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The History of Romford in the Essex, East of London.

My family arrived in Romford in the 1890's and stayed! In fact, all my family links are tied into Romford, so I thought a little time spent on the area, probably worthwhile.

I was brought up in Romford, from about the age of 6 months, so I was virtually born here. I lived in Marks Road, Romford, next door to my grandparents. Later, I discovered that the Wilding family moved into Marks Road in the 1890's and just spent the next 80 years moving up and down the road!

I lived at 27, grandparents at 25, my father was born at 63 Marks Road. I have met the owner of this property since. Marks Road, eventually, hosts in the 1970s a new development for a Rotunda which houses older people, I believe. We were compulsory purchased, and moved to Hornchurch. This probably killed off my Nan, due to the scummy way that the Local Council dealt with us, but a move to Hornchurch was probably not a bad thing considering the state of Romford these days.

So, my views on the last fifty years in Romford are as follows: -

About 1970, Romford began the ring road, and a multitude of car parks, mostly multi-storey - what a great  place to play as a youngster! I was a member of the Romford Trinity [Methodist], and heavily involved in the cubs and scouts, until my forced move to Hornchurch. I left the church at this stage, for the next twenty years or so.

I was educated at Mawney Road primary school, there are two things I remember about this place. I was moved down  class in the primary school until someone spotted that I could not see the board, I needed glasses. The other, an ambitious and deviant teacher gave me the 'ruler' across the hand for running in the corridor - I believe removing these penalties from teachers is a good thing.

I then went on to Romford Technical High School, now Marshalls park; Idled away another five years and left school at sixteen with eight O'Levels. I have regretted  leaving school at sixteen ever since. I gained a simple Honours degree with the OU in 1996. I now work at a University.

So, what about the last fifty years in Romford ?

More to follow -



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