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Women at the Wicket: A History of Women's Cricket in Interwar England. Written by Adam McKie

Search Engine Optimisation on the pub history sites

I have been researching pub history for 10 to 15 years. The I am Pub history site is the conclusion of these efforts. It brings together many peoples efforts in research of the historical public house. I have also rewritten the sites many times over this period.

This site is a modern look on the pubs that still exist today, i.e. in 2017; and are my link back to the pub history (or not) of these pubs.

I also keep getting emails that tell me they can fix the sites, as there are many issues regarding my placement in search engine results - I know they are correct. Currently, today, if I search on the term 'pub history' in google, I was getting six responses in the top 40 earlier today, including #1, so my sites are not bad, but they could be a lot better. They vary from hour to hour.

Here are the tips I keep receiving, and I am going to use this relatively new site, with only a handful of pages to try out these optimisation techniques. They do not really tell the full story, as one of the best ways of getting a high ranking in the search engines is to waffle, than to quote simple facts; i.e. make the page descriptive.

Here is a really good example B&P Sevenoaks ; which really annoys me, as it looks brilliant, and has one reference to the pub being open since 1799, probably a reference from my page: - the White Hart, Tonbridge road, Sevenoaks. The rest of their page is waffle, as are most of them; but they do include history of the area. I am guessing the people contacting me at present want to follow a similar line of waffle over useful fact - i.e. none of the facts are referenced in any way to prove that they are true. I can do that - Donald Trump is quite good at doing this, too.

Points to be considered are:
• Appropriate keywords have not been not chosen - correct
• Pages indexed by Google are low - except for the term pub history
• GEO Meta Tags are not present - what are these?
• Html to text ratio are not so good - cut out some of the excess html
• Errors in the coding part of your website  - I know this, I have split my sites recently
• Social media presence has not been enhanced at all - not allowed on facebook.
• Lots of On page and On site issues present in website  - I know this, I have split my sites recently
• Relevant Keywords are not listed organically in the SERPs. What??
• Robots.Txt File not present - I don't think this is important.
• Website performance and relevancy is very poor - its not bad performance wise, not sure about relevancy

Area Of Enhancement and ROI - some of this is waffle :
• Top page ranking for your targeted keywords in 3 - 4 months of campaign - I already do this
• Complete bug free and Google updated website - I am not compliant for mobile devices, but I have about 60,000 pages
• Quality and authenticate links resulting in more quality traffic - usually improved by buying links, not going to do this.
• High potential business over Online - what?
• Growth in Conversion rate - what?
• Complete clean coded spam protected website - not relevant, and not actually possible

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