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The History of Romford in Essex, East of London.

Directory of Romford in 1919

Including all Streets in North-West Hornchurch.
The below listed names have been extracted "as is" from an original copy of the 1919 Romford Directory. Unfortunately the directory is alphabetised by street name only, so you will have to scan every street for your surname of interest. The listings are by: surname, given name, house number (or house name).

Green, Mary Jane, No. 1
Stevenson, Jessie Isabella, No. 3
Phillips, Sidney William, No. 5
Pryke, Emma, No. 6
Vullinger, Frank, No. 6
Wilkins, Nathaniel Deeley, No. 16
Crease, James Henry, "Bungalow"
Reed, Frank, "Cotswold"

Trott, James John, No. 1
Buckworth, Sydney Benjamin, No. 2
Robeson, Sydney, No. 3
De Landre-Grogan, Leon Victor St. Patrick, No. 3 (as is)
Simpson, Thomas, No. 4
Brabant, Charles Lawrence, Nos. 5, 6, 7
Hammond, May Elizabeth

Candler, Christopher, No. 1
Sealy-Bell, Eric Templeton, No. 2
Chapman, Leslie Charles, No. 3
Weston, Percy James, No. 4
Brookebank, John James, "Rylston"
Chambers, Elizabeth Sarah "Hazeldene"
Chambers, James Henry "Hazeldene"
Wheeler, Frank Collins, "Ivydene"
Poston, Herbert, "Ellesmere"
Newton, William George, 6 Linden-ter (as is - short for Linden Terrace??)
Moir, William, 5 Linden-ter
Swain, Charles Henry, 4 Linden-ter
Dowsing, Sidney John, 3 Linden-ter
How, Edgar James, 2 Linden-ter
Reeve, Daniel, 1 Linden-ter

