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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    Romford 1914 Kelly's Directory

     History of Romford

    Private Residents A - F

    Abrahams John, 49 Eastern Road
    Adams Thomas, 13 Western Road
    Adams William, 62 Western Road
    Adams William Ralph, Rydal, Hornchurch Road
    Allam Edwin Percival, 84 Eastern Road
    Allan Capt Frank, Kenmare, Osborne Road
    Allen Charles Henry, 1 Eastern Road
    Anderson William Hy, 78 Eastern Road
    Archibald David S L, 7 Junction Road
    Ashby Francis William, Belmont, Mawneys Road
    Aspinall William Hill, St Michaels, Hornchurch Road
    Aubrey Chas, Woodstock, Osborne Road
    Axon Mrs, Ivy House, Mawneys Road
    Ayers Robert John, 54 Western Road
    Backshell Charles D, 45 Manor Road
    Bacon Mrs, 51 North Street
    Bacon Percy Charles Haydon, Priests, Havering Road
    Bailey Geo Randall, 40 Mawneys Road
    Bailey William, Harefield, High Road
    Baker Mrs, 21 Eastern Road
    Baldwin Charles, 52 Western Road
    Ball Frederick, Connaught, North Street
    Ballentyne Edwin Q, 250 Victoria Road
    Balmain William, 27 Junction Road
    Barber Walter, 11 Victoria Road
    Barnes George, 56 Eastern Road
    Barnett William Edward, Grasmere, Mawneys Road
    Barrett Benjamin, 2 Manor Road
    Barrett Jabez, 20 Manor Road
    Barrett Sidney, 16 Carlisle Road
    Barten Edward, 37 Eastern Road
    Bassett John, Fernleigh, Mawneys Road
    Batey Robinson George, Harrow cottage, Harrow Drive
    Baxter Russell Gordon, Corbie Craig, Pretoria Road
    Beamish Isaac, Engelberg, Kingston Road
    Beaumont Frederick, 39 Manor Road
    Beaumont Geo, The Nook, Osborne Road
    Beck Edward, Ingleside, Mawneys Road
    Beere William Charles, 56 Manor Road
    Bell Rev George Milner MA (vicar of St Edwards), the Vicarage, High Road
    Bell Arthur Richard, 9 Manor Road
    Bell Frank, Granton, Osborne Road
    Belsham Mrs, 80 Eastern Road
    Bennett James Henry, 13 Eastern Road
    Bennett Ralph, Iona, Hornchurch Road
    Bennett William, 4 Manor Road
    Bescoby Stanley James, 10 Princes Road
    Besitt Robert, 10 Carlisle Road
    Beverley Mrs, 26 Medora Road
    Bewers Mrs, Melrose, Gilbert Road
    Binks Arthur, 47 North Street
    Birch James, 5 Manor Road
    Bloomfield Charles, 22 Manor Road
    Bloomfield James, 98 Eastern Road
    Bowtle William David, 29 Manor Road
    Boc Alfd E, Gwenleigh, Kings Road
    Branner Mrs, 41 Princes Road
    Branney Wm Patrick, 66 Princes Road
    Branson Albert Wm, 40 Eastern Road
    Braund Montagu Charles, 1 Kingston villas, Kingston Road
    Brent Ernest George, Leigh villa, Heath Park Road
    Bridge Mrs, Brookside, 5 Eastern Road
    Bright Alfd, Hill crest, heath Park Road
    Briscomb Edward, The Mascot, Mawneys Road
    Brock Herbert Norman, 26 North Street
    Brook Robert Frank, 9 Western Road
    Brown Arthur Percy, 29 Princes Road
    Browne James, 36 Eastern Road
    Bruhl L Burleigh, 2 Carloton Road
    Bryant James Mus Bac, 71 Eastern Road
    Bullard Frank Edward, 2 oak villas, High Road
    Burgess Charles, 87 Western Road
    Burrell Llewellyn, Allendale, Mawneys Road
    Bylord Ernest, The Limes, Brentwood Road
    Caisey Thomas Joseph, Tilbury House, Heath park Road
    Carter Charles Herbert, 47 Junction Road
    Carter Fredk, Matlock house, Mawneys Road
    Carter John Frederick William, 2 Kingston villas, Kingston Road
    Carter Miss, 16 Park End Road
    Casey Miss, 2 Park end Road, Laurie Square
    Causton Archie Barnard, 28 South Street
    Cawley Henry, Restormel house, North Street
    Challis john, Wisteria, Dymoke Road
    Chamberlain A, 1 Lawrence Road, Uplands
    Chambers Fredk George, 3 manor Road
