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The History of Romford in Essex, East of London.

Directory of Romford in 1919

Including all Streets in North-West Hornchurch.
The below listed names have been extracted "as is" from an original copy of the 1919 Romford Directory. Unfortunately the directory is alphabetised by street name only, so you will have to scan every street for your surname of interest. The listings are by: surname, given name, house number (or house name).

Luckhurst, Charles James, White Cottage
Parsons, Dorthy, No. 1106
Lewis, Eva Catherine Isabella, "Verdon"
Fowler, Arthur George, "The Cottage"
Lees, Harriett, "Lois Weedon"
Haslehurst, Theodore Edward, "West View"
Parsons, Albert Edward, "Rathdaire"

Saunders, Edgar Walter, "Moorcroft"
Ablit, Edward Frederick, "Kentyre"
Hay, charles Edward, "Avonmore"
Hartley, Flora Cynthia, "Roseland"
Harland, Gowan, "Cartrep"
Bentley, Arthur Fred Collins, "Deal House"
Brown, John, "Birkendene"
Strong, Elizabeth, "Birkendene"
Smith, Arthur, "Roxleigh"
Schroeder, Ernest Alfred, "The Elms"
Whiting, Reginald Leonard, "Hill Cottage"
Cockrell, Phillip, "Kia Ora"
Pavitt, Arthur Robert, "Beech Cott"
Nichols, Ernest, "Banbury"
Oates, James Sykes, "Coraanel"
Cantrille, Thomas Corsbee, "Knocknacheree"
Butcher, Rose "Knocknacheree"
Winstone, Walter Edward, "Belmont"
Young, Henry Francis, "Oakhurst"
Finch, Walter James, "Lynton"
Hill, Walter Ernest, "Mandene"
Miseroy, Henry Eugene Charles, "Rosalyn"
Reeve, James Baker, "Aubury"
Davis, Walter Rogers, "Norville"

Twidle, Benjamin William
Lubbock, Humphrey Thornton
Alexander, John
French, Francis Fabyan

Furneaux, William Herbert, "Homleigh"
Whittingham, Edgar
Lloyd, Ernest Frank, Kerry
Negus, George
Couzens, Henry Albert "Moana"
Gardner, Hilda Violet, "West View"
Bragg, George, Osborne House

Milton, Alfred Joseph, No. 1
Pye, Charles William, No. 2

Coates, John Alexander, No. 1
Peck, William, No. 3
Crouch, Joseph George, No. 5
Gilda, Harriett, No. 5
Paris, Benjamin, No. 7
Innes, Susanna, No. 7
Sutton, Charlotte Elizabeth, No. 7
Swaby, Arthur Henry, T., No. 9
Wardill, George Edgar, No. 11
North, Lewis Vic. W., No. 13
Spurgeon, Herb. Jas., No. 15
Wells, Caroline, No. 15
Harvey, Eliza, No. 17
Humphrey, Thos. Sam. No. 19
Burbow, Thomas Fidis, No. 21
Linstead, George Alfred, No. 21
Foyster, Laura Matilda, No. 21
Jutsum, James Roberts, No. 23
Rawles, Frederick Lancaster, No. 25
Laundy-Cook-Thomas, Robert William, No. 29
Gray, Clara, No. 31
Unwin, Henry, No. 33
Gregg, Ernest George, No. 35
Baldwin, Alice, No. 35
Hammond, Walter James, No. 32
Barten, John, No. 30
Hyett, Edgar Robert, No. 28
Groves, Thomas John, No. 26
Button, George Edward, No. 36
Dixon, George Stephen, No. 34
Young, Herb. Walter, No. 24
Legg, George Thornton, No. 22
Patridge, Frank Ernest, No. 20
Vickers, Charles Edward, No. 18
Millgate, Edward, No. 16
Turvey, Arthur, No. 14

BELMONT YARD (Market Place)
Harris, Arthur Ernest, No. 4
Metson, Harry, No. 3
Saunders, Samuel Robert, No. 2
Millbank, William, No. 1

BIRCH ROAD (Mawneys Road)
Smith, Joseph, "Laurels"
Lant, John Bidwell, "Roseglen"

