London historical street directory and pub history

This is now an updated and complete, historical London street directory for 1832 and 1842 and more

The History of Romford in Essex, East of London.

Directory of Romford in 1919

Including all Streets in North-West Hornchurch.
The below listed names have been extracted "as is" from an original copy of the 1919 Romford Directory. Unfortunately the directory is alphabetised by street name only, so you will have to scan every street for your surname of interest. The listings are by: surname, given name, house number (or house name).

FACTORY ROAD (Squirrels Heath)
Stanley, William Henry, No. 1
Kimber, Arthur Edw., No. 3
Yalop, Elizabeth Ann, No. 5
Waylett, Arthur, No. 7
Grayland, Florence, No. 9
Saitch, David, No. 11
Nunn, Horace, No. 13
Grainger, Walter Jos., No. 15
Purkis, Ernest George, No. 17
Brand, Arthur, No. 19
Cole, Frederick, No. 21
Straight, George William, No. 23
Paulter, Charles, No. 25
Hawes, Jabez James, No. 27
Barker, William James, No. 29
Keys, Edward John, No. 31
Peear, George Henry, No. 33
Westrop, Samuel, No. 35
Cudmore, Ethel Amelia, No. 35
Lazell, James, No. 37
Brewer, George Charles, No. 39
Surridge, Henry, No. 41
Wotton, Charles Henry, No. 43
Bryant, John, No. 45
Whipps, George, No. 47
Barker, George Humpherys, No. 49
Eaton, James, No. 2
Theobold, Charles, No. 4
Lowing, Mary Ann, No. 6
Richardson, Emily, No. 6
Gowers, James, No. 8
Mason, John, No. 10
Hyde, Sophia, No. 12
Thurgood, Ullie Gould, No. 12
Cross, Edwin Philip, No. 20
Myall, Frank, No. 22
Parker, William George, No. 24
Cotton, Arthur John, No. 26
Whipps, James, No. 28
Bird, Alfred, No. 30
Hollick, William John, No. 32
Rogers, Stephen Henry, No. 34
Baker, Samuel Walter, No. 36
Wiffen, William, No. 36
Lodge, Arthur Robert, No. 38
Baker, George John, No. 40
Lazell, Alfred, No. 42
Stanley, Charles William, No. 44
Peatfield, Ellen, No. 46

Russell, Charles Edwin, "Speedwell"
Harrison, William, "Aberaron"
Dyer, John Henry, No. 1 Hillside
Riley, Arthur, No. 2 Hillside
Symes, Edith Lily, No. 2 Hillside
King, Ernest William
Birmingham, John, Forest Villa
Austin, Edward, May Villa
Dick, Adam, Rose Cottage
Dunger, Christian, "Kingscote"
Chivers, William Bull, Bungalow
Hunt, Robert John
Brett, Thomas, Forest Lodge
Reed, Henry
Alden, John Thomas

