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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    Romford 1914 Kelly's Directory

    History of Romford

    Commercial Traders  N - S

    National Deposit Friendly Society (Edward Burrell, district sec), 53 Como Street
    Needs Reuben Samuel, shopkeeper, 10 Waterloo Road
    Nelson James & Sons Limited, butchers, 22 South Street
    Newitt Chas Edward, artificial teeth maker, 52 South Street
    Newlin James, plumber, 36 Mildmay Road
    Newlin Louisa (Miss), teacher of music, 36 Mildmay Road
    Newman Frank, baker, 45 London Road
    Newman Helen (Miss), private school for girls, 22 Eastern Road
    Newman William, bot repairer, 117 Marks Road
    Newton Eliza (Mrs), Parkside Hotel, Havering Road
    Nicholson George Henry, photographer, 32 North Street
    Norman Wm George, earthenware dealer, 16 London Road
    Norrington Elizabeth (Mrs), shopkeeper, 48 Park Lane
    Norris Frank P, Swan Hotel, 50 & 52 Market place
    Norton Alfred, laundry, 33 North Street
    Oakley Henry John, shopkeeper, 101 Marks Road
    Offin & Rumsey, auctioneers (attend wed), Market place
    Olivieri Vicenzo, confectioner, 15 North Street
    Ottley Frederick Charles, Sun PH, 47 London Road
    Owen Francis E, ironmonger, 57 Victoria Road
    Pack Herry, hardware dealer, 200 London Road
    Page, Calnan & Co Limited, builders merchants etc, Great Eastern yard & Goods depot, G E Railway
    Page & Metcalfe, coach builders & general smiths, South Street
    Page Alfred, relieving officer to the Romford Union, No 3 district & vaccination officer & collector to the guardians, 214 Victoria Road
    Page Evelyn Florence (Miss), teacher of music, 214 Victoria Road
    Palmer Ebenezer Morris, coffee rooms, 33 London Road
    Palmer George, fishmonger, 25 St Andrews Road
    Palmer Matilda Alma (Mrs), horse slaughterer, 78 High Street
    Palmer Phoebe (Mrs), dress maker, 16 Park Lane
    Parish Walter Henry, collector to Romford Urban District Council, Council offices, Market place
    Parker William W, boot maker, 88 High Street
    Parlby & Bescoby, carmen, 81 South Street
    Parson Charles, station master, G E Railway, South Street
    Partridge Bros, builders & undertakers, 28 North Street
    Partridge Frank Ernest, collector of income tax, house duty & land tax, 81a South Street
    Partridge Walter, painter & plumber, 25 Catherine Road, Heath Park
    Pasco William, draper, 16 Market place
    Passfield George, shopkeeper, 24 Marks Road
    Pasterfield Leonard R, hair dresser, 88 Victoria Road
    Patience Frederick, fruiterer, 20 North Street
    Patience Harry, insurance agent, 119 Douglas Road
    Paveley John Wm, insurance agent, 4 Sherringham Avenue
    Payne Allen William, shopkeeper, 46 Hainult Road
    Payne Anthony, dining rooms, 72 Market place
    Peacock James, dairyman, Hillfoot, Havering Road
    Peake Robt P, farmer, Great Garden Farm, Brentwood Road
    Pearce Brothers, butchers, 80 & 82 Brentwood Road
    Pearce James Leonard, insurance agent, 80 Mildmay Road
    Pearks Limited, provision dealers, 16 High Street
    Pearsons Ernest Geo, watch maker & jeweller, 12 High Street
    Pease C Edward, architect, 10 South Street
    Perry Letitia S (Miss), fruiterer, 69 Victoria Road
    Phillips Walter & Son, greengrocers, 74 Brentwood Road
    Phillips Mary (Mrs), tobacconist, 12 London Road
    Phipps Joseph, tailor, 9 North Street
    Pidington Richard F, nurseryman, see Hummerstone & Pidington
    Pink John T, ironmonger, 10 High Street
    Pioneer Steam Laundry (William Adams), Como Street
    Poel Brothers, carriers, North Street
    Pond Arthur, Compasses PH, 49 London Road
    Pool Herbert Frederick, dairyman, Mawneys Road
    Popplewell Chas Joseph, artificial teeth maker, 55 North Street
    Popplewell Robert J sen, tailor, 55 North Street
    Porritt William, pawnbroker 44, & furniture dealer 46, High Street & 1 & 2 Mawneys Road
    Porter Arthur, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, 31 Market place
    Poston Brothers, butchers, 52 & 54 High Street
    Potter George, monumental mason, Oldchurch Road
    Potter Harriet (Miss), shopkeeper, 8 St Andrews Road
    Pratt Frank P, district valuer, Valuation department inland revenue, 23 Eastern Road
    Premier Lighting & Engineering Co Lts, engineers, Mawneys Road