Bentley, John, West Road
Wheal, Albert, West Road
Turner, Fred, West Road

Turner, Samuel Henry, No. 1
Poole, Robert, No. 2
Samuel, William, "The Limes"
Archer, James, No. 4
Westlake, Ada, No. 5
Swift, Douglas, No. 1 Douglas Villas
Dace, Joseph, No. 7
Digby, John Johnston, No. 8
King, Arthur, No. 3 Trio Cottages
Wheal, Isaac, No. 2 Trio Cottages
Jeffrey, Walter Charles, No. 1 Trio Cottages
Scot, Walter
King, George
Fletcher, Jonas
Wilcox, George
Porter, Arthur
Porter, Clara Florence
Ketley, Frederick James
Gowlett, Bertie Walter
Clark, Maurice Thomas
Boreham, John Alfred
Schooling, George, No. 6 Oak Cottages
Searle, William Charles, No. 5 Oak Cottages
Parker, Charles, No. 4 Oak Cottages
Hubbard, George, No. 3 Oak Cottages
Aylett, William, No. 2 Oak Cottages
Brown, John, No. 1 Oak Cottages

Keeling, Charles Henry, No. 1
Turner, Kate, No. 2
Walford, William, No. 3
Hines, William No. 4

Winch, George Alfred, "Montana"
Weight, Richard George "Uplands"
Todd, Henry Frederick, No. 1 Upland Villas
Thorpe, Charles Harry, No. 2 Upland Villas
Kirby, Aubrey John Woodward, No. 3 Upland Villas
Little, Martha Ellen, No. 4 Upland Villas
Fairhead, Arthur "Ashdene"
Wilton, Frank William Charles "Elmdene"
Finch, Harold George "Ditchley"
Boyle, Neil Edgar "Cedric"
Combs, Victor "Kirklees"
Hewitt, Charles, "Nottingdale"
Nunn, Arthur Edward
Harvey, George Allan
Amis, Charles David "Oakwood"
Butterworth, Herbert James, No. 1 Park Cottages
Wren, Walter, No. 2 Park Cottages
Brett, Henry Charles, No. 3 Park Cottages
Phillips, Walter Thomas No. 4 Park Cottages
Battson, George No. 5 Park Cottages
Barnes, Walter, No. 6 Park Cottages
Riley, Harris John, No. 1 Park Stores
Randall, James, Next Park Stores
Rogers, Thomas, No. 1 Weybridge Cottages
Cole, Arthur, No. 2 Weybridge Cottages
Brown, Alfred, No. 3 Weybridge Cottages
Wiseman, Anna, No. 4 Weybridge Cottages
Towns, William, No. 5 Weybridge Cottages
Vickers, Robert Arthur, No. 6 Weybridge Cottages
Sharplin, Sophia, No. 1 Cecil Villas
Lowing, Ernest William, No. 2 Cecil Villas
Finch, George Charles, No. 1 George's Terrace
Carter, Walter William, No. 2 George's Terrace
Jennings, General, No. 2 George's Terrace
Finch, George, No. 3 George's Terrace
Lewis, James George Alfred, No. 4 George's Terrace
Hale, Isaac, No. 5 George's Terrace
Christmas, Arthur Abraham, "Squirrels Head"
Thirkettle, Horace Henry, No. 1 Rose Villas
Young, John, No. 2 Rose Villas
Coe, Harry Woolard, No. 3 Rose Villas
Hants, Bertie William Robert, No. 4 Rose Villas
Whitbread, Valentine George, No. 5 Rose Villa
Heavey, Annie Elizabeth, No. 6 Rose Villas
Garnham, Arthur, No. 57
Bridge, George, No. 59
Knight, Francis, No. 59
Chapman, Agnes Jane, No. 59
Green, Owen Henry, No. 77
Williams, John William, No. 79
Parcy, Louis John, No. 83
Webb, John Henry, No. 85
Champness, Percy Yardley, No. 87
Heffer, Robert, No. 87
Handley, Fred. No. 89
Charge, George. No. 91
Pye, Alice, No. 93
Harris, Edward William, No. 95
Harris, Lucy, No. 95
Long, Annie Rebecca, No. 97
Leach, William, No. 99
Padgham, Albert, No. 101
Harold, Frederick Henry, No. 107
Harold, Susana Mary, No. 107
Bartholomew, Richard, No. 109
Danby, Charles Henry, No. 111
Pryke, Sydney Harold, No. 113
Stangleman, Arthur, No. 155
Finch, Euston, Spencer George, No. 117
Edwards, William, No. 119
Bacon, Alfred, No. 121
Steel, William "The Cannons"

May, Arthur, No. 36
Banks, Joseph Charles Richard, No. 37

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