London historical street directory and pub history

This is now an updated and complete, historical London street directory for 1832 and 1842 and more

Romford 1914 Kelly's Directory

 History of Romford

Private Residents G - O

Gale Mrs, 52 Hainult Road
Gale Wm, Meadow Croft, Hainult Road
Gardner Ernest Henry Burton, West view, Balmoral Road, Heath Park
Gerrard James Gall, 6 Western Road
Gibson Hugh, 50 Western Road
Gilbey Mrs, 40 Manor Road
Glenny Mrs, Oatlands, Brentwood Road
Godbolt Henry Wm, The Boundaries, Hornchurch Road
Golding Philip Baldwin, 60 Eastern Road
Goodall Thomas, 97 Eastern Road
Goodchild Mrs, 53 Manor Road
Goodwin Alfred, Glenholme, Hainult Road
Goodwin Frederick, Rosina villa, Mawneys Road
Gore Mrs, Fernsdie, Mawneys Road
Gozzett Fredk Wm, 64 Prices Road
Green Charles David, 75 South Street
Green Mrs K, 14 Western Road
Greenhalgh Thos Walter, Sudburys, Heath Park Road
Griffiths Miss, Caxton house, Junction Road
Griggs Harry Hammond, St Leonards, Mawney Road
Gross Charles, 30 Mawneys Road
Guymer Robert, Thorp villas, Havering Road
Gwin Walter, 4 Linden Street
Hacquoil Percy Freed, 20 Eastern Road
Hadley Mrs, Hainult villa, Havering Road
Haga Lars Johannes L, 66 Western Road
Hale Miss, Lyndhurst, Heath Park Road
Hall George Gisbon, 60 Western Road
Hall Mark, 38 Brentwood Road
Hallam John, 22 Western Road
Hamilton James, White cot, Rockingham Avenue
Hamley Herbert, 11 Manor Road
Hammond Charles Werner, Amwell, Kingston Road
Hammond Edwin James, Hawkins-Atte-Well
Hammonf Fredk Pain, 30 Manor Road
Hammond Joseph Samuel, Hill house, Market place
Hammond Joseph Wm, 45 North Street
Hammond Miss, 116 Market place
Hancock George James, 28 olive Street
Hardie Thomas Dunn, Craig Crook, Heath Park Road
Hardy William, 73 North Street
Hardy Frdk Wingrave, 45 Princes Road
Hare Arthur Rufus, Jesmond, Palm Road
Harrington Edward, 64 Eastern Road
Harris Frank Lewis, 73 Eastern Road
Harris William, 23 Victoria Road
Harvey Frederick William, Widford Lodge, Mawneys Road
Hauck Oscar, 16 Princes Road
Haunton Alfred, 3 Laurie Square
Haverson Arthur Charles Chappell, 18 Manor Road
Hawkins Sidney A, Chyreen, Rockingham Avenue
Heard Wm Darron, 33 Eastern Road
Heasman Henry Robert, 46 Princes Road
Henderson Cecil Vere, 91 Western Road
Henderson Sl, Friars Ceag, Osborne Road
Henshaw Thomas, Hazeldene, Hornchurch Road
Hewitt Dredk Adolphus, 56 Western Road
Hicks Henry, Coniston, Marks Road
Hilbert Herbert Stanley, 44 Princes Road
Hill W L, 25 Manor Road
Hilliard Fredk George, 14 Princes Road
Hitch Osmond Frank, Haydn house, Mawneys Road
Hoather Walter edwin, Penrith, Pretoria Road
Hobbs Wm, Park view, North Street
Hobday Frederick, Feilding, Heath Park Road
Hobday Mrs G, Southfield, Havering Road
Hodson Edward S, 14 Lawrence Road, Uplands
Hoffman Herbert William, Chine house, Osborne Road
Holdstock Miss, 36 Princes Road
Holford Thomas C, 1 Park End Road
Hollamd George, 2 Montrose villas, Mawneys Road
Holt George Fredk, 7 Eastern Road
Hooper Frank Morland, 49 Junction Road
Hooton Arthur James Samuel, Park view, Heath Park Road
Horsey Albert, 96 Eastern Road
How Edgar Jas, Fairlawn, Linden Street
Hughes James Wilson, 59 Junction Road
Hulse Harry R, 17 Junction Road
Hummerstone William, Linquenda, Brentwood Road
Hunt Fras Jn, Reede lodge, Junction Road
Hunt Sydney, 26 Western Road
Hussey Fredk, Ivydene, Havering Road
Hyett William Henry, Park villa, Heath Park Road
Ince Herbert, 6 Carlton Road
Ivey Geo Wm, Alcyene, Harrow Drive
Jackson Mrs, Remington house, Dymoke Road
Jacobs Albert William, 55 Manor Road
James Rd Jn, Inistinge, Mawneys Road
Jay Ernest, Ellesmere, Dymoke Road
Jefferiss Alfred, Elm villa, North Street
Jeffes Fredercik William, Avalon, Heath Park Road
Jex Alfred Edward, 112 Market place
