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Whites 1855 Directory

HINTLESHAM, a large and well-built village, 4 � miles E. by N. of Hadleigh, and 5 � miles W. of Ipswich, is pleasantly situated on the road between those towns, and has in its parish 584 inhabitants, and 2828A. 3B. 24F. of land, mostly the property of James Hamilton Lloyd Anstruther, Esq., the lord of the manor, who resides at the Hall, a fine Elizabethan mansion, in the form of the letter H, standing in a beautiful Park of 150 acres, and containing many spacious apartments, and a fine collection of paintings by Vandyke, Gainsborough, and other distinguished masters. The manor was anciently held by the Talbots, and for many years by the Timperleys, who sold it, about 1725, to Richard Powis, of whom it was purchased by Sir Richard Lloyd, Knight, one of the Barons of the Exchequer. It was bequeathed to its present owner by the late Miss Harriet Lloyd, in 1837. The Cooke and some other families have small estates in the parish. The Church (St. Nicholas) is a handsome structure, with a tower and five bells. The nave and aisles are leaded, hut the chancel is covered with tiles. In the latter are several monuments of the Timperley family, one of which is a tomb of blue marble, bearing the portraits in brass of John Timperley, Esq., and Margaret his wife. The former died in 1400. Here is also a neat monument to the late Misses Lloyd. In 1849-'50, the church was restored, and newly fitted with open benches. The western gallery was removed, and a handsome stained glass east window was presented by the Hon. Mrs. Anstruther. Four of the chancel windows were also enriched with stained glass at the expense of the rector. The rectory, valued in K.B. at �83. 9s. 6d., and now at �477, is in the patronage and incumbency of the Rev. Wm. Henry Deane, who has 44A. of glebe, and a yearly rent charge of .�450, awarded in lieu of tithes in 1838. The Free School and playground of 2R. 1 2P. were built and given by the late Misses Lloyd, in exchange for the old playground. The school estate, which was purchased by the parishioners many years ago, with the assistance of Francis Golman, is copyhold, and consists of a cottage, small barn, and about 6A. of land at Aldham, now let for �10 per annum, for which the master teaches seven free scholars reading, writing, and arithmetic. He has also �6s. 0s. a year for teaching four or five poor children of Chattisham, as noticed with that parish. Miss Harriet Lloyd, who died in 1887, left �10 a year for the education of five poor children, and �10 a year to provide coals for poor parishioners. Here is a small Independent Chapel, which is used as a school for young children. POST via Ipswich.

Anstruther James Hamilton Lloyd,
Esq. Hintlesham Hall
Abbott John, carpenter
Beamont Mary, pott mittrets
Beer David, shopkeeper & wood dealer
Betts Henry, shopkeeper
Deane Rev Wm. Henry, Rectory
Deeks John, corn miller
Doughton Robt "vermin destroyer," & East India oil manfr
Godbold Mary Ann, schoolmistress
Kingsbury John, bricklayer
Kingsbury John, jun. shoemaker
Lott Wm. Shulver, vict. George
Meadows Amos, shoemaker
Meadows Thomas, wheelwright
Norfolk Jas. butcher; & Wm.Smith
Raw John, gent. The Grove
Simpson Joseph, brick maker
Ward Frederick, same keeper
Woods John and Miss, Free School

Allen John
Beard Rt. & Wm.
Borham Robert
Cook Thomas
Faires Samuel
Finch George
Garrod James
Haggar George
Hardwick John
Hayward Charles
Nock John
Norman Wm. & Jno
Norman Thomas
Seaman Edward
Turner Rt. Priory

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