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Haverhill, Suffolk Public Houses

HAVERHILL in 1844 is an ancient market-town and parish, 8 miles W. of Clare, and 54 miles N.N.E. of London, mostly in Risbridge Hundred, Suffolk, and partly in Hinckford Hundred, Essex. It had 1308 inhabitants in 1801, and 2451 in 1841, including 106 paupers in Risbridge Union Workhouse. It comprises 2465 acres of land, of which 648 acres, and 229 of its inhabitants, are in Essex, and form that part of the town and parish called Haverhill Hamlet. The town consists chiefly of one broad street, about a mile in length; and many of its old thatched houses have given place to neat slated buildings, during the last twenty years. It was formerly noted for checks, cottons, and fustians, and has now a silk mill, employing about 70 hands, and several manufacturers of drabbetts. Many females are here employed in making up the latter article into smock-frocks; and many others in the town and neighbourhood are engaged in making Tuscan straw-plat, which was first introduced by Mr. John Parry. Here are about 330 weavers employed on drabbetts, and 70 on silk, which is here woven into umbrella and parasol fabrics. The linen and cotton yarns of which the drabbetts are woven, are mostly brought from Leeds and Stockport. The market, formerly held on Wednesday, was changed to Friday many years ago, and is well supplied with corn and provisions. The Market Place is spacious, and had an ancient market-house or cross, which was taken down about twelve years ago. A house, on one side of it, was converted into a Corn Exchange, in 1839. Fairs are held here on May 12th, for cattle, &c.; and Oct. 10th, for pedlery, pleasure, &c, Sir George Howl and Willoughby Beaumont, Bart., of Cole-Orton, Leicestershire, is lord of the manor of Haverhill, which was anciently held by the noble families of, Stafford and Grey; but a great part of the parish belongs to J. Spirling, Esq.; Queen's College, Cambridge; and several smaller proprietors. The Church (St. Mary) is a large ancient structure, with a tower and five bells. It has a good organ, and about a thousand sittings. It was appropriated to Castleacre Priory, in Norfolk; and the rectory and advowson were granted, in the 29th of Henry VIII., to Thomas, Lord Cromwell. J. Spirling, Esq., is now impropriator of the rectory; and Sir G. H. W. Beaumont is patron of the discharged vicarage, which is valued in K.B. at 6. 5s., and is enjoyed by the Rev. Robert Roberts, M.A., who has now a yearly modus of 220, awarded in 1841. A chapel, called " Le Nether Chirche," anciently stood near the homestead of the chapel-farm, about a mile N. of the town; and a little to the west are some vestiges of a castle. There are in the town, a Friend's Meeting-house, a Baptist Chapel, a Presbyterian Chapel, built in 1707, and rebuilt in 1843; and an Independent Chapel, erected in 1839, at the cost of 1000. The church and chapels have each a Sunday School, and here is also a National School. The Savings' Bank, for Haverhill and its vicinity, was established in 1836. It is open every Friday, at the Post Office, and, in Nov., 1842, had deposits amounting to about 4600. The Rev. William Mayd, of Withersfield, is the secretary and treasurer. The Infirmary, for the relief of the lame and sick poor of Risbridge Union, stands near the Workhouse, and was built in 1840, at the cost of 2200. It had 15 in-patients in July, 1841; and 8 in Nov., 1843. S. S. G. Eastcott is the surgeon. In the town are several Friendly Societies and other provident institutions. Dr. Samuel Ward, a celebrated divine of the 17th century, was born here. He was master of Sidney College, Cambridge, and accompanied Bishop Carlton, Dean Hall, and Dr. Davenant, to the synod of Dort. Imprisonment and ill-usage, during the civil wars between Charles I. and the Parliament, occasioned his death, in 1643. His father was vicar here, and lies buried in the chancel.
Post Office at Mr Jno. Turner's. Letters are despatched at 4 afternoon. and received at 9 and 11 morning.
Marked 1, reside in Baker's row; 2, Bull lane; 3, Burton-end; 4, Chantry croft; 5, Haverhill Hamlet, in Essex; 6, High street; 7, Market place; 8, Pea market hill; and 9, in Withersfield road.
3 Adcock Mrs Sus
6 Basham Mrs S.
1 Basham William, gentleman
7 Boreham William Wakelin, gent.
6 Brainsford Rev. Charles, (Independent.)
1 Chater John and Son, gardeners and nurserymen
4 Clare William, millwright
3 Cole Joseph, cart owner
1 Crick John, farrier
4 Copsey Mr Samuel
6 Pavies Rev. Jas. (Presbytarian. minister)
1 Elliston James, fellmonger, leather cutter, and glover
6 Hall John, brick and tile maker
6 Hall Jas. gent
Frost Mrs Ann
8 Havers Henry, hop and tea merchant
6 Hinds Thomas, traveller
1 Laws Frederick. governor Workhouse
3 Oakes, Bevan, and Co. bankers, (& Sudbury, &c.) Joseph. Boreham, agent
6 Page Edward, confectioner, &c
5 Roberts Rev. Robert, M.A. vicar, Manor House
7 Skipper Henry, excise officer
4 Suckling James, rope maker
4 Underwood Mr Robert
5 Walton Mrs Mary Ann
2 Webb Mr Barnabas & Mrs Mtbl.
3 Wright Ellington, traveller
7 Wright Isaac, gentleman
6 Wright John, traveller
6 Atlas, Wm. Burleigh
6 Crown, Henry Martin
7 Norwich Union, John Turner
7 Suffolk and General, Charles Etching and Isaac Wright
6 Sun, Henry Wyld Jackson
7 Bell, Elias Ellis
2 Bull, (unoccupied)
7 Greyhound, Martha Scotcher
1 Queen's Head, John Price
6 Ram, William Woolard
9 Rose and Crown, Daniel Gilby
5 Weavers' Arms, James Backler
Academies. ('take Boarders.)
6*Dean Eliz. and Bridgman Mra
6 Dearsley Walter
7*Dix Elizabeth
6*Gibling Sarah
9 Hall Harriet
6 Burleigh William
6 Jackson Hy.W.
Bakers, &c
6 Brown William
4 Bridge Joseph
6 Crick Mary
8 Crick Thomas
9 Radford John
6 Turner Thomas
6 Woolard Thomas
6 Backler George
1 Bigmore Samuel
5 Bush William
3 Campion William
6 Cracknell Jas.
7 Crick John
5 Frost James
4 Mason Thomas
9 Scott Charles
2 Frost John
6 Page Edward (& whitesmith)
4 Spicer Eliz.
6 Spicer James
2 Williams Rd.