Jones Evan Pashley, Llys Arvon, Heath Park Road
Jones Henry Thomas, Speedwell, Hainault Road
Jones Mrs, 171 Victoria Road
Keen Frederick John, Rose cottage, Dymoke Road
Kennedy James, 244 Victoria Road
Kewley Edwin James, Braeside, Heath Park Road
King Charles Thomas, 27 Manor Road
King Edward, Clydesdale, Clydesdale Road
Kirner Hy, Letchworth, Willow Street
Kohring Walter, Basildon villa, Mawneys Road
Kronenberger John Chas, 42 Manor Road
Lancaster Edgar, Speranza, Mawneys Road
Langdale Thomas, 58 Eastern Road
Lasham Jn Wm, Woodlands, Errol Road
Latty Wm, Thurleigh, Heath Park Road
Law Edward, Lindsley house, Osborne Road
Lawes Edgar James, Albertville, Mawneys Road
Lawton Mrs, 36 Brentwood Road
Le Dieu Geo Ernest, Syringa, Hainault Road
Lee Frederick, 32 Manor Road
Leggett Thomas, Rosedale, Heath Park Road
Leith Arthur, 19 Manor Road
Liddell Walt Duncan, 55 Eastern Road
Limmer Harry Stephen, 69 South Street
Lindsey Gilbert, 82 Eastern Road
Lingham Henry, 16 Manor Road
Lingwood William J jun, Glenville house, Osborne Road
Lloyd Ephraim R, Kerri, Balmoral Road
Lloyd Geo, Yama Hito, Mawneys Road
Lloyd Miss, Etlo house, Mawneys Road
Loder Mrs, Franklin house, Hornchurch Road
Luckin Saml, Mandeville, Osborne Road
Lyons Ralph Harvey, 71 North Street
MacAndrew Stephen Lee, The Paddock, Pettits Lane
McFall John Edward, 58 Princes Road
McGivering James Frederick, Montrose villa, Mawneys Road
McGregor Robert, 84 Western Road
McLernon John, Tweed cot, Errol Road
Mallinson Mrs, Clancarty, Heath Park Road
March Chas, Seymour, 3 Junction Road
Marchbank William George, Merse, Heath Park Road
Marchblank Wm Rd, 79 Junction Road
Marden Howard, Elizabeth villa, Mawneys Road
Marriott Rev H W, 1 Princes Road
Martin Frank A, 26 Eastern Road
Martin Walter T, 2 St Andrews Road
Maskelyne Albert Sl, 34 Brentwood Road
Mason John, 50 North Street
Mason William Montague, Norman villa, hainault Road
Mather George Stanley, 58 Western Road
Matthews William, 39 Eastern Road
Maxted Ernest Chas, Beech villa, North Street
Mees Arthur Brice, Rookwood, Hornchurch Road
Meggy Arthur Robert, Carlton house, carlton Road
Meggy Fredk Arthur, 38 Manor Road
Metcalfe Francis Robert, Heath lodge, Heath Park Road
Metcalfe Miss, Thurlstone, Kingston Road
Mitchell Henry B, Eastbury, London Road
Mills Herbert James, Killarney, Dymoke Road
Mills William Adams, 88 Eastern Road
Mitchell John Waldo, The Hut, Willow Street
Moir William, May villa, Linden Street
Moore Arthur G, Poyntell, Errol Road
Moore Richard B, Errol villa, Errol Road
Moore Thomas William, 46 Manor Road
Moores Joseph Edward, 3 Park End Road
Morford Mrs, 51 Eastern Road
Morgan Alexander, 76 Eastern Road
Morgan Harry Spindler, Henllys, Osborn Road
Morrell Henry E, The Hawthorns, Mawneys Road
Morris Alfred Ernest, Soham, Mawneys Road
Mortimer Harold P Monro, Dalcais, Heath Park Road
Mullis Fred, Gorway, Heath Park Road
Mumford James, 16 Western Road
Negus George, Hylands, Balmoral Road
Newman Robert Alex. 50 Manor Road
Newton William George, Trevenn, Linden Street
Nicholls Mrs, 15 Manor Road
Nichols William Joseph Ambridge, 165 Victoria Road
Nunn Wm George, 17 Marshalls Road
O'Brien James, St Davids, Mawneys Road
Osburn Mrs, 38 Eastern Road
Osman Wm Geo F, 18 Princes Road
Owen John, Holgan, Mawneys Road

What I am now attempting to achieve is the coverage of an earlier London street directory in 1832. This is unique, plus images of the 1842 Robsons directory which confirm earlier entries and also carry much more trade detail about a premises or person. Here is the index of streets in 1832, many with 1842 imagery added.
And next is the complete 1940 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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