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Dalham Public Houses

DALHAM in 1844, is a neat and pleasant village, in the vale of a small rivulet, nearly 6 miles E.S.E. of Newmarket, and 9 miles W. of Bury St. Edmund's, has in its parish 2070 acres of fertile land, and 598 souls, of whom 204 are in the hamlet of Dunstall Green, more than a mile S.E. of the church. Dalham was the lordship of Walter de Norwich, a parliamentary baron in the reign of Edward II. On the death of his great-grandson, it passed to William de Ufford, Earl of Suffolk. It afterwards passed to the Estotevilles, who sold it to Dr. Simon Patrick, Bishop of Ely, whose son disposed of it to Gilbert Affleck, Esq., whose family has since been seated here, and was elevated to a baronetage in 1782. The Rev. Sir Robert Affleck, Bart., is now lord of the manor, and owner of nearly all the parish. He supports a small free-school, and resides at Dalham Hall, a large red brick mansion in a beautiful park, a little north of the village. The offices below are arched, and above them a noble gallery, 24 feet wide, runs quite through the building, which was erected about the year 1705, by Dr. Patrick, Bishop of Ely. The Church (St. Mary) is a neat structure, with a tower containing five bells, and formerly surmounted with a spire, which was blown down by the high wind at Oliver Cromwell's death. The rectory, valued in K.B. at 15. 10s. 5d., and in 1835 at 419, is in the gift of the Rev. Sir Rt. Affleck, and incumbency of the Rev. James Danby Affleck. The tithes were commuted at the enclosure, about 25 years ago.
Marked * are at Dunstall Green, and the others in Dalham
Affleck Rev Sir Robert, Bart. Dalham Hall
Affleck Rev James Danby, Rectory
Bosanquet Rev Edwin, curate of Denham

Dunning John, victualler, King's Head
Fitch John, gamekeeper
Fyson William, baker and shopkeeper
*Herbert Benj. farrier
Marrow John, glazier, &c.
Murray Mrs Mary
Norman James, shopkeeper
Plummer Gilbert, bricklayer
Plummer John, carpenter
Plummer John, bricklayer
Ruffell William, miller and maltster
*Sealey Timothy, shoemaker
*Sparrow James, shoemaker
*Swann William, beerhouse and shopkeeper
Tabram John, blacksmith
Thompson Mr Daniel
Watkinson James, shoemaker

*Andrews James
Dearsley Thomas
Fitch Chas.agent
Garrad Edw.
*Gillings William
Moore Jeremiah
Moore Thomas
Ruffell William
*Sargent Frederick
*Snape Charles
*Webb James

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