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Hargrave Public Houses

Hargrave 1865 Post Office Directory

HARGRAVE in 1844, is a scattered village and parish, 6 miles S. W. of Bury St. Edmund's, comprises about 1800 acres of land, and 573 souls, including an extra parochial farm, called SOUTHWELL PARK, which has 330 acres, and 16 inhabitants, and belongs to the Rev. Sir Robert Affleck, Bart. The Marquis of Bristol is lord of the manor of Hargrave, which was held by Bury Abbey, and afterwards by the Kitsons and Gages. The Steward, Phillips, Harvey, Nunn, Clay, Fenton, and other families, have estates here. The Church has a tower and three bells, and the benefice is a rectory, valued in K. B. at �4 11s 8d., and in 1835 at �188. The Rev. John White, M. A., is patron and incumbent. The poor have about �20 a year from Dayne's Charity, (see Moulton) 18s. a year from Jervis's Charity, (see Brockley) 20s. and a coat or gown yearly, from Lady Kitson's Charity, (see Hengrave;) and an ancient yearly rent charge of 3s. 4d. given by one Kirk, out of a farm here belonging to J. Heathcote, Esq. Two small cottages, on the village Green, have long been held by the churchwardens for the use of the poor.
Marked 1 live at Bird's end, 2 on Hargrave Green, & 3 on Knowl Green.
Bonnett Joseph, bricklayer
2 Chaplin William, blacksmith
Nunn S. & H. milliners, &c,
2 Pask John, shopkeeper'
Ruse Stephen, corn miller
Simkin Thomas, thatcher
Tricker Mrs. Jessey King
Wingrove Chas. coal dealer & victualler, Bull
2 Gooch John
2 Gooch William (& shopkeeper)
1 Phillips Charles
FARMERS. (* are Owners)
3 Calver James
Decks John, Willows
2* Fenton John
Finch William, Hargrave Hall
Finch Samuel, Southwell Park
3* Harvey Robert
Newbury Richard, Frogs-end
2* Nunn Francis
1 Phillips Chas.
2 Silverstone Thomas
3 Spencer William
*Steward Giles,(& brick maker,) Grove
3 Turner Henry
Suttle John
2 Hammond William
1 Mortlock John
Plummer Henry

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