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The History of Romford in Essex, East of London.

Directory of Romford in 1919

Including all Streets in North-West Hornchurch.
The below listed names have been extracted "as is" from an original copy of the 1919 Romford Directory. Unfortunately the directory is alphabetised by street name only, so you will have to scan every street for your surname of interest. The listings are by: surname, given name, house number (or house name).

Downing, William, No. 1
Beale, Ernest John, No. 2
Clark, Frank, No. 3
Biggs, Edward, No. 4
Potter, Charles, "Homestead"
Stairs, Thomas, Alpha House
Williamson, Charles William, No. 8

Hills, George John, Nos. 1-3
Hills, Eliza, Nos. 1-3
Canham, Herbert John, Nos. 1-3
Grimwood, John Thomas, No. 5
Kistler, Andrew, No. 7
Poel, William Leonard, No. 11
Nunn, William George, No. 13
Livermore, Harry, No. 13
Archer, Harold Charles, No. 15
Stapley, Arthur, No. 17
Salmons, Frank George, No. 19
Langford, George, No. 19a
Bright, Emma, No. 19a
Dean, Oliver, No. 19b
Taverner, Henry Thomas, No. 21
Crofts, William Thomas, No. 23
Marriott, John Walter, No. 25
Cannon, Daniel, No. 27
Brown, Charles, No. 29
Bushnell, Ellen, No. 31
Pratt, Edgar, No. 33
Pepper, Arthur Franklyn, No. 35
Knight, Kate, No. 37
Christmas, Rose, No. 39
Beard, William Henry, No. 1, Roger Reede's Almshouse
Lawrence, Martha, No. 2, Roger Reede's Almshouse
Palmer, Ann, No. 3, Roger Reede's Almshouse
Phipps, Joseph, No. 4, Roger Reede's Almshouse
Howard, Thomas Cornwell, No. 5, Roger Reede's Almshouse
Drake, William, No. 6, Roger Reede's Almshouse
Booth, Charles Thomas, No. 41
Hill, Charles, No. 43
Wadham, William, No. 43
Hammond, Joseph William, No. 45
Ellender, Frederick, No. 47
Boone, Florence, No. 47
Jones, Samuel, No. 49
Risby, George Harry, No. 51
Jarvis, William Sambo, No. 53
Popplewell, Emily, No. 55
Parker, Thomas, No. 57
Pocock, Louisa, No. 59
Slipper, Anne Sophia, No. 59
Dawkins, Harry Frederick, No. 61
Brunsden, William Thomas, No. 61
Poston, Agnes Matthew, No. 63
Wilkinson, Lewis Edwin, No. 65
Dodd, Frederick Henry, No. 67
Budd, Alfred George, No. 69
Benfield, Jane Elizabeth, No. 71
Jones, William Henry, No. 73
Newton, Eliza, Brooklands House
Linsell, Joseph, Brooklands Farm
Beadle, Harry, "The Firs"
Jackson, Frederick, "The Laurels"
Jefferies, Alfred, Elm Villa
Guymer, Frederick William, "Oakhurst"
Ball, Frederick, "Connaught"
Roach, Alice, "Elmhurst"
Roach, Blanche, "Elmhurst"
McDermott, Thomas John, Beech Villa
Wood, George, "Newsham"
Sharpley, Frederick William, "Hazeldine"
Cawley, Henry, "Restormel"
Spencer, John William, "Parkside"
Putman, Robert, "Parkhurst"
Munday, Clara, "Parkview"
Philp, Maurice Ezra, "Belstone"
Danby, Gertrude, No. 1 Vine Cottages
Robinson, John Tom, No. 1 Vine cottages
Hales, Frederick Herbert, No. 2 Vine Cottages
Walkling, William Frederick, No. 2
Shipton, Thomas, No. 4
Harding, James William, No. 6
Inward, Augustus James, No. 8
Beckwith, Hanna, No. 10
Betts, Joseph, No. 14
Marsh, Frederick Joseph, No. 16
Bridge, William Walter, No. 18
Patience, Fred, No. 20
Davey, Thomas Newton, No. 22
Makings, George, No. 22
Partridge, Arthur, No. 22a
Poel, John Basil, No. 24
Brock, Herbert Norman, No. 26
Patridge, Alfred, No. 28
Wilkinson, Robert, No. 30
Pearce, Frederick John, No. 32
Garnham, Philip William, No. 36
Wayman, William, No. 38
Abrams, Edward, No. 40
Clube, Henry, No. 42
Hildreth, Louisa Sarah, No. 42
Cambers, Samuel, No. 44
Urpeth, John, No. 46
Mason, Betsy Amelia, No. 50
Aubrey-Hall, Mary Helena, No. 52
Smith, Joseph Henry, No. 54
Williams, Francis John, No. 565
Spearman, Arthur, No. 58
Cornell, Alice Julia, No. 60
Pinner, David, No. 62
Robertson, Jessie, No. 62
Cornell, George Frederick William, No. 64
Lambert, Clifford William, No. 66
Young, William Joseph, No. 68
Beal, Sarah Ann, No. 70
Gilder, Charles Henry, No. 72
Hayes, John Murray, No. 74
Oliver, Walter John Lodge, "Marshalls"
Spriggs, Walter George, Cottage, "Marshalls" (as is)
Drake, William, Farm Cottage, "Marshalls"

Toghill, Samuel, No. 1
Wash, Walter, No. 2
Tokley, Arthur James, No. 2
Watling, Frederick William, No. 1 Parrs Cottages
Saunders, Frank, No. 2 Parrs Cottages
Clarke, George Hector, No. 3 Parrs Cottages
Baker, Alfred, No. 4 Parrs Cottages

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