London historical street directory and pub history

This is now an updated and complete, historical London street directory for 1832 and 1842 and more

The History of Romford in Essex, East of London.

Directory of Romford in 1919

Including all Streets in North-West Hornchurch.
The below listed names have been extracted "as is" from an original copy of the 1919 Romford Directory. Unfortunately the directory is alphabetised by street name only, so you will have to scan every street for your surname of interest. The listings are by: surname, given name, house number (or house name).

Bysoutte, Albert Edward, No. 2
Barltrop, Joseph, No. 4
Perkins, John Howard, No. 6
Pegrum, Alfred John, No. 8
Hauke, John, No. 10
Richards-Pick, Ernest, No. 12
Holloway, Rose Martha, No. 12
Cross, Walter, No. 14
Gurney, John Thomas, No. 16
Parrish, Alfred John, No. 18
Bysouth, Sydney Alexander, No. 20
Baker, Mary Ann, No. 20
Heffer, George, No. 22
Smart, Herbert, No. 22
Jackson, James Frederick, No. 24
Loveday, William, No. 26
Passfield, Samuel, No. 28
Eaton, Henry Charles, No. 30
Beatwell, William, No. 36
Parr, Alfred, No. 38
Littlechild, William Arthur, No. 42
Hale, Frederick Thomas, No. 44
Groaves, George, No. 46
Field, Amelia, No. 46
Nunn, George Archibald, No. 48
Rowden, Nellie, No. 50
Taylor, Herbert David, No. 52
Saunders, William John, No. 54
Lewis, Herbert, No. 56
Cant, Elijah, No. 58
Keeble, Ernest, No. 60
Sharplin, William Edward, No. 62
Jones, Joseph, No. 64
Straight, Agnes, No. 66
Clark, Philip Arthur, No. 68
Farrow, Henry Edward, No. 70
Kimber, James Victor, No. 72
Basham, James, No. 78
Shelly, John, No. 80
Patrick, Frederick George, No. 82
Starling, Charles, No. 84
Lewis, Arthur John, No. 57
Heffer, Robert, No. 59
Alford, William, No. 61
Dormer, William, No. 63
Farrow, James, No. 65
Nunn, Edward, No. 67

Chamberlain, Thomas, No. 1
Day, William James, No. 5
Milton, William Henry, No. 7
Long, George, No. 9
Richards, Thomas Herbert, No. 11
Pudney, Arthur Jos., No. 13
Pearce, William Henry, No. 15
Pratt, Henry George, No. 17
Pye, William Henry, No. 19
Fitch, George John, No. 21
Smith, Thomas Edward, No. 29
Stothard, George Ross, No. 31
Slade, Joseph Benjamin, No. 37
Hunwicks, Herbert Arthur, No. 39
Turvey, Jane, No. 39
Perry, Ernest Henry, No. 41
Sheppard, Elizabeth, No. 41
Prior, Sidney, No. 43
Olley, charles Frederick, No. 45
Keeling, George, No. 47
Satum, Charles, No. 49
Wood, Ellen, No. 51
Walsh, Mark Clifford, No. 53
Goodey, Lewis Duncan, No. 55
Bird, Henrietta, No. 59
Buckwell, Rufus William, No. 61
Foster, Pamela Jane, No. 63
Giles, Albert Selby, No. 67
Lindsell, Frank, No. 69
Hunwicks, Alfred John, No. 71
Wood, Harry, No. 73
Green, Herbert Hugh, No. 75
Curtis, Arthur James, No. 77
Smith, Martha, No. 77
Sharp, Albert William, No. 79
Oliver, William Thomas, No. 81
Long, David Samuel, No. 1 Ashton Terrace
Allen, Ellen, No. 2 Ashton Terrace
Gould, Walter Percy, No. 3 Ashton Terrace
Lazell, Arthur William, No. 4 Ashton Terrace
Edwards, William, No. 5 Ashton Terrace
Warner, Arthur, No. 6 Ashton Terrace
Stuart, Alice Maud Miriam, No. 2
Butt, George, No. 4
Salisbury, Sarah, No. 6
Johnson, William, No. 10
Walker, Hedley Loues, No. 10 (as is)
Hawke, John, No. 12
Silcocks, Walter, No. 14
Horsman, Elizabeth Emily, No. 16
Gower, Ezekiel John, No. 18
Dalton, Frederick, No. 20
Digby, Albert, No. 22
Eggleton, George, No. 24
Algar, Walter James, No. 26
Lee, William, No. 40
Eaton, Leonard William, No. 42
Deeks, Julia Ann, No. 44
Vale, Leonard, No. 46
Langstone George Walter, No. 48
Prior, Victor Edmund, No. 50

Eady, Walter, No. 13
Wooster, William, No. 15
Thompson, Sidney, No. 17
Taylor, Charles Arthur Samuel, No. 19
Took, Charles, No. 21
Viney, Thomas Edward, No. 23
Dignan, James Joseph, No. 25
Vale, John, No. 27
Lazell, Alfred, No. 29
Chandler, William, No. 2
Self, Frederick, No. 4
Gower, Alfred Charles, No. 6
Saggers, John, No. 8
Brockhurst, Henry, No. 8
Poulter, Edward, No. 10
Potter, Mary Ann, No. 12
Cross Alfred John, No. 14
Ford, Henry, No. 16
Haley, Elizabeth, No. 18
Bush, Caroline, No. 20
Cracknell, Thomas Harold, No. 22
Knight, Benjamin John No. 24
Wren, Thomas, No. 26
Rogers, George William, No. 28
Satuin, Edward, No. 30
Winch, Emily, No. 32
Manyon, Charles, No. 36
Venables, James, No. 38
Rogers, Richard, No. 40
Finch, John Arthur, No. 42
Oligiving, Frederick, No. 42

Fasey, George Thomas, No. 1
Wright, Walter, No. 3
White, William, No. 5
White, Emma Catherine, No. 5
Roast, Edward William, No. 7
Smart, Samuel, No. 1 Oakhurst Villas
Mitchell, Emma May, No. 4 Oakhurst Villas
Peacock, Mary Ann Violet, No. 1 Hamilton Terrace
Carrington, Robert, No. 2 Hamilton Terrace
James, Benjamin, No. 3 Hamilton Terrace
Paveley, John William, No. 4 Hamilton Terrace
Harris, George, No. 5 Hamilton Terrace
Reeves, John, No. 6 Hamilton Terrace
Bailey, Townsend Frederick Sydney, Sherringham Gardens
Horn, Percy Walter, No. 10 Sherringham Gardens
Pentelow, James Frederick, No. 8 Sherringham Gardens
Kirby, Oliver Charles, No. 6 Sherringham Gardens
Cooper, Matthias Frederick
Braybrook, Herbert
Stokes, Thomas Joseph
Platt, Harry
Harris, William, The Stores

What I am now attempting to achieve is the coverage of an earlier London street directory in 1832. This is unique, plus images of the 1842 Robsons directory which confirm earlier entries and also carry much more trade detail about a premises or person. Here is the index of streets in 1832, many with 1842 imagery added.
And next is the complete 1940 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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