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    Search the historical London street directory, pub history site and World War One records of gallantry and casualties by surname, street or pub name; including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This site justs get more interesting.

    Stratford 1839 Pigots Directory

    Stratford History index

    Stratford, West Ham, Plaistow and neighbourhoods

    Trades People  - Dairymen to Livery Stables

    Curtis John, High Street
    Fisher William, South Street
    Peck Matthew, Langthorne Place
    Purkis John, High Street
    Robey Joseph, Bridge Street
    Rogers John, West Ham
    Sharp James, Chapel Street
    Willis Thomas, Broadway

    Dyers & Scourers
    Elliott William, 3 High Street and 6 Goswell Road
    Symons John, High Street

    Emery and Glass Cloth Manufacturers
    Barsham and Lonsdale (patent) and 41 Threadneedle Street, London

    Fire etc Office Agents
    Allaince, John Stevens, West Ham
    County (fire) & Provident (life), Septimus Morris, Broadway

    Fruiterers and Greengrocers
    Balley William George, High Street
    Chapman Rebecca, Broadway
    Covell Sarah, Broadway
    Dench William, Langthorne Place
    Ellis Charles, High Street
    Felgate George, Chapel Street
    Fuller Robert, High Street
    Hall Joseph, Channel Sea Crescent
    Hutley Elizabeth, High Street
    Lamprell Joseph, High Street
    Lincoln Phoebe, Broadway
    Moss Thomas, High Street
    Short George, Broadway
    Short Robert, High Street
    Turner John, West Ham
    Wells James, High Street
    Wiseman Benjamin, High Street
    Wood James, West Ham Lane

    Furniture Brokers
    Asals james, Broadway
    Carder John, High Street
    Davies Esther, High Street
    Levy Hyman, High Street
    Wenham William, High Street

    Grocers & Tea Dealers
    Marked * are also Cheesemongers
    (See also Shopkeepers etc)
    * Allen Anne, High Street
    * Avery Thomas, High Street
    * Baldey William, West Ham
    Barnard James, Broadway
    * Benton Benjamin, Plaistow
    * Catton Benjamin, Plaistow
    * Coles james, West ham
    Croxford Arthur (& dealer in British wines), 12 & 13 Upton Place
    Eames Hannah, Plaistow
    Gregory John, West Ham Lane
    * Hollick Samuel, Broadway
    Hopkins William, High Street
    Hudson Anthony, High Street
    Lee henry, stratford Green
    Moore Thomas, Broadway
    Scatton Samuel, Plaistow
    Prime Benjamin, Broadway
    Rowlay John, Broadway
    Stubbs Richard, Maryland Point
    * Taylor William, High Street
    Wilson Henry, Broadway
    Winnill William Hill, High Street
    Woodland Benjamin, West Ham
    Hair Dressers & Perfumers
    Craddock john, Broadway
    Gilvray John, Plaistow
    Moss James, High Street
    Nunn Samuel, Broadway
    Pancoast Michael, Stratford Green
    Robertson Adam, Church Street, West Ham
    Scotchmer John, High Street
    White James, Broadway

    Glazbrook Mary, Broadway
    Story Christopher, Bridge Place

    Inns and Public Houses
    Abbey Arms, Thos Kerry, Plaistow
    Adam and Eve, Robert Birdsall, West Ham abbey
    Angel, Mary Ann Brain, West ham
    Angel, William Good, Broadway
    Bird in Hand, Alexander McGregor, High Street
    Black Lion, Joseph Duck, Plaistow
    Blue Boar, William May, High Street
    Cart & Horses, Thomas Bigg, Maryland Point
    Coach & Horses, Jno Bright, Plaistow
    Coach and Horses, James Chapman, Broadway
    Crown, Leabon Rout, West Ham
    Eagle & Child, Henry Ellis Moseley, West Ham
    Fox & Hounds, Henry Harmsworth, High Street
    George, Mary Blaker, Broadway
    Green Gate, Wm Robt Trott, Plaistow
    Green Man, Margaret Bird, High Street
    Half Moon, Charles Pugh, West Ham
    Harrow, Robert martin, High Street
    King of Prussia, Geo Griff, Broadway
    Kings Head, Wm Lamb, West Ham
    Kings Head Inn, Robert Francis Beeton, Broadway
    Old Black Bull, Susannah Carter, Broadway
    Old Greyhound, Rich Turner, Plaistow
    Spotted Dog, William Vause, Upton
    Swan, Geo Tuting Evered, Broadway
    Three Pigeons, Wm Hinchley, Stratford Green
    Two Brewers, William Bugg, High Street
    Unicorn, Thomas Pickett, West ham
    White Swan, Robert Augustine Ion, West ham Abbey
    Yorkshire Gray, Joseph Cowland, High Street
    Yorkshire Gray, Benjamin Grout, West Ham

    Fletcher Frederick, Broadway
    Little Burgess, Broadway
    Page George, Broadway

    Jewellery and Silversmiths
    Isaacs Barnett, High Street
    Lamb Richard, Broadway
    Radford Thomas, Broadway

    Linen Drapers
    Bilton John and Co, Broadway
    Hickes Richard Turner, High Street
    King Susannah, Balaam Street, Plaistow
    Lancaster Abraham, Broadway
    Maguire William, Broadway
    Stevens John, Broadway
    Stewart John, Plaistow

    Livery Stable Keepers
    Beeton Robt, Kings Head, Broadway
    Bish Henry, High Street
    Crump George, West Ham Lane
    Mayhew Philip, Plaistow
    Neale Wm henry, Langthorne Place
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