Booksellers and Printers.
1 Bigmore Samuel. jun. (& organist)
6 Dearsley Walter
Boot & Shoe Makers.
1 Albon William
8 Hickford William
8 Mizen William
5 Starns Henry
I Suckling John
1 Suckling Samuel
7 Turner John
6 Turner Thomas
Braziers & Tinners.
7 Dix John
1 Fairwcather W
Bricklayers and Plasterers.
6 Arber John
6 Backler George
6 Scotcber Jas.
6 Berry James
6 Freeston Sus.
6 Siggs Cook
Cabinet Makers.
1 Jolly Ky. (and bellhanger)
6 Sizer Jonathan
Chemist & Druggist.
7 Kitching Chas.
CoachMaker and Wheelwright.
6 Barker Daniel
7 Crick John
6 Lee Joshua (& turner)
Corn and Flour Dealers.
1 Snape Charles
7 Snape My. Ann
Corn Millers.
3 Brown James, New Mill
4 Major Cornelius
Ruffel Richard, Old Mill
Drabbett and Smock Frk. Manufacturers.
7 Gurton Daniel and Son
6 Nott Joseph
7 Pearce & Chater
6 Sizer Martha
6 Webb Stephen
Brook Thomas, Hall
Cross Philip,Hazel Stubb
Diggins John, Chapel Farm
Harrison Thomas
Osborne James, Haverhill place
Richardson Jesse, Hanchet
Rohinson George, Moor Hall
5 Scotcher John, Manor Farm
1 Snape William (bailiff)
Unwin Joseph, Hazel Stubb
Glass, China, &c Dealers.
7 Dix John (and furniture bkr.)
7 Hagger Josiah
6 Palmer Harriet
Grocers & Drapers.
7 Dennis William
7 Dix John,
Stamp Office
1 Lawrence Jno.
7 Pearce & Chater
6 Peck James
Hair Dressers.
1 Heckford John
6 Kiddle Henry
7 Dix John
1 Fairweather W
6 Smoothy George
Joiners & Builders.
6 Butcher Rt.
1 Hall Charles
6 Hall William
8 Hepler Edwd.
4 Mason Thomas

3 Boreham Joseph (& brewer & spirit mere)
4 Good Charles
6 Purkis John
8 Burleigh S.
6 Howe Eliz.
4 Kemball Sarah
7 Killingback Elz
1 Scotcher My.A.
Painters, Plumbers, Glaziers.
6 Brown William
7 Finch Elijah
1 Pate William
1 Wiles Edward
Saddlers & Harness Makers.
4 Bridge Hovell
4 Bridget Joseph
7 Hagger Josiah
6 Banks Jane
4 Bridge Joseph
7 Cracknell Jas.
5 Roberts Richard
Straw Hat Makers.
7 Ellis Ann Maria (and draper)
6 Hinds Mary
Straw Plat Manufacturers.
7 Chapman John
7 Parry John
6 Spencer Margt.
6 Eastcott Sandford Samuel George
6 Martin Henry
6 Robinson Thos
Tailors & Drapers.
4 Ellis James
7 Ellis Thomas
7 Fairweather W.
6 Howes George (clothes broker)
6 Lock George
Watch & Clock Makers.
6 Carter William
6 Palmer Har.
6 Wham George
COACHES. To London, Mon. Wed. and Fri. at 1/2 past 10 morning. from the Bell; and Mon. Wed. and Fri. at 3 afternoon., and Tu. Thu. and Sat. at 12 noon, from the Greyhound.

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