    Chambers James Henry, Hazelmere, Linden Street
    Chandler Mark, Beechcroft, Mawneys Road
    Chapman Clifford, 6 Brentwood Road
    Charlton Arthur Stanley, Mayville, Mawneys Road
    Charlton Miss, 156 Brentwood Road
    Christian Mrs, 81 Junction Road
    Christodoulo Christopher, Tryphosa, Osborne Road
    Clark Percy Marshall, Hillsboro, Heath Park Road
    Clark Peter, 21 Manor Road
    Clark Philip Henry, Clifford villa, Hainault Road
    Clayton William Edward, 39 Princes Road
    Clements Albert Ernest, 54 Princes Road
    Clements Frederick George, The Hawthorne, Heath Park Road
    Clifton Miss, The Cottage, London Road
    Coates John Alex, 1 Brooklands Road
    Cobb Edwd Fras, 4 Brentwood Road
    Colborne Rev Richard A P, MA (curate of St Edwards), 17 Medora Road
    Cole Frederick , 213 Brentwood Road
    Collier Francis, 57 Junction Road
    Collins George, Bury house, London Road
    Colyer Albert Edward, 51 Manor Road
    Colyer Edward john, 99 Victoria Road
    Combs Victor, Kirkless, Brentwood Road
    Conoley Mrs, 2 Linden Street
    Coombes Bertram Rd, 62 Eastern Road
    Coppin Guy Middleton, Rosstrevor, Mawneys Road
    Corbell Albert S, 3 Kings Road
    Corbell Geo Wm, Homeland, Osborne Road
    Corby Mrs, 64 Western Road
    Cormack Mrs, 30 Princes Road
    Cornwell James, Woodbine, Oak Street
    Cotton Ellmer Jonathan, Kelvin, Clydesdale Road
    Coupe Frederick William, Yareside, Mawneys Road
    Craig John James, JP, 81 Eastern Road
    Crawley Augustus, 12 Princes Road
    Crawley Edward, 41 Manor Road
    Crewe Mrs, 7 North Street
    Crossman Fredk John, 11 Como Street
    Crust Harold, Parkhurst, Heath Park Road
    Cubitt Misses, Ashley, Hornchurch Road
    Cimine Rupert H, 29 Junction Road
    Cunningham Miss, 112 Brentwood Road
    Curtis Rev Henry Bailey (curate of St Edwards), Southend villa, Heath Park Road
    Daldy George F, 13 Junction Road
    Daldy Mrs, 55 South Street
    Davey Abraham, 79 Market place
    Davey Alfred Thomas, Trgeothnan, Mawneys Road
    David Henry Wm, 51 Junction Road
    Davis Bertie William, Sterrington, Osborne Road
    Davis Mrs, 13 Manor Road
    Dearing Charles H, Bulwer House, Junction Road
    Dell Walter, Ivydene, Heath Park Road
    Denning Edward Thomas, Bruce house, Osborne Road
    Dennis Thomas, 40 Princes Road
    Devonshire Adino Cyril, 41 Eastern Road
    Dick James, 10 Manor Road
    Disney Henry, 48 Manor Road
    Dodd Charles James, 18 Eastern Road
    Dorling Mrs, 60 Princes Road
    Dowsing Jas Everett, 26 Mawneys Road
    Dowsing Sidney, Lauriston, Linden Street
    Doy Edward, Bure cot, Mawneys Road
    Dunball Miss, 42 Western Road
    Durrant Mrs, 36 Manor Road
    Eley George Clement, JP, Jesmond, Heath Park Road
    Elkington Francis, 54 South street
    England Thomas, 1 High Street
    Eve George, 15 Junction Road
    Farrow Ebenezer John, Hollies, Hornchurch Road
    Fidgen Ernest Victor, 91 Eastern Road
    Field Mrs, 18 Western Road
    Flack James, Hill View, Kingston Road
    Flawn James, Balmoral House, Heath Park Road
    Fletcher Mrs, Fairholme, Kingston Road
    Flowers Lionel H, White house, Osborne Road
    Ford J H, 31 Princes Road
    Ford Walt, Maldon house, Heath Park Road
    Forster Henry john, 234 Victoria Road
    Forster Hugh, Reddencot, Kingston Road
    Forsyth William James I, 246 Victoria Road
    Fowler Christr Charles, 14 Kings Road
    Fox Charles J, 48 Princes Road
    Fox Frederick Arthur, Fairview, Mawneys Road
    Fraser James A, 2 Western Road
    Frazer Frederick Thomas, Trefusia, Mawneys Road
    Frost Richard George, 28 Western Road
    Frost Walter, 67 Western Road
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