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FORNHAM-ALL-SAINTS in 1844, is a pleasant village with several neat houses, on the south western bank of the small river Lark, opposite the other two Fornhams, 2 1/2 miles N. W. by N. of Bury St. Edmund's, has in its parish 336 souls, and about 2.000 acres of land. A battle is said to have been fought here by Edward, son of king Alfred, with Ethelwald, his uncle's son, over whom he gained a complete victory. Sir Thomas Gage, Bart., is lord of the manor, but part of the soil belongs to the Rev. Sir T. G. Cullum, Bart., on whose estate, at the south-east angle of the parish, 1 mile N. of Bury, is a commodious Wharf, at the termination of the Lark Navigation. Penelope, Countess Rivers, left, out of lands in this parish, a yearly rent charge of �8, that a sermon might be preached against popery, four times a year at Bury. This lady had the good fortune to marry in succession, three gentlemen who had been her suiters at the same time, but had children only by her second husband, Sir John Gage, of Firle, in Essex. The Church, (All Saints) is a neat structure with a tower and five bells. The rectory, valued in K. B. at �19 10s. 5d. has that of Westley annexed to it, and the united benefices are now worth about �770 per annum; the tithes of Fornham having been commuted for �444, and those of Westley for �329 per annum. The patronage is in Clare Hall, Cambridge, and the Rev. Richard Haggitt, M. A., is the incumbent. For a distribution of coals, the poor have the following yearly doles, viz:- 28s. from an acre of land purchased with �10 given by William Firmage, in 1599; �3 given by Lady Kitson, out of the manor of Lackford; 30s. left by Thomas Mannock, out of 10a. of land; and 20s. out of an estate at Risby, given by Robert Booty. From Lady Kitson's charity, the poor of Fornham have a gown and coat yearly. (See Hengrave.) They have likewise an allotment of 16a. awarded at the enclosure, in lieu of their right of getting furze. This allotment is let for �24 a year, which is distributed in fuel. For a distribution of bread, they have the dividends of �61 10s. 9d. three percent. Consols, purchased with �50 left by John Spink, in 1822; and the interest of �10 given by Mrs. Gould, widow of a late rector.
Bailey Mr. James
Brown John, farmer
Cooke Charles, blacksmith
Corsbie Mr. John, and Mrs. Ann
Durrant Thomas, shoemaker & shopkeeper
Edwards Joseph. wheelwright & smith
Grimwood William, shopkeeper
Haggitt Rev. Richard, M. A. Rectory
Hammond Miss My.
Stutter Miss
Howe George, shopkeeper
Kerrison William, victualler, Three Kings
Merest James D., Esq., tithe commissioner, Priory
Nichols George, coal agent & wharfinger
Wiseman George, registrar & relieving officer
Witt Edward, Esq. farmer, Hall

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