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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    Stratford 1878

    History of Stratford in 1878


    Private Residents.

    Ablett John Chas, 2 Grove Crescent Road

    Abrahams Rt, Oxford Villa, Romford Road

    Alexander Frederick John, Margery Hall, Margery Park

    Allen David, Palmerston House, Romford Road

    Allen George, 2 Batavia Cottages, Chandos Road, New Town

    Allen Mrs, 2 Batavia Cottages, Chandos Road, New Town

    Allen William Thimbleby, Eliza Cottage, Chandos Road, New Town

    Alment Edward, 4 Belgrave Villas, Romford Road

    Angell Lewis, C E The Grove & 10 Great Queen Street, Westminster

    Archer Miss, 6 Market Place

    Argent Jas, Manor House, Romford Road

    Armstrong Edward, 10 Manby Grove

    Astley Mrs, 32 Maryland Point

    Atherton John, Romford Road

    Bailey Mrs, Melrose House, Green, Romford Road

    Baird Charles Burrows, 2 Chesterfield Villas, Chobham Road

    Balding Thomas, 5 Belgrave Villa, Romford Road

    Banks Samuel, 17 Upton Place, Romford Road

    Barber Mrs, 11 Deanery Road

    Barber Mrs, 6 Manby Grove

    Barlow Benjamin Irlam, 6 Belgrave Villas, Romford Road

    Barnard Jabez, 170 High Street

    Barrett Joseph, 1 Eugenie Villas, Romford Road

    Barringer James, 1 Emmanuel Villas, Romford Road

    Bartram Robert, Lonsdale House, Romford Road

    Barwell Mrs, 14 Manbey Grove

    Base Henry, Eagle House, Vicarage Lane

    Bastard Edward, Beech House, Green, Romford Road

    Bastard Richard, 2 Belgrave Villas, Romford Road

    Baxter Fredk, 4 Argyle Villas, Water Lane

    Bayford James, 8 Holly Terrace, Leytonstone Road

    Bear George, Clifford House, The Grove

    Bear Henry, 5 Haddington Villas, Romford Road

    Bearman Charles, 23 Manbey Grove

    Bedding Frederick, 28 Manbey Grove

    Begent Arthur, 1 Rosedale Villas, Romford Road

    Bell Henry James, 5 Roseland Terrace, Chobham Road, New Town

    Bell Mrs, 2 Warwick Terrace, Vicarage Lane

    Birt Geo, 10 Vicarage Terrace, Romford Road

    Blyth Robert, The Elms, Romford Road

    Boardman C, Green, Romford Road

    Bolton Rev William Jay, MA [vicar], The Hollies, Stratford Green, Romford Road

    Boulton James, 21 Manbey Grove

    Bowman Miss, 5 Richmond Villas, Chobham Road, New Town

    Boyle Frederick, Green, Romford Road

    Bramley Chas, 2 Ellen Cottages, Chobham Road

    Brent George, Green, Romford Road

    Bressey Edward, Rose Cottage, Green, Romford Road

    Brookham Mrs, 182 High Street

    Brooks Captain William James Tayer, Milton House, Grove Crescent Road

    Brooks John, 2 Colchester Terrace, Angel Lane

    Buck Edwin, 188 High Street

    Budgett John Alfred, The Grove

    Buffham John, 5 Argyle Villas, Water Lane

    Bull Fredk Oliver, 1 Norris Place, High Street

    Bullions Mrs, 186 High Street

    Bullock Mrs, 2 Vicarage Terrace, Romford Road

    Burch Thos William, 18 Upton Place, Romford Road

    Burford Ephraim, 5 Crownfield Place, Leytonstone Road

    Burford James, Burford Road

    Burford Miss, 2 Upton Villas

