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Orford Public Houses

ORFORD in the Whites 1830 Directory

Transcribed by Colin Ager

A CORPORATE and borough town, and parish, in the hundred of Plomesgate; 88 miles from London, 19 from Ipswich, and 10 from Saxmundham; situated on the north-west side of the Ore, and supposed to have derived its name from this river. At a former period this place must have been of much greater extent and consequence than it is now,- for it is stated, by early historians, to have at one time contained 12 churches: at this day its appearance is nothing more than that of a scattered fishing village; and the only objects attached to it, that can be likely to interest the stranger and tourist, are some pleasing marine and land views, and the imposing ruins of its ancient castle. This fortress is situated upon an eminence westward of the town, and the spot is said to have been in the centre of the town; the ruins, as they now stand, form a good seamark for ships coming from Holland. The decline of this place is ascribed to the loss of its harbour from the retiring of the sea, and a dangerous bar thrown up at its mouth by that overwhelming element. Orford, by its charter of incorporation, is governed by a mayor, eight portmen and 12 burgesses; it sends two members to parliament, which privilege was conferred in the reign of Edward I, and vested in the corporation, burgesses, and inhabitants not receiving alms, in number about 100; the present representatives are Sir H. F. Cooke, Baronet, and Quintin Dick, Esquire.
The church, or rather chapel (for though a vicarage, in the gift of the crown, it is under Sudbourn), when entire, was a very large and handsome building; the present incumbent is the Rev. John Connor. At Sudbourn, to the north of Orford, is ‘Sudbourn-hall,’ surrounded by a fine park, a seat belonging to the Marquis of Hertford, and chiefly used by this nobleman as a sporting residence. There are two annual fairs, held on Midsummer-day and Shrove-Monday. The Parish of Orford contained, by last official returns, 1,119 inhabitants.

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