Brown, John William, No. 1
Mason, William, No. 3
Webb, Elkanah, No. 5
Cooper, James, No. 7
Burton, George Chapman, No. 9
Hull, Edwin John, No. 11
Lazell, Arthur George, No. 13
Bass, George Rooke, No. 15
Thomas, Frederick James, No. 17
Bacon, Frederick William, No. 19
Durrant, William George, No. 21
Whipps, Dorothy Charlotte, No. 23
Adams, Margaret, No. 25
Sharp, Lily, No. 27
Hill, Ernest Edward, No. 29
Murray, James Henry, No. 31
Stevens, Luther William, No. 33
Thurgood, William, No. 35
Bennett, Benjamin, No. 37
Turnstill, William, No. 39
Swain, Stephen, No. 41
Cracknell, Joseph, No. 43
Merchant, Harry, No. 45
Rooke, John, No. 47
Durbridge, Joseph, No. 49
Durbridge, James, No. 51
Hammerton, Henry, No. 55
Bray, William, No. 57
Humphreys, Henry John, No. 59
Frost, Alan Oscar, No. 61
Fowler, William, No. 61
Huddlestone, Arthur George, No. 63
Taylor, George James, No. 65
Bailey, Daniel, No. 67
Thorogood, Henry, No. 69
Rogers, John William, No. 71
King, Nicol Thomas Nicol, No. 73 (as is)
James, Frank Horace, No. 75
Sims, James, No. 77
Saunders, Walter, No. 79
Pasfield, William, No. 81
Bennett, John, No. 81
Rooke, Frederick Arthur, No. 83
Huxter, Richard, No. 85
Hilliard, Arthur Alfred, No. 87
Hoy, William James, No. 89
Everett, Julia, No. 91
Fisher, Arthur Albert, No. 93
Harding, Edward John William, No. 95
Milbourne, Arthur, No. 97
Ling, Harry Allen, No. 99
Cansell, William, No. 101
Patrick, Arthur John, No. 103
Davies, Charles William, No. 105
Starr, Richard, No. 107
Lockwood, Samuel William, No. 109
Digby, Walter John, No. 111
Evans, Nathaniel William, No. 113
Edwards, James Henry, No. 115
Chitty, Lionel Thompson, No. 117
Simpson, Peter Hogath, Nos. 119-123
Carter, Edmund, No. 125
Mayton, Henry Edwin, No. 127
Bell, William, No. 127
Ager, Joseph John, No. 2
Vyse, Harry Phillip, No. 4
Hepher, Robert, No. 6
Frewin, Alfred Thomas, No. 8
Brook, Herbert Shaw, No. 10
Oliver, Alfred George, No. 12
James William Albert Edward, No. 14 (as is)
Cullum, Robert, No. 16
Levy, Lewis, No. 20
Norris, William Alfred, No. 22
Monk, Annie Sarah, No. 24
Gordon, Henry, No. 26
Godfrey, William Hezekiah, No. 28
Joslin, Alfred, No. 30
Murray, Margaret Jane, No. 30
White, Arthur, No. 32
Drane, Esther, No. 34
Parish, Alfred, No. 38
Day, George William, No. 40
Nickels, Percy Edw., No. 42
Hewer, Walter John, No. 44
Oliver, Charles, No. 46
Courtney, John David, No. 48
Wiffen, Charles, No. 50
Fleming, William, No. 52
Sharpe, Thomas William, No. 54
Fairman, Walter, No. 56
Hunwicks, Annie, No. 58
Pye, Sophia, No. 60
Gill, Sidney Thomas, No. 62
Harris, Charles, No. 64
Macdonald, Angus Donald, No. 66
Poole, Bert Vincent, No. 68
Bayfield, Charles Frederick, No. 70
Lamport, Fanny, No. 72
Cowlin, Walter, No. 74
Robertson, Thomas Henry, No. 76
Bradley, Louisa, No. 78
High, Ann Elizabeth, No. 80
Ottley, Charles, No. 82
Groves, James Alfred Charles, No. 86
Watts, Walter William, No. 88
Stevens, Ernest, No. 90
Chennery, Arthur, No. 92
Lizzey, Samuel Henry, No. 94
Penn, Philip George, No. 98
Strowlger, Charles William, No. 100
Westrop, David, No. 102
Langston, George Walter, No. 104
Smith, Joseph, No. 106
Keeling, Frederick, No. 108
Wenn, George Samuel, No. 110
Nunn, Arthur Henry, No. 112
Westrop, Robert, No. 114
Clark, Albert, No. 116
Patience, Henry, No. 118

GIDEA CLOSE (Gidea Park)
Willmott, George Frederick, No. 81
Cutts, Clement, No. 81

Brierley, John Griffiths, "Haredale"
Bewers, Esther Hannah, "Melrose"
Sibley, John Francis Huxley, "Abbotsford"
Richardson, Frances Louisa, "East View"

Thorogood, Herbert Edward, No. 1 Pine Villas
Harris, Couper, No. 2 Pine Vallas
Seabrook, Henry, No. 1 Ash Villas
Archer, Charles, No. 1 Ivy Villas
Porter, Thomas, No. 2 Ivy Villas
Parham, Charles, No. 7
Howes, Albert Victor, No. 8
Ripley, Isabel, No. 9
Hyde, Arthur Charles, No. 10
Everett, Henry, No. 11
Brown, Emma Elizabeth, No. 12
Isaacs, William, No. 13
Bibby, Mark, No. 14
Clark, John, No. 15
Kirkham, Charles, No. 16
King, Charles, No. 1 Ethel Villas
Spooner, Alfred, No. 3 Ethel Villas
Lutkins, James, No. 4 Ethel Villas
Tyler, John, No. 4 Ethel Villas
Bryant, James
Nicholls, Arthur
Skilton, Charles

What I am now attempting to achieve is the coverage of an earlier London street directory in 1832. This is unique, plus images of the 1842 Robsons directory which confirm earlier entries and also carry much more trade detail about a premises or person. Here is the index of streets in 1832, many with 1842 imagery added.
And next is the complete 1940 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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