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DALLINGHOO is mostly in Wilford Hundred, and is already described at page 144, to which the following account of its charities should have been added. The Church and Poor Lands, etc., comprise 12A. 3R. 9p., and seven cottages, partly copyhold of the manors of Dallinghoo and Wickham-cum-Membris. Part of this property was given
by Thos. Shawe, in 1670, for the church and poor, and some of the cottages were built with �100 received by the parish in 1827, on the dissolution of the Hundred House of Loes and Wilford. One cottage is occupied, rent-free, by the parish clerk, and the rest of the property is let to different tenants, at rents amounting to �30. 15s. a year. This income is applied, as far as necessary, in repairing the church, and the residue is distributed in bread and coals among the poor. New trustees were appointed in 1824. The poor parishioners have also �8. 6s. 7d., yearly from Kersey's Charity (see Charsfield,) and it is distributed in bread and coals, together with the following yearly doles, viz., 10s. left by one Roe ; 20s. from Mill's Charity (see Framlingham ;) and 10s. left by Henry Dade, out of premises at Earl-Soham, called the Stableyard.

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