    Burrows Henry, 1 Ingham Place, Leytonstone Road

    Burton Mrs, Vine Cottage, Green, Romford Road

    Butler Miss, 27 Upton Place, Romford Road

    Callagham Henry, Florence Villas, St Georges Square

    Cameron William, 54 Margery Park

    Carpenter Mrs, 1 Holly Terrace, Leytonstone Road

    Carter Rev James Wray [vicar of Christ Church], Vicarage, High Street

    Cartwright Zachariah, Romford House, Romford Road

    Casselton Edmd, 4 Green, Romford Road

    Casselton William, 180 High Street

    Chapman Sampson George, 3 Waddington Terrace, Windmill Lane, new Town

    Childs Mrs, 9 Market Place

    Chubb Henry, 1 West Ham Villas, Leytonstone Road

    Clapp Samuel, 166 High Street

    Clarke William J, Romford Road

    Clay Mrs, 6 The Grove

    Clayden John, 2 Wanstead Vilas, Leytonstone Road

    Clegg William, Roseland Cottage, Chobham Road, New Town

    Clements John, 1 Argyle Villas, Water Lane

    Clifton Kenyon Croft, 1 Upton Villas

    Coates Nicholas Charles, 7 Park Villas, the Green, Romford Road

    Coiley James, 5 Grove, Crescent Road

    Cole George William, 5 Water Lane

    Coleman Daniel, 4 Ellen Cottages, Chobham Road

    Colman Saml, 1 Upton Place, Romford Road

    Colquhoun Robert Henry, Gordon Villa, Chobham Road

    Compton John, Longmoor Lodge, green, Romford Road

    Cook James, 7 Argyle Villas, Water Lane

    Cook John, Granville House, Romford Road

    Cook Mrs, 4 Roseland Terrace, Chobham Road

    Cook Robertson, 8 Haddington Villas, Romford Road

    Cooper William, 7 Green, Romford Road

    Cork Wray, Green, Romford Road

    Corley Thomas, 30 Upton Place, Romford Road

    Coter Fredk, Ponder Terrace, Water lane

    Couch Henry, 4 Warwick Terrace, Vicarage Lane

    Coulbourn Albert, 7 Warwick Terrace, vicarage Lane

    Courtaney George Henry, Rutland House, The Grove

    Cowland Joseph, The Grove

    Cox Rev Stephen, 5 The Grove

    Cox William, Thorpe Villa, Chobham Road, New Town

    Creagh Capt John K, Victoria Villa, Manby park Terrace

    Creed Thomas Brittain, 2 Manbey Park Terrace, The Grove

    Croton John, 13 Water Lane

    Cumberland Arthur, 2 Rosedale Villas, Romford Road

    Curtis John, The Grove

    Curwen Rev John, Workington House, Romford Road

    Daubeney Miss, 31 Ponder Terrace, Water Lane

    Davies Leonard, Haddington Villad, Romford Road

    Davis Henry Louis, 5 Green, Romford Road

    Dawson John, 2 Genista Villas, Romford Road

    Dawson Wm, May Lodge, Leytonstone Road

    Deason Ambrose Berry, 3 Vicarage Terrace, Romford Road

    Deason Wm, Deanery Road, Romford Road

    Dexter Robert. Margery Hall Cottage, Romford Road

    Dickson Thos, Bentley House, Romford Road

    Dorton John, Dalkeith House, Leytonstone Road

    Dowling Rev George [Catholic], Grove Crescent Road

    Drake A J, Romford Road

    Drake Thomas, Romford Road

    Duncan Charles, 10 Holly Terrace, Leytonstone Road

    Dykes Wm, 5 Warwick Terrace, Vicarage Lane

    Eccles George, The Grove

    Edwards Arthur, Romford Road

    Edwards George Canning, The Elms, Romford Road

    Ellis Joseph, 1 Gurney Cottages, Leytonstone Road

