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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    Romford 1914 Kelly's Directory

     History of Romford

    Private Residents P - Z

    Packer Henry John, 19 High Street
    Padgham Frederick George, Roseville, Osborne Road
    Page George, 19 Victoria Road
    Page James William, 58 Manor Road
    Page Mrs, Daydawn, Dymoke Road
    Page R H, 134 London Road
    Palmer Harry William, 70 Eastern Road
    Parbery Thomas, 38 Mawneys Road
    Parish Alfred, Morville, Mawneys Road
    Parker Fredk Wilton, 7 Manor Road
    Parker Herbert Samuel, The Homestead, Mawneys Road
    Parker Robert James, 6 Manor Road
    Parkin John William, 254 Victoria Road
    Parson Chas, Langley, Hornchurch Road
    Pateman Charles, 31 Junction Road
    Pateman John, Marisbank, Hornchurch Road
    Paterson William, 54 Eastern Road
    Paul Arthur Alexander, The Cleave, Heath Park Road
    Peachey William Robert, kenilworth, Osborne Road
    Pearce Alfred Jn H, 187 Brentwood Road
    Pearson Gilbert P, Gunwalloe, Harrow Drive
    Pemberton Augustus Charles, Walla Crag, Osborne Road
    Pemberton Miss, Allandale, High Road
    Pennell John, Gresham Lodge, High Road
    Perrin Sidney, Walton house, Heath Park Road
    Pettitt Arthur, East house, Havering Road
    Phillips Abert Harry, Bangor, Heath Park Road
    Phillpotts Rev Henry Robertson MA (rector of St Andrews), The parsonage, 92 London Road
    Pidington Richard Frederick, fairview, Brentwood Road
    Pilling James Frank, 43 Princes Road
    Pitcher Rev walter Hugo BA (curate of St Andrews), 92 London Road
    Pluck Mrs, 31 Manor Road
    Poel John Basil, 24 North Street
    Polychroniadis L, Athainai, Gilbert Road
    Porritt Willia John Denham, Alpine villa, Mawneys Road
    Porter Arthur, Normanhurst, High Road
    Poston Herbert, Ellesmere, Linden Street
    Potter George Bramston, 8 Carlton Road
    Pratt Frank P, Tregie, Kingston Road
    Pratt Reginald robert, Roseneath, Mawneys Road
    Prentice James John, Cremona, Hornchurch Road
    Procter John William, 10 Western Road
    Pryke Isaac John, 17 Manor road
    Quick Mrs, Drayton, Heath Park Road
    Ralph William john, 173 Victoria Road
    Rauschenbach Fritz George, 1 Marshalls Road
    Rawlings Geo, Overdene, Heath Park Road
    Raybould Rev Paul Jevon AKCL (curate of St Andrews), 36 Manor Road
    Reed William Arthur, 38 Princes Road
    Reeve Daniel, Brook House, Linden Street
    Reeves Mrs, Hope Villa, Pretoria Road
    Reid Jas, The laurels, Mawneys Road
    Reynolds Mrs, 50 Eastern Road
    Richards Charles F, Inglethorpe, Lytton Road
    Richards Mrs, 56 Princes Road
    Richardson James, 42 eastern Road
    Richardson Mrs, East view, Gilbert Road
    Richman Herbert, 39 Mildmay Road
    Rickman A, 49 Manor Road
    Ridewood Charles Albert, Empress villa, Mawneys Road
    Ridge Herbert Thomas, 4 Medora Road
    Ridgewell Arthur, 197 Victoria Road
    Roberts Francis, 62 Princes Road
    Roberts Mrs, Westfield, Kingston Road
    Robeson Sydney, Belstone, North Street
    Robins Frederick, 43 Manor Road
    Robinson Arthur Edgar, Holly House, Heath Park Road
    Roper Harry E R, 90 Eastern Road
    Roper Mrs, 49 North Street
    Rosenberger Mrs, Hill view, Pretoria Road
    Ross Sidney John, 60 Western Road
    Roynon J, 50 South Street
    Rudduck Frederick, 8 Manor Road
    Rudkin Leonard N, 79 Brentwood Road
    Ruffle Bertram George, Witham villa, Heath Park Road
    Ruffle Mrs, 12 Western Road
    Russell Charles T, 11 Eastern Road
    Ryan Arthur J, 34 Mawneys Road
    Sadler Jas, Brockenhurst, Mawneys Road
    St Pierre Josiah John, St Cecilia, Kingston Road
    Saltwell Abraham, 69 Victoria Road
    Sandford Walter Henry, 27 Eastern Road
    Saw Mrs, 59 Manor Road
    Sawyer Wm, Stafford house, Mawneys Road
    Schmidt Charles James, Ivy Bower, Osborne Road
    Scott George, 75 Mildmay Road
    Scott Wm, Clacton house, Heath Park Road
    Selby Leslie, 5 High Street
    Sharpe Wm, Clacton house, Heath Park Road
    Shearsmith Mrs, 167 Victoria Road
    Sheppard Edward reginald, the Poplars, Mawneys Road
    Shiner Jas, Holmleigh, Kingston Road
    Sibley John Francis huxley, Abbotsford, Gilbert Road
    Simmonds Rev Frederick T (Congregational), 20 Western Road
    Simmons Mrs, 56 South Street
    Simonds Alfred, 1 Western Road
    Simpson Thomas, 4 Laurie Square
    Sims Frederick, 248 Victoria Road
    Small Thomas henry, Halstead house, Mawneys Road
