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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    Stratford 1839 Pigots Directory

    Stratford History index

    Stratford, West Ham, Plaistow and neighbourhoods

    Gentry & Clergy

    Allcard Mr John, Stratford Green
    Anderson Mrs Elizabeth, Plaistow
    Anderson Mr Jas F, Stratford Green
    Archer Mr John, Stratford Green
    Austin Mr William, Stratford Green
    Baker __, esq, West Ham abbey
    Banneytyre Rev Charles, West Ham
    Batger Mr John, Stratford Green
    Beale Mrs, Plaistow
    Bell Mrs __, Catherine, Plaistow
    Bell Mr Luke, Plaistow
    Bernard Mr John, Plaistow
    Blood Mr Thomas, Plaistow
    Bond Mrs Sarah, Plaistow
    Bosanquet Rev Edw Stanley, Plaistow
    Brady Mr Antonio, Stratford Green
    Bristow Capt Henry, Stratford Green
    Brookes Mr John, Stratford Green
    Brown Mr Thomas, Upton Place
    Brushfield Mr Benjamin, Plaistow
    Buck Mr Frederick, Upton Place
    Burgh Mr James, Stratford Green
    Buxton __, Esq, Upton
    Campbell Mrs, West Ham
    Carter Mrs Alice, Upton Place
    Catterton Mr Wm M, Upton Place
    Cheape Mr Henry, Stratford Green
    Clarke Mrs Harriet, Plaistow
    Clarke Mr William G, Plaistow
    Cohn Mrs jane, 3 Surinam Terrace
    Cohn Mr John, 3 Surinam Terrace
    Cooke Mr Thomas, West ham
    Cort Mr Conningsby, Stratford Green
    Court Miss Lucy, Stratford Grove
    Court Miss Mary Ann, Stratford Grove
    Crawley Mr Alfred, Plaistow
    Cresswell Rev William, Broadway
    Curtis Charles Esq, Plaistow
    Delaway Mrs Mary, 9 Vicarage Terrace
    Dodds Mrs Jane, West Ham Lane
    Drane Mr John, Upton Place
    Driver Mr Samuel, Plaistow
    Eaton Mrs Susannah, Stratford Green
    Edwards Mr Geo, Maryland Point
    Emblem Rev John, West Ham lane
    Ferdinando Mr Thomas, West Ham
    Fowler Mr William, West Ham
    Fox Mr Henry, Plaistow
    Franks Mr William, Stratford Green
    Fry Joseph Esq, Upton
    Gowar Mr Raydin, 2 Surinam Terrace
    Gray Mr John, Stratford Grove
    Greenwood Mrs Rebecca, 17 Upton Place
    Gregory Mr Jno S, 7 Essex Buildings
    Griffin Mr Daniel, West Ham
    Griffiths Mrs, West Han
    Gunson Mr Henry, West Ham
    Gurney Samuel Esq, Upton
    Haden Mr George, Upton Place
    Hamilton Mr, Stratford Grove
    Harris Capt Alex, Stratford Green
    Harris Mr James, Stratford Green
    Harrison Mr Phinney, Plaistow
    Hasluck Mr Samuel, Stratford Green
    Higden Mrs Mary, Magdalene Point
    Hinchcliff Mr Chamberlain, Stratford Grove
    Hirons Mrs Sarah, Maryland Point
    Hitchen Mr Thomas, Stratford Green
    Holden Mrs Anne, High Street
    Homer Mr Thomas, 25 Upton Place
    Honey Mrs Maria, 8 Vicarage Terrace
    Hubbard Mr John, Stratford Grove
    Hudson Mrs, 26 Upton Place
    Huthwaite Mr Stoken, Stratford Green
    Ireland Mr Thomas, Plaistow
    Jefferies Mr William, West Ham
    Jenkins Mr John, Plaistow
    Jeremy Mr Alfred, Stratford Grove
    Jones the Venerable Archdeacon, Stratford Green
    Joyce Mr Thomas, Plaistow
    Kilner Miss Eliza,Maryland Point
    Kilner Miss Francis, Maryland Point
    Knowles Mr John, Stratford Grove
    Lack Mrs Elizabeth, Plaistow
    Lart Mrs Elizabeth, Plaistow
    Legg Mr Jabez, Stratford Green
    Leicester Joseph Esq, Upton
    Lennox Mr Thomas, Plaistow
    Leshey Mr William, West Ham
    Ligins Mr John Wheatley, Plaistow
    Liverton Mr Thomas, Upton Place
    Lulman Mr Thomas, Upton Place
    Lunn Mr Thomas, West Ham
    Manby Mr Wm, Stratford Grove
    Marsh Mr Samuel, Stratford Green
    Marshall Miss, West Ham
    marten Mr Charles, Plaistow
    Martin Mr James, Plaistow
    Martin Robt Humphries Esq, Plaistow
    Masterman Mr John, Plaistow
    Miller Cap George, 5 Vicarage Terrace
    Moates Mr William, Stratford Grove
    Morgan Mr Daniel, Stratford Green
    Mount Mrs Jane, 1 Vicarage Terrace
    Mundy Mr Jno, Church Street, West Ham
    Nockells Mr William, Print Ground
    Nutt Mr David, Stratford Green
    Oliver Mr Thomas, Broadway
    Parker Mrs Judith, Broadway
    Peadler Mr Samuel, Stratford Green
    Pedley Mr Joseph, Broadway
    Pelly John Henry Esq, Upton
    Perry Mr Richard Samuel
    Pooght Mr George, West Ham abbey
    Raws Mr Richard, Stratford Grove
    Renn Mrs __, West Ham
    Robinson Mr Alfred, Plaistow
    Robinson Mr Jon, Stratford Grove
    Rogers Mrs Rebecca, West Ham
    Schode Mr __, Plaistow
    Seale Mr Joshua, Plaistow
    Seale the Misses, Plaistow
    Sewell Mr Thomas, Plaistow
    Shaw Mr Thomas, West ham Lane
    Sheppard Mrs Sarah, Plaistow
    Smith Mrs Mary, Maryland Point
    Somes Mrs Sarah, Stratford Green
    Spenser Mr james, Plaistow
    Spooner Mr John, Plaistow
    Taylot Mr John, Stratford Green
    Taylor Mr Samuel, Stratford Green
    Tebb Mr Richard, West Ham
    Temple Rev William, Plaistow
    Thompson Mrs, Stratford Green
    Thompson Captain, Plaistow
    Train Mrs Frances, Maryland Point
    Tucker John, Esq, West Ham abbey
    Tuit Captain James, 15 Upton Place
    Turner Mr George, Plaistow
    Tweedle Mr Jacob, Plaistow
    Wainhouse Miss, Plaistow
    Walmsley Mr, Stratford Green
    Ward Mrs Anne, Plaistow
    Warmington Mr John, Plaistow
    Warren Mr Robert, 3 Vicarage Terrace
    Watts Mrs Anne, Plaistow
    Webb Mr James, West Ham
    Westlake Mr John, Plaistow
    Whalley Mr Robert, 10 Vicarage Terrace
    Wilkins Mr Thomas, 18 Upton Place
    Wilson Mr George, Stratford Green
    Wilton Mr Henry, Plaistoe
    Wilton Mr John, 4 Vicarage Terrace
    Wood Mrs Sarah, Maryland Point
    Woodward Rev John, Carnarvon Hall
    Woollett Mr Joseph, West Ham Lane
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