    Ellis William Henry, 5 Waddington Villas, Windmill Lane, New Town

    Enscomb Robert, Belgrave Villas, Romford Road

    Evans Jas, 2 Gurney Villas, Leytonstone Road

    Evans John, Romford Road

    Evans John, 2 Saunders Terrace, Chobham Road

    Farey Samuel G, Romford Road

    Farman Wm, 7 Vicarage Terrace, Romford Road

    Fell Capt Alfred, RN, The Grove

    Fenn Ford, 3 Haddington Villas, Romford Road

    Fisher Thos, Malden Villas, Romford Road

    Fletcher John, 1 Lansdowne Villas, Romford Road

    Foot George Wilkinson, 3 Lansdowne Villas, Romford Road

    Foreman John, 3 Grove Crescent Road

    Forge John, 3 Richmond Villas, Chobham Road

    Fox James, 2 Upton Place, Romford Road

    Francis Mrs, 2 Haddington Villas, Romford Road

    Freeman Mrs, 3 Upton Villas, Romford Road

    French Chas, 3 Stanley Villas, Chobham Road

    French Hen, 2 Stanley Villas, Chobham Road

    Frost John Hales, 3 St Johns Terrace, Romford Road

    Fuller John, Ham Lodge, Green, Romford Road

    Fuller Wm Hy, The Ferns, Romford Road

    Gabb Mrs, 1 Havelock Terrace, Romford Road

    Garritt Mrs, 2 Waddington Terrace, Windmill lane, new Town

    Gear Mrs, 7 Holly Terrace, Leytonstone Road

    Geere Thomas, Broadway

    Geere Walter, 2 Pembroke Villas, Romford Road

    Gehringer John Frederick, 2 Havelock Terrace, Chobham Road, new Town

    Gentry John, 1 Crownfield Place, Leytonstone Road

    Gidney Jeremiah William, 1 Belgrave Villas, Romford Road

    Gillies Malcom, 4 Waddington Terrace, Windmill Lane, New Town

    Glenny Francis, 2 Lansdowne Villas, Romford Road

    Goedicke Franz Wilhelm Edward Reinhold, Prospect House, Romford Road

    Gooch George, 4 Lansdowne Villas, Romford Road

    Goodson Wm, MD, Chobham Road, New Town

    Gorton Mrs, 4 Water lane

    Goss James, The Cedars, Romford Road

    Gower Frederick, 168 High Street

    Gower John, 12 Warwick terrace, Vicarage Lane

    Gray Andrew, 8 Argyle Villas, Water lane

    Gray Tom Edward, Fern Lodge, Leytonstone Road

    Gredley Edmund, 1 Gurney Villas, Leytonstone Road

    Gregor William, 1 Grove Crescent Road

    Grogons Walker Atkins, 216 High Street

    Groves William, 190 High Street

    Gwinn George, 7 The Grove

    Hale Charles, 3 Chesterfield Villas, Chobham Road

    Hall John, Ingham House, Leytonstone Road

    Hall John Rodger, the Grove

    Hall Mrs William, The Grove

    Hamer Saml, 4 Holly Terrace, Leytonstone Road

    Hamilton John Burnett, 34 Maryland Point

    Hare Benjamin Joseph, 15 Upton Place, Romford Road

    Harland John, 3 Ellen Cottages, Chobham Road

    Harris Boothe, Agate Villa, Romford Road

    Harris Wm, 3 Buxton Villa, Leytonstone Road

    Harveston Wm, Avenue Cottage, Manbey Road

    Harvey George, 1 Richmond Villas, Chobham Road, New Town

    Hasted Wm, Clifton Lodge, Romford Road

    Hatcher Jehu, The Grove

    Hedington Joseph, 8 Market Place

    Helms John Thomas, 9 Vicarage Terrace, Romford Road

    Hewes Thos, 3 Upton Place, Romford Road

    Hill Joseph Kinder, 4 Stanley Villas, Chobham Road, New Town