    Smith Charles, Kenmore, Mawneys Road
    Smith Edward Clayton, 44 Brentwood Road
    Smith Fredk Geo, Hillcrest, Gilbert Road
    Smith George A, 95 Victorai Road
    Smith Joseph JP, 95 Eastern Road
    Smith Mrs, 42 Brentwood Road
    Smith Mrs, Great Mawneys, Mawneys Road
    Smith William, Woodbine, Heath Park Road
    Snatchall James, 43 Eastern Road
    Solomon Miss, 27 princes Road
    Somerville Richard Newman, Holly house, Mawneys Road
    Spencer Mrs, Park side, North Street
    Stead Mra, 5a Eastern Road
    Steele William J, Stavordale, Hainault Road
    Stephens David Sydney, Ely, Kingston Road
    Stephens Samuel, Coppor Beeches, Heath Park Road
    Steven John, Darenth, Mawneys Road
    Stevens Rd Nathaniel, 169 Victoria Road
    Steyerman Leo, York villa, Pretoria Road
    Stock John, 54 Manor Road
    Stone Leonard F, Strathmore, High Road
    Strange William, Christiana villa, Mawneys Road
    Suckling john, 86 Eastern Road
    Sutton George, 70 Princes Road
    Sweet Mrs, 83 Western Road
    Symons Albert Henry, 2 Richmond villas, Kingston Road
    Tabrum Burnett JP, Hill house, High Road
    Talbot Robt John, Alma, Osborne Road
    Talbot Sidney Robert, 89 Eastern Road
    Tarry Harry, The Cottons, London Road
    Taverner Henry Thomas, 21 North Street
    Teden Mrs, 1 Como Street
    Thomas George E, Jap villa, Errol Road
    Thornton James Hy, 40 Western Road
    Thurlow Mrs, 19 Eastern Road
    Tilley Rev Henry james (Catholic), Park End Road, Laurie Square
    Triebner Fredk Chas, 10 Carlton Road
    Trott James John, 1 Laurie Square
    Twine Thos Jas, Hainault, Oak Street
    Upton Cecil Charles, 24 Olive Street
    Upward Harold A, MB, Edfu, High Road
    Vale Alfred George, 52 Manor Road
    Vellacott William H, 11 Junction Road
    Vicary Herbert Henry, 33 Princes Road
    Vigis Frank, Rockingham house, Rockingham Avenue
    Wackett John, 36 Mawneys Road
    Wadsworth Walton, 26 Olive Street
    Wagner Henry, 205 Brentwood Road
    Waldock Arthur, 44 Manor Road
    Walford William, 46 Hamilton Road, Heath Park
    Walker Alfred, Laindon villa, Mawneys Road
    Wall Francis James, Wynchmoor, Rockingham Avenue
    Waltham Edward, 97 Victoria Road
    Watton Chas, Parkhurst, North Street
    Webb Arthur, 9 Junction Road
    Wedlake Sidney, 26 Manor Road
    Weight Richard George, Uplands, Brentwood Road
    Weir William, 256 Victoria Road
    Wells John Dudley, Newstead, Linden Street
    Westerman Fredk T, Pretoria Road
    Westgate Fdk, Shelton house, Mawneys Road
    Weston Percy, Arklow, Kingston Road
    Wetherall Wm, Pentille, Cross Road
    Whayman Ernest Edward, 2 Mawneys villas, Mawneys Road
    Wheatley Frederick John, Burnham house, Heath Park Road
    Wheatley Oscar, 39 Market place
    Wheeler Frank Collins, Fairlawn, Linden Street
    Whiffen Geo Thos, Park house, London Road
    Whipps Charles John, 4 Park End Road, Laurie Square
    White Daniel, Oakwood, Brentwood Road
    White Frederick Augustus, Gwelo, Hornchurch Road
    White George Wm, 101 Victoria Road
    White Mrs, 23 Manor Road
    White Samuel, The Cottage, Havering Road
    White Saml Verner, 3 Marshalls Road
    White William Hnery, 30 Hamilton Road, Heath Park
    Whitmore Rev Henry (Wesleyan Methodist), 32 Mawneys Road
    Wiffen Ashby W, 48 Western Road
    Wigmore Henry Jas, 40 Brentwood Road
    Wilkins John Ernest, Oaksdene, Osborne Road
    Wilkins Nathaniel, 16 Lawrence Road, Uplands
    Wilkinson Lewis Edwin, 65 North Street
    Willis Herbert Ashwell, Ashton, Heath Park Road
    Wilson Charles A, 5 Marshalls Road
    Wilson Murray Richard Osmond, 21 High Street & Linkenholt, Heath Drive, Gidea Park
    Wilson Percy Wm, Estcourt, High Road
    Wilson Thomas D, 61 Carlisle Road
    Winmill Archibald E, Bassett, Hornchurch Road
    Winmill Ernest, 77 Junction Road
    Winmill F, Romford Lodge
    Withers Mrs, Cransworth, Dymoke Road
    Womack Mrs, 33 Manor Road
    Wood Geo, Newsham villa, North Street
    Woodcock Harold Chas, 45 Junction Road
    Worsfold James, 1 Junction Road
    Wraight thomas, Inglebrae, Errol Road
    Wright Rev Alfred Gordon BA (curate of St Edwards), 17 Medora Road
    Wright Alfred JP, Mountsorrel, High Road
    Wright Eric Alfred, MB, B Ch, The Lodge, South Street
    Wright Sl Reginald, Ditchett, High Road
    Young Herbert Arthur, 28 Manor Road
    Youngs Robert Sayers, Belmont, Hornchurch Road
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