    Premier Meat Co Limited, butchers, 22 High Street
    Prett Thomas, cattle dealer, Laurel villa, Forest Road
    Prior & Co, tobacconist, 27 High Street
    Procter John William MRCVS, veterinary surgeon (firm, Barrett & P) & inspector under the "Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act" for Romford district, 10 Western Road
    Provicial Furnishing Co, house furnishers, 39 High Street
    Public Weighbridge (f Hobday, weigher), Market place
    Queens House Club (Ernest J Skinner, sec), 37 High Street
    Ramsaey laura (Mrs), shopkeeper, 2 Clydesdale Road
    Rand Henry John, fruiterer, 39 South Street
    Randall James A, boot maker, 43 London Road
    Read Josiah, commercial traveller, Springhurst, Hornchurch Road
    Reed Edith Taylor (Miss), teacher of violin, 108 Market place
    Reed Samuel T, saddler, 108 Market place
    Reynolds & Finch, horse dealers, 25 Market place, TN 5 Romford
    Reynolds Joseph, confectioner, 71 Victoria Road
    Reynolds William Henry, grocer, 74 High Street
    Rhodes B & Son, brass founders, Queen Street
    Rich Alfred, cattle dealer, 61 Market place
    Rich Charles, Bull inn & cattle dealer, 76 Market place
    Richards Richard, wardrobe dealer, 21 Queen Street
    Richardson Albert, boot & shoe maker, 15 Victoria Road
    Richardson Geo, boot & shoe maker, 10 & 12 Mawneys Road
    Rickett, Smith & Co (incorporated with Rickett, Cockerell & Co Limited), coal merchants, L T & S depot, Victoria Road; office, 83 South Street
    Rickett Benjamin, fishmonger, 24 Victoria Road
    Rider Joseph Benjamin, nurseryman, florist & fruit grower; tea parties catered for, The Oaks, Havering Road
    Ridge Herbert Thomas, acting surveyor to Romford Urban District Council, Council offices, Market place
    Riley Harris John, shopkeeper, Brentwood Road, Heath Park
    Ripping Robert, boot repairer, 55 Douglas Road
    Richie Frdk Chas LDSRCS, dental surgeon, 10 South Street
    Roach Alice (Mrs), apartments, Elmhurst, North Street
    Robison William Thomas, builder, 152 London Road
    Rockley Joseph V, pianoforte dealer, 40 High Street
    Romford County High School for Girls (Miss F Bardsley BA, head mistress), Heath Park Road
    Romford Gas & Coke Co Limited (C W Boyns, sec); office, Nursery walk & show rooms, 76 South Street
    Romford Lawn Tennis Club (P M Gunn, hon sec), off Junction Road
    Romford Liberal & Radical Association (John B Gerrard, hon sec), 8 Western Road
    Romford Motor & Carriage Works Limited, motor car manufacturers, London Road T A "Motors, Romford"; TN 542 Romford
    Romford Railwaymens Swimming Club (W Jarvis, sec), The Baths, Mawneys Road
    Romford Recorder (The), (South Essex Recorders Ltd, printers & publishers), 12 South Street
    Romford Registration, District Registrars Office (Percy Freed Hacquoil, supt registrar births, deaths & marriages), 20 Eastern Road
    Romford Rural Council Offices, 16a South Street
    Romford Rural Old Age pensions Committee (H R Heasman, clerk), 46 Princes Road
    Romford Times (Wilson & Whitworth Ltd, publishers; published wednesday), 7 & 9 High Street
    Romford Town Swimming Club (Alfred E Box, hon sec), The Baths, Mawneys Road
    Romford Union Infirmary (James Alex Fraser MRCS Eng, LRCP Lond, medical officer), Oldchurch Road
    Romford Urban District Council Baths (Henry C Green, supt), Mawneys Road
    Romford Working Mens Club & Institute (H C Brett, sec), 41 Market place
    Ross & Co, accountants, 88 Willow Street
    Rouse Alfred, assistant supt to the Prudential Assurance Co Limited, 150 Victoria Road
    Rowe Edith (Mrs), shopkeeper, 60 Waterloo Road
    Rowe Horace, Durham Arms PH, 101 Brentwood Road
    Rowlett James, metal merchant, 37 Queen Street
    Rowlett John (Mrs), greengrocer, 1 Queen Street
    Rowswell Frederick, cycle dealer, 53 High Street
    Ruffle George William, grocer, 86 Brentwood Road
    Ruffle Joseph, grocer, 45 High Street
    Rush Frederick O, Woolpack inn, 48 High Street
    Rushen herbert E, fishmonger, 14 South Street
    Russell Charles, tobacconist, 70 South Street
    Ryan Arthur Joseph LRCS & P Edin, LFPS Glas, physician & surgeon, medical officer & public vaccinator No 1 district, romford Union, 34 Mawneys Road
    Saggers Geo, hay & straw dealer, Lowlands Farm, London Road
    Saggers William, dairyman, Havering Road