    Hilleary Edward Gustavus, 6 Haddington Villas, Romford Road

    Hilleary Fredk Ed, Green, Romford Road

    Hindley Henry, 2 Water Lane

    Hodges James, 15 Manbey Grove

    Holland Rev Walster [catholic], Grove Crescent Road

    Holland Mrs, 1 Epping Villas, Romford Road

    Hollingsworth Wm, Green, Romford Road

    Holloway Mrs, 22 Manbey Grove

    Hopkins Charles Cook, 5 Stanley Villas, Chobham Road

    Hopwood Jas, Gordon Cottage, Chobham Road

    Horn Jas, 4 Chobham Terrace, Chobham Road

    Hornsby Thomas, 9 Green, Romford Road

    Hose Joseph, Christie Villa, Romford Road

    Hosford John Stroud, MD, Grove

    Howell John, 6 Ingham Place, Leytonstone Road

    Hudson John, Green, Romford Road

    Hughes Joseph, Henniker House, The Grove

    Hunter John, 1 Waddington Terrace, Windmill Lane, New Town

    Hussey Charles, The Limes, Green, Romford Road

    Imrie John, 7 Grove Crescent Road

    Ingram George, 6 Richmond Villas, Chobham Road

    Jackson Mrs, George House, Vicarage Lane

    Jefferies John, 174 High Street

    Jeune Fredk Chas, 3 Maryland Villas

    Jex Robt, 8 Warwick Terrace, Vicarage Lane

    Jex William Orlando, 1 Clarence Villas, Deanery Row

    Jones George, Elms, Romford Road

    Josling Mrs, 13 Deanery Row

    Kennedy Angus , MD, Stratford Hall, Romford Road

    Kennedy John Blydestyn, 5 Surinam Terrace, Broadway

    Kent Geo, 10 Warwick Terrace, Vicarage Lane

    King John, 20 Water Lane

    King Mrs, 13 Warwick Terrace, Vicarage Lane

    Kipping Charles, 5 Ingham Place, Leytonstone Road

    Kirk Mrs, 8 Vicarage Terrace, Romford Road

    Kitson Mrs, 3 Belgrave Villas, Romford Road

    Knaggs Rev James [congregational], 1 Pembroke Villas, Romford Road

    Knight George, 17 Water Lane

    Knight Thomas, 8 Roseland Terrace, Chobham Road, New Town

    Lankester Robert, Lawrence, 6 Park villas, Romford Road

    Latreille Frederick York, 1 Park Villas, Margery park

    Latter John Atherton, 1 Warwick Terrace, Vicarage Lane

    Leach Frederick, 47 Manbey grove

    Ledger Thomas, 2 Cloughton Villas, Chobham Road

    Lee George, 14 Upton Place, Romford Road

    Lee Henry, Fairlight House, Deanery Road

    Leftley Leon, 23 Upton Place, Romford Road

    Lemarque Frederick, 11 Warwick Terrace, Vicarage Lane

    Lester Henry, 6 Maryland Point

    Lewis David, 2 Eden Villas, The Grove

    Lindsey Wm, 6 Ponder Terrace, Water lane

    Ling Chas, Park Cottage, Green, Romford Road

    Lintott Ed, 2 Ingham Place, Leytonstone Road

    Littlefield William, 16 Water Lane

    Livermore William Charles, 5 Upton Place, Romford Road

    Longs John, 3 Havelock Terrace, Chobham Road

    Lowe Francis John, 7 Lansdowne Terrace, Romford Road

    Luckin John, 3 Manbey Grove

    Lynn Rev John Hunt, 21 Keogh Road, Water Lane

    MacAllen George, 6 Waddington Terrace, Windmill Lane, New Town

    McCarthey, Rev Aidar [catholic], Grove Crescent Road

    McDonald John, Sussex Villa, Deanery Road

    McDonnell Geo, Sunnyside, Romford Road

    Mainland Capt David, 8 The Grove

    Marks Nathan, 1 Westbury Road

