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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    Romford 1914 Kelly's Directory

     History of Romford

    Gidea Park

    Gidea Park
    Adams Thomas Howard W, 8 Reed Pond walk
    Adey Stuart Wills, 26 Reed Pond walk
    Arnot Capt George Henry, Warwick hall, Parkway
    Baugh Edwd, Elizabeth lodge, Parkway
    Bentley Arth, Dial house, Balgores lane
    Bertram Pauel M, 35 Reed Pond walk
    Biner A, Carvannel, Balgored lane
    Birch Capt Claude Ernest, Writtle cottage, Squirrels Heath avenue
    Bishop James H E, Orthey, Hare Street
    Bocquet William Mervyn, 19 Meadway
    Bonnin Wm Jas, Squirrels Heath avenue
    Bourne Hugh, Arden, The Crossways
    Boyns Christopher Walter, 19 Reed Pond walk
    Brand Wm Herbert, 13 Risebridge Road
    Braun Adolph, 14 Meadway
    Broad H A, Vencourt, Squirrels Heath avenue
    Brown Herbert J, Mullions, Parkway
    Cantrill T Crossbee, 10 Reed Pond walk
    Casey Hubert John, 36 Risebridge Road
    Clark Miss, 203 Parkway
    Clarke Frk Wm, 39 Reed Pond walk
    Cockrill Philip, Kiaora, Balgores Lane
    Colquhoun Mrs, 18 Reed Pond walk
    Courtney-Munroe Carl, 48 Heath Drive
    Crouch Henry Chas, Midcot, Elm walk
    Cuming Francis E, Summercourt, Hare Street
    Dalbiac Herbert Charles, Roseleigh, Balgores Lane
    Davis Wm Beckwith, 16 Risebridge Road
    Day Eric, 16 Meadway
    de Ste Croix Gautier, Kingswood lodge, Hare Street
    Deadman Frank, 28 Risebridge Road
    Dehn Frank, Oakleigh, Balgores Lane
    Dickinson Walter John, 34 Meadway
    Diggens Alfred Edward, 23 Meadway
    Dinnis Francis Ramsey, 110 Balgores Crescent
    Dix Bertram C, 18 Meadway
    Duff Chas Dornton, 3 Risebridge Road
    Ebrall Mrs, 9 Reed Pond walk
    Edwards Arthur S, Alviera, Parkway
    Edwards Geo F, 29 Reed Pond walk
    Edwards William, 21 Meadway
    Elmer William Alfred, 39 Heath Drive
    Fell Percy Herbert, 47 Heath Drive
    Fenning Hermann G, 7 Meadway
    Ferguson James B, Renken, Parkway
    Field Samuel M, Yverton, Hare Street
    Fleet Harry, 8 Meadway
    Francis Edward E, 17 Risebridge Road
    Gallagher Gerald Hugh, Bekke Ullo, Parkway
    Gallagher Patrick Francis, 27 Risebridge Road
    Garner Robert C, 19 Risebridge Road
    Gay Frank, Nyth, Squirrels Heath avenue
    Greaves John, 15 Risebridge Road
    Grice John William, 25 Risebridge Road
    Guthrie Capt Jn, 36 Reed Pond walk
    Gyson Howard, Warblington, Reed Pond walk
    Haigh Alfred W J, Squirrels Heath avenue
    Hamp John, 24 Reed Pond walk
    Harris Robert, 2 Reed Pond walk
    Hartley Wm Jn, Roseland, Balgores Lane
    Hawkins Frank, 32 Reed Pond walk
    Hodgeson J P, 1 Meadway
    Hodsdon George, 35 Meadway
    Hollebone Henry, JP, Gidea Hall
    Hollings Joseph, 44 Heath Drive
    Holman Frank S, 9 Meadway
    Hope William F S, 15 Reed Pond walk
    Hopkins Mrs Morton, 6 Meadway
    Howig Gustav, 22 Meadway
    Huggins George, 3 Reed Pond walk
    Huggins Mrs, Heathfield, Squirrels Heath avenue
    Hunter William O, 17 Heath Drive
    Jacob Archibald Hamilton, Squirrels Heath avenue
    James H, 30 Meadway
    James Mrs R, 5 Reed Pond walk
    Jessamy Frdk, Elm cot, The Crossways
    Jordan Harold, 12 Meadway
    King Mrs, 23 Reed Pond walk
    Kirkaldy Mrs, 45 Heath Drive
    Lawson Thomas Robb, 26 Meadway
    Lewis JOhn P, 1c, Heath Drive
    Liell Ernest A, Woodbine, Hare Street
    Lilley Albert, 22 Risebridge Road
    Lindsey Henry, 5 Risebridge Road
    Locker Samuel H, 3 Meadway
    Low Kenneth Stewart, The Red gables, Balgores Lane
    McClare Hugh, 38 Risebridge Road
    McEwan Samuel, Hilcot, Balgores Lane
    McKellar Ernest C, 40 Heath Drive
    Malcolm Mrs, 31 Reed Pond walk
    Martin Charles Henry, 33 Meadway
    Mascall John G, Mount Fitchet, The Crossways
    Mathews Walter Gerald, Parvati, Reed Pond walk
    May Arthur, Tawstock, Elm walk
    Miller Robert Thomas, Redwood, Reed Pond walk
    Miller Thos Fras, 2 Risebridge Road
    Mitchell Edward James CE, Maram, Heaton Grange Road
    Mitchell Miss, 36 Meadway
    Moger Wm, Shenfield, Reed Pond walk
    Morris Frdk Geo, 45 Reed Pind walk
    Mousley Arthur, 4 Meadway
    Nicholas Albert, Die Lorelie, Balgores Lane
    Norton Sidney Charles, Hazeldene, Hare Street
    Parrish William, Highlands, Hare Street
    Parsons Arthur W, 1 Balgores crescent
    Pavitt Arth R, Beech cot, Balgors Lane
    Porter Henry Arthur, Danesbury, Squirrels Heath avenue
    Price Robert A, 4 Reed Pond walk
    Prior Francis Roe, Estrella, Squirrels Heath avenue
    Puddephatt Fredk, 17 Reed Pond walk
    Randall Frederick Garwood, The Firs, Hare Street
    Randall Percy Charles, 32 Meadway
    Redding Geo Hy, Kintyre, Balgores Lane
    Redman Wilfrid, 17 Meadway
    Rich George J, Plumpton, Hare Street
    Robinson Rt M F, 6 Reed Pond walk
    Roche Louis, 28 Meadway
    Rudd Edward Whitten, Parkside, Hare Street
    Rumsey P, Homeleigh, Squirrels Heath avenue
    Schroeder E A, The Elms, Balgores Lane
    Seckington H, Abermaw, Squirrels Heath avenue
    Seddon Joseph, Hoarwithy, Risebridge Road
    Sharland Percy E, St Helens, Parkway
    Shaw Frederick, Afcot, Parkway
    Skellorn James J, 8 Elm walk
    Skilton William Grant, Repton cottage, Hare Street
    Smardon Guy Prowse, 57 Heath Drive
    Smeardon GEorge P, Havering dip, Risebridge Road
    Smith Arthur, 20 Risebridge Road
    Smith John James, Beverley, Hare Street
    Smith Quintin Cullen, FSI, 20 Meadway
    Snell Walter Samuel, Sarnai, Balgores Crescent
    Speechly Courtenay C, Oakwood, The Crossway
    Surie Jn Wm, Kasmir, Balgores Lane
    Tarrant Sidney, 16 Heath Drive
    Thomas Guy Dudley Wm, 31 Meadway
    Tongue Claude Leslie, 11 Meadway
    Townshend William, 33 Parkway
    Turner Harold George, 43 Heath Drive
    Turnham Robert Coates, 21 Reed Pond walk
    Vincent George F, Heath cottage, Heath Drive
    Walsworth Henry Frederick, 3 Balgores crescent
    Ward Arthur, 9 Risebridge Road
    West George, 29 Meadway
    West Thos Jas, Camberra, Heath Drive
    White Miss, 2 Meadway
    Whiteley Alfred, 33 Reed Pond walk
    Wiatt Wilfred, Bahai, Squirrels Heath avenue
    Williams Thomas, 15 Meadway
    Willmott George F, Maviscourt, Gidea Close
    Wilson Murray Richard Osmond, Linkenholt, Heath Drive
    Wittich Cyril G H, 16 Reed Pond walk
    Zimmerman Frank, Virginis, Parkway

