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Grundisburgh Public Houses

Grundisburgh 1865 Post Office Directory

GRUNDISBUGH is a village and parish, in Carlford hundred and rural deanery, archdeaconry of Suffolk, and diocese of Ely, Woodbridge union and county court district, East Suffolk, 3 miles north-west from Woodbridge, 7 northeast from Ipswich station, and about 2 from Bealings station. The church of St. Mary is an ancient structure; it has a beautiful groined roof, and was rebuilt about the period of 1527: a new brlck-built tower was erected In 1731 in lieu of the old one, which had fallen down, with funds left for the purpose by Mr. Robert Thinge: the church roof was repaired in 1841: the organ, built hy Pilcher, of London, was erected in 1843, at the cost of 100. The register dates from the reign of Edward VI. The living is a rectory, tithes commuted at 542, with 47 acres of glebe, and residence, in the gift of Trinity College, Cambridge, and held by the Rev. George Edis Webster, A.M. The town estate consists of some cottages and about 27 acres of land, let for 40 per annum, and was the gift of the Rev. John Yate. In 1730, Robert Thinge left a yearly rent-charge of 2 12s. for a weekly distribution of bread among the poor. J. Lucock left funds for the purchase of 284, Three-and-a-Half per Cent. Annuities, the dividends to be applied as follows:— 5 for a weekly distribution of three penny loaves, 5 for the support of a Sunday school, and the residue to be annually distributed in bread and coals among the poor. The late Samuel Taylor Dawson also left a bequest of 200, similarly invested, to supply coals to those in needy circumstances. The Baptists have a neat and commodious chapel. The Hall, the seat of B. Gurdon, Esq., lord of the manor, is a stately mansion, pleasantly situated in the midst of a well wooded park and shrubs. Here are clay pits. The soil is mixed, and produces good crops of grain, beet, and turnips. The population in 1861 was 836, and the area is 1,897 acres. Parish Clerk, Benjamin Bedwell.
POST OPPICE. — James Clark, receiver. Letters arrive
from Woodbridge at 8 a.m.; dispatched at 6.30 p.m. The
nearest money order office is at Woodbridge
Eagle, William Colchester
Liverpool & London Globe, John Cobb
IPSWICH — James Adams, tues. wed. fri. & sat. morn.;
returning the same days, William Cook, tues. morn
WOODBRIDGE — James Adams, mon.& thurs. morn.;
returning the same day; William Cook, mon. wed. thurs. fri. & sat. morn

Barriff John, esq
Brown Rev. Walter Elliott
Buttram Mrs
Buttram Misses
Colchester William, esq. Hall
Collins Rev. Samuel [Baptist]
Dobree Rev. James
Gurdon B. esq. Hall
Howlett Mrs
Kerrich Capt. Walter Fitzgerald
Marsden Mrs
Meadows George Frederick Walford, esq
Robinson Mrs
Steel Mrs
Steggal John, esq
Syret Lieut. Janies
Webster Rev. Geo. Edis, M.A. Rectory

Ablitt George, farmer
Adams James, carrier
Baker John, farmer
Banyard George, Dog inn
Banyard James, butcher
Barthrop Edwin Manning, farmer
Bayes William, baker
Bedwell Benjamin, farmer
Beningfield William, teacher of singing
Burch James, farmer
Buttram John, miller
Clark James, tailor, & post office
Cobb John, grocer & draper
Colson John, shopkeeper
Cook Henry, carpenter, wheelwright & asphalter
Cook John, carpenter, bricklayer & asphalter
Cook William, carrier
Crapnell John, blacksmith
Groom Henry, carpenter
Groom Joseph, farmer & cattle dealer
Groom Sarah.(Mrs.), sunday & day scbl
Harris John, farmer
Harris Philip, farmer
Joyce Everard, plumber
Knights William, corn dealer

Lambert — (Mrs.), beer retailer
Loom William, butcher
Manby Henry, farmer
Meadows George Frederick Walford, surgeon
Motum Jeremiah, blacksmith
Newson John, farmer
Nunn Thomas, farmer
Palmer Chas. Halfmoon, k pig dealer
Parker James Upson, bricklayer
Pipe Keeble Wielgress, cooper & basket maker
Read Thomas, farmer
Repington Thos. saddler k harness maker
Smith John, boot & shoe maker
Steggal John, surgeon
Steggal Rebecca (Miss), ladies' boarding & day school
Wilding William, plumber & painter
Woods Henry, dealer
Woolnough James, boot k shoe maker
Woolnough William, bricklayer
Wright Henry, relieving officer

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