    Sainsbury J, provision merchant, 30 South Street
    St Edwards Church Club (A L frost, hon treasurer), Church house, Market place
    St Edwards young mens Institute ( P O Cormack, sec), Church house, Market place
    St Marys High School for Girls (Sisters of Mercy, teachers), 24 Western Road
    Sanders Brothers, butchers, 10 London Road
    Sanders brothers, corn & flour merchants, 24 High Street
    Sankey J H & Son Limited, lime merchants, Waterloo Road
    Sarling Charles E, fishmonger, 88 Brentwood Road
    Sarling Frederick, fishmonger, 71 High Street
    Saunders Brothers, butchers, 46 Park Lane
    Saunders Harry, travelling draper, Moss bank, 15 Princes Road
    Saville Arthur Frederick, district supt to the Refuge Assurance Co Limited, 74 Eastern Road
    Scheurer Susan Amelia (Mrs), confectioner, 31 High Street
    Scott Mary E (Miss), teacher of music, 75 Mildmay Road
    Seabrooke & Sons, maltsters, Corn Market, High Street
    Sear Brothers, drapers, 40 South Street
    Searle William, lodging house, 94 London Road
    Selby Leslie, manager of the London County & Westminster Bank Limited, treasurer to the Urban & Rural District Councils & Union, 5 High Street & south Street
    Sewell Daisy (Miss), teacher of music, 58 Craigdale Road
    Sheward John Charles, butcher, 57 High Street
    Shipton Thomas, window cleaner, 4 North Street
    Shove David, boot maker, 6 Poplar Street
    Sibley & Son, cycle agents, 72 South Street
    Sibley Harry, cycle dealer, 106 Market place
    Sibthorpe Nellie (Miss), confectioner, 3 Park Lane
    Silcocks Alfred Harold, plumber, gas fitter etc, 56 High Street
    Silcocks Catherine (Miss), dress maker, 14 Eastern Road
    Silcocks Walter Henry, plumber, 10 Park Lane
    Simpson Peter, draper, 121 George Street
    Singer Sewing machine Co Limited, sewing machine makers, 49 Victoria Road
    Skinner Charles John, oil & color man, 84 Brentwood Road
    Slater Edward William, tailor, 44 Victoria Road
    Smee Edward Thomas, boot maker, 6 Albert Road
    Smith Elizabeth A (Mrs), news agent, 54 North Street
    Smith George, painter, 15 Park Lane
    Smith George Henry, shopkeeper, 19 Mildmay Road
    Smith Hy, gardener to John T Gay esq, 61 Manor Road
    Smith Herbert E, stationer, Broadway chambers, South Street
    Smith John Hawkins, grocer 18, & oil & color man 20, Mawneys Road
    Smith Joseph, shopkeeper, 53 Douglas Road
    Smith William, clerk to the County magistrates & to Romford Joint Hospital Board, 16a South Street
    South Essex Recorders Limited, printers, 12 South Street & North Street
    South Essex Waterworks (Charles James Fox, sec); offices, Hornchurch Road
    South Clara (Miss), dress maker, 102 Como Street
    Southworth Joseph, dining rooms, 19 Market place
    Spearman Ezra, boot maker, 104 Victoria Road
    Spencer Charles Edward, insurance agent, 8 South Street
    Spencer John, grocer, 8 South Street, TN 525
    Staines Arthur, Romford Arms PH, 64 High Street
    Stapley Arthur, boot & shoe maker, 17 North Street
    Stares Edward, shopkeeper, 28 Albert Road
    Stebbings William, hair dresser, 6 London Road
    Steele George Henry, shopkeeper, 47 Market place
    Steeples William Stanley, chemist etc, 28 Market place
    Still Thomas, shopkeeper, 98 Albert Road
    Stone Leonard F, draper, milliner, costumier & carpet & linoleum warehouseman, Market place Tel No 594 Romford
    Stothard Percy, tobacconist, 78 Brentwood Road
    Strange W & Co Ltd, artificial flower makers, South Street
    Stratford Co-operative & Industrial Society Limited (Romford branch), grocers etc, South Street
    Stringer William, hay binder, 49 Marlborough Road
    Strowlger Charles W, grocer & beer retailer, 100 George Street
    Suckling Frederick C & Reynolds Charles, Golden Lion Hotel, High Street
    Surridge & Mullis, solicitors & commissioners for oaths, Bank chambers, South Street, TN 11
    Surridge Ernest Edward, solicitor & commissioners for oaths, see Surridge & Mullis
    Sutton & Co, carriers (George Patmore, agent), 102 London Road
    Sutton Herbert, dairyman, 15 Albert Road
    Sutton Walter, fruiterer, 58 North Street
    Symes Charles James, dining rooms, 66 High Street
    Symons Albert Henry, solicitor, 68 South Street & 2 Richmond villas, Kingston Road
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