    Marsh Thomas, 3 Crownfield Place,  Leytonstone Road

    Marshall Joseph G B, Martin Street

    Martin Arthur Burnett, 8 Upton Place, Romford Road

    Martin Frederick Samuel, High Meades House, Martin Street

    Martin William, 10 Market Place

    Martin Wm, 13 Upton Place, Romford Road

    Maw James, Park Villa, Margery Park Road

    May James Pearson, Bethell House, Green, Romford Road

    May Mrs, 15 Water Lane

    May Wm, 3 Saunders Terrace, Chobham Road

    Maynard Miss, 2 Argyle Villas, Water Lane

    Mead Wm, 6 Warwick Terrace, Vicarage Lane

    Mears Benjamin, Green, Romford Road

    Meech Peter, Verandah Cottages, Green, Romford Road

    Meeson John, Witham Lodge,  Romford Road

    Mills David, 3 Chobham Terrace, Chobham Road

    Mills George, 1 Wanstead Villas, Leytonstone Road

    Mills Mrs, 30 Maryland Point

    Mitchell Adam, Edith Villa, Water Lane

    Mitcheson John, The Grove

    Moll Oscar, 2 Gurney Cottages, Leytonstone Road

    Moore Hy, 1 Lowther Villas, Romford Road

    Moore John, 4 Upton Villas, Romford Road

    Moore Mrs, 19 Water Lane

    Morley John, Elm Cottage, Romford Road

    Mulley John Jas, Florence Villas, Water Lane

    Mundy Mrs, Clifton Villa, Leytonstone Road

    Munt George, 12 Manbey Grove

    Nash Charles, Trent Villa, Water lane

    Nash Geo, 9 Warwick Terrace, Vicarage Lane

    Needham Joseph, Beaufort House, Romford Road

    Newman Thomas John, 1 Lynby Villas, Romford Road

    Newton George, 9 Maryland Point

    Nicholson John F, Romford Road

    Norman Alfred, 4 Upton Place, Romford Road

    North Charles, 1 Manbey Villas

    North George, 3 Manbey Villas

    North Samuel Eli, 1 Cambridge Villas, Romford Road

    Oddy Jas, 2 Sycamore Villas, Leytonstone Road

    O’Keefe Charles, 24 Manbey Grove

    Ough Hy, Hazlewood House, Romford Road

    Owen Thomas, Lay Cottage, Leytonstone Road

    Page Joseph, Lorne Villa, Romford Road

    Palmer John Thos, Bay Cottage, Chobham Road

    Palmer Thos W, 2 Rokeby Place, Broadway

    Paris James, 53 Margery Park

    Paulin Thomas, Whitehall, Romford Road

    Pearson Charles, 7 Roseland Terrace, Chobham Road, New Town

    Peck Richard, 4 St Johns Terrace, Romford Road

    Pedley Mrs Green, Romford Road

    Perkins Thos, 1 Vicarage Terrace, Romford Road

    Perry Benj, 6 Saunders Terrace, Chobham Road

    Perry Mrs, 50 Manbey Grove

    Peters Chas, 1 Genista Villas, Romford Road

    Pettigrew John, 6 Vicarage lane, Romford Road

    Pidgeon Josiah, 10 Green, Romford Road

    Pitchford John, Manbey House, Water Lane

    Platt Mrs, 2 Lynby Villas, Romford Road

    Plenderleich John, 3 Roseland Terrace, Chobham Road, New Town

    Pocknell Edmund, 3 Grove Terrace, Grove

    Pollard Jas, 5 Holly Terrace, Leytonstone Road

    Price Mrs, Bertie Villa, Water lane

    Prior H M, 1 Saunders Terrace, Chobham Road, New Town

    Randall Henry, 12 Deanery Road

    Ray John, 2 Epping Villas, Romford Road

    Rayner Stillingfield, 38 Angel Place, New Town

    Rea John, Millfield House, Grove, Crescent Road

    Rice Geo, 2 Cambridge Villas, Romford Road

