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Brockley Public Houses

BROCKLEY in 1844, is a scattered village, on the banks of a rivulet, 6 1/2 miles S. by W. of Bury St. Edmund's, has in its parish 380 souls, and about 1500 acres of land, rising in bold undulations. Fras. Capper Brooke, Esq., is lord of the manor, and the other principal owners of the soil are the Rev. J. D. Sprigge, Rev. H. Hasted, and Messrs. J. Langham, G. Garnham, and J. Pawsey, The Church, (St. Andrew) has a tower and three bells, and contains a handsome monument of the Sprigge family, and a fine painting of Our Saviour and the Doctors in the Temple. The rectory, valued in K. B. at �10 4s. 2d., and in 1835, at �330, is in the patronage and incumbency of the Rev. J. D. Sprigge, B. C. L., who is now (1843) erecting a new Rectory House in lien of the old one, which was burnt to the ground on the 6th of April, 1841, with nearly all its furniture, &c. Under Sir Robert Drury's Charity, (see Hawstead,) the poor of Brockley have divided among them �4 per annum, and a poor widow of the parish is placed in the almshouse at Hawstead, and receives �5 a year. Sir Robert Jervis, at some date unknown, gave about 7a. of land at Wickhamhbrook,for the poor of the parishes of Whepstead, Brockley, and Hargrave, in the proportions of four-ninths to each of the two former parishes, and one-ninth to the latter. It is now let for �8 2s. per annum. The Town and Pour's Estate was vested in feoffees long before 1700, for the public use and benefit of the parish, and consists of a house and two cottages, occupied rent free by poor parishioners, and 23a. of land, called Shortnecks, Woodcrofts, and Ediths, let for �31 a year, and given at an early period, partly for the poor and partly for superstitious uses. Most of the rent is distributed among the poor parishioners about Christmas and Lady-day. From Sutton's Charity, two poor men of Brockley receive �6 a year, and coats occasionally. From Sparlie's Charity,' (see Hartest,) Brockley has �6 a year for schooling five poor children.
Avey Charles, victualler, Fox & Hounds
Brewster Charles, carpenter
Cooper Mary, blacksmith
Garwood Jonathan, shopkeeper
Pawsey Henry, schoolmaster
Pawsey William, beerhousekeeper
Springe Rev. Jas. Dewhurst, B.C. L., Rectory
Sparke William, corn miller
FARMERS. (*are Owners.)
Brand William, Brockley Hall
* Bulls Mary
Cooper Elizabeth
* Creaton James
Marsh Thomas
Mudd Arthur
Murton John
* Pawsey John
Pettit Henry
Smith David
Wallis John

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