    Bentley Arthur LRIBA, architect, Deal house, Balgores Lane
    Cooke John Fredk, builder, Hare Street
    Diebel John Adam Charles, Ship inn, Hare Street
    Douglas Alex, Union inn, Hare Street
    Dumball Geo A, cycle agent, Hare Street
    Edge John, nurseryman, Hare Street
    Gidea Park Club (H A Broad, hon sec; Harold G Turner, hin financial sec)
    Gidea Park Limited (Capt C E Birch, sec; Harold Geo Turner AMICE, architect & Surveyor), Estate office, Tel No 48 Romford
    Gidea Park Mineral Water Co Ltd
    Hammond Edith & Mabel (Misses), preparatory school, Meadway
    Jacob Archibald Hamilton LRCP, LRCS Irel, physician & surgeon & medical officer & public vaccinator No 2 district, Romford union
    Joyce Hy, refreshment rooms, Hare Street
    Lingham Lees James BA, private school for boys, Gidea Park college (Romford Grammar school)
    Mead Edward, hay & straw dealer, The Chestnuts, Hare Street
    New Sarah (Mrs), private school for girls, Gidea Park High school, Gidea close
    Paxton James, professional golfer, 1 Heath Drive
    Romford Golf Club (Francis E Cuming, sec & treasurer; E J Parker, steward)
    Seddon Joseph ARIBA, archirect, Hoarwithy, Risebridge Road
    Spiers & Ponds Limited, order depot, Athens house, Hare Street
    Stevens Emma (Mrs), shopkeeper, Hare Street
    Turner Harold George AMICE, architect, 43 Heath Drive
    Wilson Murray Richard Osmond MRCS Eng, LRCP Lond, physician & surgeon, Linkenholt, Heath Drive TN 75 Romford
    Young Geo A, shopkeeper, Hare Street

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