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Gazeley Public Houses

GAZELEY in 1844, is a neat and pleasant village, 5 miles E. by S. of Newmarket, and 9 miles W. of Bury St. Edmund's, has in its parish 5670a., and 860 inhabitants, but is divided into three hamlets, viz., Gazeley, containing 2270 acres, and 445 souls; Higham Green, containing 2500 acres, and 370 souls; and Needham, containing 900 acres, and 45 souls. Higham Green is in Lackford Hundred, and has a scattered village, 2 miles N.E. of Gazeley, and 7 miles W. of Bury; and its soil belongs Robert. Bartley, Esq., Henry Le Grice, Esq., Mrs. Holmes, Mr. Thomas Cornell, and a few smaller owners. Needham hamlet, one mile N. of Gazeley, belongs to Chas. Eaton Hammond, Esq., and has only seven cottages and Needham Hall, the latter now a farm-house, occupied by Mr. Henry Webb. W. F. G. Farmer, Esq., is lord of the manor of Gazeley; but a great part of the soil belongs to the Rev. Sir Robert Affleck, (impropriator of the rectory,) C. E. Hammond, Esq., Mr. T. C. Burroughs, Mr. Cracknell, Mr. J. Steel, and a few smaller owners. The open fields, &c, were enclosed in 1840. The Church (All Saints) is a neat structure, with a tower and six bells, and was appropriated to one of the prebendaries of Stoke College, near Clare. The rectory was granted, in the 9th of James I., to Fras. Moore and Fras. Phillips. The vicarage, valued in K.B. at 10. 10s. 5d., is discharged from the payment of first-fruits and tenths, and has the rectory of Kentford annexed to it. It has about 4a. of glebe, and a yearly modus of 456, awarded in 1841, of which 180 is in lien of Kentford tithes. The patronage is in Trinity College, Cambridge, and the Rev. George Howes is the non-resident incumbent. Here is a National School, built in 1843; and at Higham Green, is a small Free School, built by R. Bartley, Esq., in 1833; and a Baptist Chapel, erected in 1836, by Mr. Sabine. The poor parishioners have two yearly rentcharges, for distributions of red herrings; viz., 7s. 6d., given by George Warren, in 1683; and 10s., given by Simon Pratt, in 1641. They are payable out of land here, belonging to C. E. Hammond, Esq., of Newmarket. At the Chequers Inn, a lodge of Odd Fellows was opened in Oct., 1843. Desning Hall and Lodge are two farm-houses.

Marked * are in Higham Green; and the others at Gazeley, or where specified.
Barnes John, millwright
Birch Rev William curate, Vicarage
Chambers Frederick. victualler, Chequers
*Cooke James, victualler, Lamb
Drake Edward, butcher
French Wm. shoemaker
Layton John, collar & harness maker
Plummer James, bricklayer
Symonds Henry, gentleman
Willis John, tailor
Willis Miss, National School

Norton James
Sutton George
Corn Millers.
Death William
*Ray Thomas Reynolds (& maltster)

Burroughes Thomas Cook
*Cornell Thomas
Death William
*Ellis Joseph, Higham Hall
*Fyson Edward
*Fyson Williamson, Higham Lodge
King Henry
King Jas. Desning Hall
Moore James, steward, Desning Lodge
Moore John
Norman William
*Ray Thos. B.
Webb Henry, Needham Hall
Wilson John
*Baker John
Bradley George
*Osborne Ambrose
Wilson John, (& draper and agent to Suffolk Fire Office)
Rush Rd. Haynes
Whitmore Thomas
Joseph Osborne, to Bury, Mon; Cambridge, - Sat.; & Newmarket, Tues.

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