    Richards James, 1 Maryland Point

    Richards John, 2 Eugenie Villas, Romford Road

    Richards John, 9 Water Lane

    Richardson Edwin, 25 Manbey Grove

    Richardson George William, 1 Buxton Villas, Leytonstone Road

    Richardson Miss, 9 Upton Place, Romford Road

    Richardson Mrs, 1 Stanley Villa, Chobham Road, New Town

    Rickett James, 2 West Ham Villas, Leytonstone Road

    Rivett William James, 4 Richmond Villas, Chobham Road, New Town

    Roberts John R, Foxley Lodge, Romford Road

    Roberts Walter, St Helens, Romford Road

    Rogers John, 2 Water Lane

    Rolfe Philemore, 1 Argyle Villa, Romford Road

    Roper Mrs, 4 Westbury Road

    Ross Rev Robt, Vicarage, Romford Road

    Ross Charles, 2 The Hollies, Romford Road

    Ryley James Beresford, LRCP EDIN, 1 Maryland Villas

    Saltmarsh William, 7 Market Place

    Sampson Wm, Osborne Villa, Romford Road

    Sanders Mrs, 8 Saunders Terrace, Chobham Road, New Town

    Sanderson Chas, 4 Vicarage Terrace, Romford Road

    Sandys Henry Morton, 3 Warwick Terrace, Vicarage Lane

    Sansom John Dowding, 6 Holly Terrace, Leytonstone Road

    Saul Charles, The Grange, Romford Road

    Saunders Jas, 8 Lansdowne Terrace, Romford Road

    Schleman Henry Anthony, Crownfield House, Leytonstone Road

    Scott Edwd Benj, 1 Grove Villa, Grove

    Scott J, Green, Romford Road

    Scrivener Albert, 7 Ponder Terrace, Water lane

    Sedgwick Richard, 2 Maryland Point

    Self George, 2 Green, Romford Road

    Sell Arthur, 4 Saunders Terrace, Chobham Road, New Town

    Seseman Henry, 6 Crownfield Place, Leytonstone Road

    Settles Wm, Stork House, Green, Romford Road

    Sharp Mrs, Sydney House, Water Lane

    Shaw Charles, 184 High Street

    Shaw Mrs, 1 Water Lane

    Shelborne John, Fairland House, Romford Road

    Short George, Rose Villa, Margery Park

    Simpson Capt Joseph, 2 Park Villas, Margery Park

    Skinner Thos, Thurlow House, Romford Road

    Slater John, 26 Upton Place, Romford Road

    Small Geo Wm, Eva Villa, Leytonstone Road

    Smallwood Muss, 3 Holly Terrace, Leytonstone Road

    Smeeton James, 9 Grove, Crescent Road

    Smellie William, Ivy Cottage, Romford Road

    Smith Frederick, Romford Road

    Spencer Thos Jackson, 2 Manbey Villas

    Spink Wm, 4 Buxton Villas, Leytonstone Road

    Springall John, 6 Green, Romford Road

    Squires Hy, 2 Buxton Villas, Leytonstone Road

    Stafford Thomas Lee, 26 Manbey Grove

    Stanton William, Green, Romford Road

    Steer James, 40 Manbey Grove

    Stevens Edwd, 9 Holly Terrace, Leytonstone Road

    Stevens John H, 7 Upton Place, Romford Road

    Stimson Edwin Charles, Coimbra House, Grove

    Stimson Fredk, Coimbra House, Grove

    Stollery David, Deanery Road, Romford Road

    Stone Edward, 6 Lansdowne Terrace, Romford Road

    Strange Mrs, Elim Villa, Deanery Road

    Sturdy Mrs, 3 Surinam Terrace, Broadway

    Sturrock Wm, 4 Grove, Crescent Road

    Swiney Jas, Tregartha House, Romford Road

    Swinton Allen, 6 Argyle Villas, Water lane

    Tait Edward, 27 Manbey Grove

    Tan John, 10 Water Lane