Betts, Alfred, Crown Farm
Biggs, Gideon, "Lowlands"
Biggs, Alfred Maurice, "Lowlands"
Hubbard, William, No. 1 Crown Cottages
Smith, David Jafus No. 2 Crown Cottages
Jackson, John, No. 3 Crown Cottages
Kempster, Henry John, No. 4 Crown Cottages
Graves, William Sterndale, No. 2
Cousins, Frederick, No. 4
Stebbins, William, No. 6
Wood, George Robert, No. 8
Cooper, Edward Ernest, No. 10
Pack, Emma, No. 12
Moore, Arthur, No. 14
Norman, George, No. 16
Wood, Bertie William, No. 18
Clark, Charles, No. 20
Hadden, Martha, No. 20
Meanley, Alice, No. 20
Copsey, Stephen Frank, No. 92
Pipe, John Thomas, No. 94
Reynolds, Arthur William, 96
Moss, Edwin, No. 98
Webster, Thomas, No. 100
Patmore, George Hellen, No. 102
Page, Robert, No. 134
Page, Archibald Septimus, No. 134
Hitchborn, Annie, No. 134
May, Florence Mary, No. 136
Prior, William, No. 138
Smith, Bernard Carter, No. 140
Tetchner, Sarah, No. 142
Honeybell, Emily, No. 144
Smith, Nathan Charles, No. 146
Unwin, Henry, No. 148
Patterson, Albert Edw., No. 150
Robison, William Thomas, No. 152
Parker, George Albert, No. 154
Parker, Caroline Maggie, No. 154
Green, Arthur Henry, No. 156
Green, Sarah Maria, No. 156
Norton, James, No. 158
Taylor, Amelia Mary, No. 160
Flight, Walter, No. 162
Daniels, Walter, No. 164
Turner, Joseph Frederick, No. 166
Joslin, George, No. 168
Pond, Alice, No. 168
Claydon, Charles, No. 170
Hines, David, No. 172
Stevens, Benjamin, No. 174
Took, Leonard, No. 176
Alderson, Harold, No. 182
Purser, Walter, No. 184
Wilson, Blanche Gertrude, No. 192
Perry, George William, No. 194
Starr, Ada, No. 196
Griggs, Charles French, No. 198
Coppin, Walter George, No. 200
Eggleton, Helen Eliza, No. 202
Chiney, Arthur, No. 204
Garnham, Laurence Henry, No. 206
Bowditch, George William, No. 208
Crossley, Saul Chambers, No. 210
Carlick, Annie Marie, No. 212
Hornblower, John George, No. 214
Nunn, George Ernest, No. 216
Claydon, James, No. 218
Spooner, William Roberts, No. 220
Ince, Frederick, No. 222
Wynch, William, No. 222
Liddle, Mary Ann, No. 224
Lucas, Alfred, No. 226
Butcher, George, No. 228
Jenkins, Richard Thomas, No. 230
Osborn, Frank, No. 232
Bullman, Thomas, No. 234
Baskerville, Stanley, No. 256
Ellis, Joseph, No. 262
Ellis, Joseph, No. 264 (not a repeat)
Lilley, Emma, No. 266
Emberson, Henry Frank, No. 268
Corder, Arthur John, No. 270
Bowditch, Walter, No. 272
Pryke, Anna, No. 274
Vale, John, No. 276
Raymond, Harry, No. 280
Patience, Robert, No. 282
Smith, Mary, No. 284
Saggers, Thomas, No. 286
Beard, William Edwin, No. 288
Goodhead, Susan, No. 290
Warren, James William, No. 292
Tyler, Walter Hubert, No. 294
Johnson, George, No. 296
Gardner, Kate, No. 298
Wood, Jane, No. 300
Yull, James Edward, New Mill
Wilcox, John, No. 3
Keen, Joseph Thomas, No. 7
Pasterfield, Alfred, No, 9
Cumberland, James, No. 11
Burrell, Henry James, No. 13
Balls, Mark, No. 15
White, Frederick, No. 17
Jarvis, Alfred, No. 19
Wainwright, Arthur George, No. 21
Bensted, John Robert, No. 23
Brooks, Frederick, No. 25
Featherstone, Peter, No. 31
Hilton, William, No. 35
Ottley, Herbert Peter, Nos. 37-39
Curtis, Percival, No. 41
Randall, James Abraham, No. 43
Newman, Frank, No. 45
Ottley, Frederick Charles, No. 47
Moffatt, Walter George, No. 49
Pitch, Ellen, No. 53
Saich, Esther, No. 55
Smith, Joseph, No. 57
Taylor, Aquila, No. 59
Saggers, Thomas, No. 61
Bennett, William, No. 63
Oliver, Elizabeth, No. 65
Hobbs, Thomas Robert, No. 67
Church, Albert Henry, No. 67
Webb, Frederick, No. 69
Hawkins, Henry John, No. 71
Forder, Thomas William, No. 73
Cross, Frank, No. 75
Brooks, Henry William, No. 77
Peart, Horace Walter, No. 79
Bush, Clifford, "Lock Goil"
Clifton, Mary Frances, "The Cottage"
Mitchell, Henry Bateman, "Eastbury"
Corder, William Edward, Eastbury Lodge
Hunwicks, Percy Louis, No. 1 Norfolk Parade
Potter, Alexander, No. 2 Norfolk Parade,
Cook, Harry, No. 3 Norfolk Parade
Dunton, Thomas Flower, No. 4 Norfolk Parade
Watson, Herbert Richmond, "The Bungalow"
Nunn, Sophia Ann, No. 1 Park Cottages
Legg, William Henry, No. 2 Park Cottages
Beaumont, Christopher, No. 3 Park Cottages
Corder, George, No. 4 Park Cottages
White, Maurice, Park Farm

Barker, Joseph, No. 1
Harris, William John, Salem House
Beckwith, George
Buggs, Albert, No. 2
Staines, Bertie Joseph, No. 3
White, Alfred, No. 4
Woodrow, Sarah Jane, Nos. 7-8
Miller, George, No. 9
Beecroft, James Edward, Nos. 5-6

Evans, Harry, "Inglethorpe"
Wilkins, Letitia Gertrude, "Inglethorpe"
Hill, Ethel Constance, "Inglethorpe"

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