrace, Victoria Road
    Gray Joseph [missionary], Oak villa, Havering Road
    Gray Mrs, London Road
    Griffiths James, oak villa, Brentwood Road
    Griggs Hy Thos, Vallas villas, Western Road
    Gunn John, 3 Penryn terrace, Victoria Road
    Guyatt John, 3 Rosebank villas, Victoria Road
    Habgood William James, 4 St Marys terrace, London Road
    Hale Miss, Waterloo Road
    Halliday Mrs, Laurie square
    Hammond Charles, Market place
    Hammond Edwin, Princes Road
    Hammond Henry John, Shipton lodge, Shaftesbury Road
    Hammond Jas W, Haverin villa, North Street
    Hammond John, The Pavement
    Hammond Joseph Samuel, Hill House
    Hammond Mrs, Oak Lodge, Western Road
    Hanna James, Aberdour house, Western Road
    Harding Henry, George Street
    Harding Thos, Alexandra villa, Victoria Road
    Harold Wm, Tindal villa, Brentwood Road
    Harrington Edward, Ash grove, Eastern Road
    Harris Augustus, Oak bank, Victoria Road
    Harvey Albert, Auckland villa, Brentwood road
    Harvey Chas Wm, Tyne villa, Eastern Road
    Harvey Mrs, 3 Park cottages, North Street
    Hawes John, Laureate cottage, Como Street
    Haynes Geo, 4 Penryn terrace, Victoria Road
    Heard Darrant, North Street
    Hedge Mrs, 3 Park cottages, North Street
    Hibbert __, The Cedars, Eastern Road
    Hillard Rev Charles [Wesleyan], Marion villa, Victoria Road
    Hining Horace Corrie, Market place
    Hitchcock Rev George edward BA [curate], North Street
    Hitchcock Rev William Maunder MA,[vicar, hon canon & surrogate], North Street
    Hobson Jas Dalby, Briggate, Western Road
    Hocken Edward Albert, 5 Tregenna terrace, Victoria Road
    Hodson Edward, Sunnymount, Globe Road
    Hodson Miss, 3 Dolcoath terrace, Victoria Road
    Hollebone Henry, Gidea Hall
    Hooper Jas, Ctuchton villas, Brentwood Road
    Hope Augustus, 4 Osborn terrace, Carlisle Road
    Horry William Smith, Hill Lodge, Victoria Road
    Howard Rev William George BA [curate], South Street
    Howell John, 11 Osborn terrace, Carlisle Road
    Howell Thomas Henry, Eastbury lodge
    Hoy John, Counterpine villa, Victoria Road
    Hudson Jas, 7 Osborn terrace, Carlisle Road
    Hulse John Richard Augustus, Junction Road
    Humphreys Charles, Western Road
    Hunt Alfred Henry, Romford Hall
    Ind Miss, South Street
    Innes Wm Jas, 14 Sion terrace, Western Road
    James John, Alpine villa, Victoria Road
    Jameson Hugh William, Sunnyside, Brentwood Road
    Jarvis Wm George, Yew Tree, London Road
    Jeffes Francis Herbert, 3 Osborn terrace, Carlisle Road
    Jellis John, Apline villa, Victoria Road
    Jennings John, North Street
    Jennings Robert, North Street
    Johnson Benjamin Thomas, Fairlawn villas, Victoria Road
    Johnson George, Victoria Road
    Johnson Lewis, Eaton villas, Eastern Road
    Jones Evan, 4 Rosebank villas, Victoria Road
    Jones Mrs, North Street
    Joshua John, 1 Oak terrace
    Keene Thos, 2 Como cottages, North Street
    Kennedy James, Junction Road
    Kimms Wm Holdam, Flora villa, Princes Road
    King Alfred, Hawarden villa, Eastern Road
    Knox Andrew, Vine cottage, North Street
    Lagden Mrs, Eastern Road
    Laing William Percy, Brookside
    Lake Isaac, High Street
    Landon Harcourt Palmer, Western Road
    Last William Henry, Junction Road
    Lawton Edward Henry, 5 Crichton villa, Victoria Road
    Lea Henry William Hope, Camden villa, Victoria Road
    Lee John, Eastern villa, Eastern Road
    Lee Walter, Victoria cottages, London Road
    Leete Thomas, Park Lane
    Legg Alexander Kennedy, Manor House, Victoria Road
    Livingston David, Reeds villa, North Street
    Llewellyn Mrs, Sidney villa, Brentwood Road
    Lloyd William Charles, Oxford villas, Brentwood Road
    Loder John, Franklin House, Hornchurch Road
    Maclean Norman, Swinburn villa, Eastern Road
    Maggy Arthur Robert, Laurie square
    Makin Mrs, Lyndthorpe, Western Road
    Mallinson Mrs, Myrtle villas, Victoria Road
    March David, Western Road
    March Thos, 1 Rosebank villas, Victoria Road
    Marchant Mrs, 4 Victoria cottages, London Road
    Martin Alfred, High Street
    Martin Henry, Junction Road
    Martin William Henry, Eaatern Road
    Mashiter Thomas, Priests
    Mashiter William, The Elms
    Mathew Richard William, North Street
    Matthews Josiah James, Sion villa, Western Road
    Matthews Mrs, Junction villas, Eastern Road
    Medcalf Mrs, Western Road
    Mercer John, The Shrubbery, London Road
    Mooney Jas, Belmont villas, Victoria Road
    Moore Nicholas Thomas, Sandown villa, Victoria Road
    Moss Miss, Claremont villa, Victoria Road
    Moss Mrs, St Edwards square
    Murphy John Michael, 5 Kyme Road
    Osborne Hugh George, Remington house, Dymoke Road
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