    Tanner Arthur, Elms, Romford Road

    Tapley Hy, 2 Clarence Villas, Deanery Road

    Taylor Mrs, 6 Grove Terrace, The Grove

    Taylor Thomas, 2 Westbury Road

    Terry William, 178 High Street

    Tharp Wm Hy, Norton House, Leytonstone Road

    Thompson John, 3 Argyle Villas, Water Lane

    Thompson Miss, Green, Romford Road

    Thompson Thos, 2 Holly Terrace, Leytonstone Road

    Thorman Edwd Hy, Union Street, High Street

    Thornber Joseph Hy, 3 Grove Villas, The Grove

    Thornhill Mrs, The Elms, Romford Road

    Tindall Alexander Curtis, Belgrave Villas, Romford Road

    Tipping Wm Reid, 31 Maryland Point

    Tisdell Wm , 20 Upton Place, Romford Road

    Tomkins John, 2 Crownfield Place, Leytonstone Road

    Tomlin Frederick, 1 Sycamore Villas, Leytonstone Road

    Tribe Geo Thos, 21 Upton Place, Romford Road

    Troup Mrs, 2 Grove Villas, The Grove

    Tucker Mrs, 172 High Street

    Tucker Robt, Cromwell Villas, Margery Park

    Turnell Rd, 2 Richmond Villas, Chobham Road

    Turner Geo, Thornton Villas, Romford Road

    Vallance Thomas James, Romford Road

    Verhagen Rev Francis [catholic], Grove Crescent Road

    Verleyer Rev Germain [catholic], Grove Crescent Road

    Vernon Rev Charles [Baptist], 5 Maryland Point

    Vile Chas, Holly Lodge, Leytonstone Road

    Volckman Charles, Broadway & Longmore Villa, Green, Romford Road

    Walker Chhas, Ingham Place, Leytonstone Road

    Walker Mrs, 20 Manbey Grove

    Walsh John, 1 Margery Park Villas

    Ward Mrs, 4 Grove Villas

    Watling Arthur, Romford Road

    Watson John, 9 Manbey Grove

    Wayland Jas, 11 Upton Place, Romford Road

    Webb Charles Baker Scott, 4 Crownfield Place, Leytonstone Road

    Weir Thomas, 2 Chobham Terrace, Chobham Road, New Town

    Wesley James Frederick, 22 Upton Place, Romford Road

    Wesley William, 25 Upton Place, Romford Road

    West Frank, 5 Lansdowne Terrace, Romford Road

    White James Edward. 176 High Street

    White John Richard, 3 Rokeby Place, Broadway

    White Mrs, 5 Vicarage Terrace, Romford Road

    White Thomas, 13 Manbey Grove

    Whitehouse Thomas Gill, MD, 7 Maryland Point

    Whiteman Wm, 2 Roseland Terrace, Chobham Road

    Whitty Thomas, 11 Water Lane

    Wilcox Mrs, 2 Emanuel Villas, Romford Road

    Wilkinson Thomas, 164 High Street

    Williams Mrs, 3 Water Lane

    Williams Watkin Lewis, 1 Cloughton Villas, Chobham Road

    Williams William, 7 Haddington Villas, Romford Road

    Willis Thomas, Broadway & The Grove

    Willmott Joseph, 10 High Street

    Wilson Henry, 1 Ponder Terrace, Water Lane

    Wilson Wm, Claremont House, Romford Road

    Wilson Wm, 16 Upton Place, Romford Road

    Wilton Leonard, Longmore House, Green, Upton Place, Romford Road

    Wire Benj, Park House, Margery Park

    Witham Joseph, 3 Green, Romford Road

    Woods Samuel, 8 Grove, Crescent Road

    Woollett John, 6 Grove, Crescent Road

    Woolley Charles, 8 Water Lane

    Wright Thomas Eleazer, Suffolk Lodge, Leytonstone Road

    Wright William, 6 Roseland Terrace, Chobham Road

    Wrigley Rev Bede [catholic], Grove, Crexcent Road