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Hundon Public Houses

HUNDON in 1844, is a large village pleasantly situated, 3 1/2 miles N.N.W. of Clare, and 6 miles E.N.E. of Haverhall, has in its fertile parish 1095 inhabitants, about 4000 acres of land.the small hamlets of Worsted Green and Scotch Oreen, and many scattered houses. Sir Robert Harland, Bart., is lord of the manor of Hundon with Chilburn, and owns about half of the parish. The remainder belongs to Jesus' College, Cambridge, the Deanery of St. Paul's, Mrs. F. Territt, Mrs. A. C. Territt. S. Ware, Esq., Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Crown, several smaller owners, and the nine persons marked thus * in the subjoined list of farmers. The manor belonged to the Earl of Clarence, in the reign of Edward III., and was afterwards held by the Vernons. Great Park, Estry Park, and Broxley Park, are three estates in this parish, which were held by Stoke priory, near Clare, and were sold, in the 3rd of Edward VI., to Sir John Cheke. In 1687, more than 200 Saxon coins were discovered by the sexton, while digging a grave in the church-yard. They were of the value of 4d. each, and of various mints. The Church (All Saints) is a large neat fabric, with a tower and six bells. It was new leaded in 1843, and has undergone many repairs during the last six years. In a building attached to it is a noble pyramid of marble, in memory of Arethusa, wife of James Vernon, Esq, and daughter of Lord Clifford, who died in 1728. The appropriation and advowson were held by Stoke priory. The great tithes are now held by Sir Robert Harland. The benefice is a discharged vicarage, valned in K.B. at 7 13s. 4d., and in 1835, at 201. The patronage is in Jesus College, Cambridge, and the Rev. Robert Wilson Stoddart, M.A., is the incumbent. A fair for pedlery, &c, is held here on Holy Thursday.
Hundon Charity Estate comprises a messuage occupied by paupers; a house divided into two tenements, used as a school and an almshouse for aged poor; and a farm of 113a., partly in Barnardiston, and now let for 120 a year. It is held in trust, as declared by a decree in Chancery, for the repair of the church and causeways in the parish; the relief of the poor; and other charitable uses, at the discretion of the trustees. A portion of the income is distributed in blankets, clothing, bread, or money, among the poor parishioners, who have also 40s. a year, out of premises in Wood-street, left by William Rick, in 1690, for distributions of bread at Hallowmass and Christmas. In 1737, James Vernon, who had contributed largely towards the erection of workhouses in Hundon, Wickhamhrook, and Stradisball, gave a yearly rent-charge of 32, out of his farms at Wickhambrook, in trust to pay to the churchwardens of Hundon 22 thereof, for the following uses, viz., 10 for the master of the parish-workhouse; 5s. each for the vicar, and two churchwardens, and the remainder for the schooling of poor children, except what may be necessary for repairing the donor's monument. He gave the other 10 of the annuity of 32, to the parish of Wickhambrook, and left a yearly rent-charge of 10 out of lands at Stradishall, for the master of the workhouse in that parish. For 10 a year recelved from this charity, a schoolmaster in Hundon teaches 16 poor children.
Bradman William, tailor
Crown Hannah, victualler, Red Lion
Gibbons John, cattle dealer
Goodchild William, butcher
Green George, victualler, Rose and Crown
Missen John, parish clerk
Nock Thomas, carpenter
Rutter Thoma, glover &c
Savage Mary, victualler, Cock
Stoddart Rev R Wilson MS, vicar
Wade David, schoolmaster
Whiting William, collar & harness maker
Wade Andrew, victualler, Plough
Beer House
Rogers Thomas
Savage Abraham
Chapman William
Stiff James
Crown Hannah
Eldred George
Rivett Henry
Boot & Shoe Makers
Bowers William
Green George
Parmenter George
Potter Daniel
Savage Josiah
Burrows Robert
Casbolt Thomas
Corn Millers.
Deeks George
Ruse John
FARMERS. (* are owners.)
* Baldry George
Brown George
* Carbolt Thomas
* Choat William
Worsted green
Cuthbert Thomas
Deeks Charles
*Deeks George
Deeks Matthew
* Deeks Susan, Wash farm
Deeks John
* Eagle Samuel
Frost Charles
Golding William, Worsted green
Goodchild William
Hammond Hy. Scotch green
Howe S. maltster, Hall
Leech William, Estry Lodge
* Potter Dd.& Rt, Scotch green
* Savage Abrm.
Silverstone Jas.
Snell John Fras. Great Lodge
Taylor William
Teverson Chas. Broxley Lodge
Unwin Ralph
Wade Noah
Medcalfe George
Ruse Thomas
Savage Charles
Savage Josiah
Savage Abrm.
Wade William
Polham Matthew
Savage Charles
Thos. Jolley, to Bury Wed.

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