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Walpole Public Houses

WALPOLE in 1844, is a considerable village, on a pleasant acclivity above the small river Blythe, 2 1/2 miles S.S.W. of Halesworth, has in its parish 615 souls, and 1624 acres of land, in the manor of Walpole-with-Chickering, of which Lord Huntingfield is lord, hut part of the soil belongs to P. Tatlock, Esq., the Rev. J. Philpot, Mr. J. Korrett, and a few smaller owners. The Church (St. Mary) has been rebuilt of white brick, and has a wooden steeple. The rectory was appropriated to the nuns of Redingfield, but the whole parish is now tithe-free, except a yearly modus of £40. The Rev. Benj. Philpot is patron and incumbent of the perpetual curacy, valued in 1835 at £85. Here is an Independent Chapel, erected in 1647. Its walls are of timber frames, filled up with laths and plaster, and it contains three galleries. The National School here was built in 1823. The Town Estate, held from a remote period for the general benefit of the inhabitants, consists of 3a. of land let for £7 per annum; the site, yards. &c, of the old townhouse, let in 1824 on a forty years' lease, at 7s. 6d. per annum, the lessee covenanting to erect a new house; an acre of land called Clink, let in 1800 on a 99 years' lease at the yearly rent of £ 1 ; and three small ground rents amounting to 4s. 6d. a year. The rents are applied with the church-rate. In 1701, Thomas Neale left out of a farm at Cookley, now belonging to Mr. Saunders, the yearly rent-charges of £2.10s. for schooling five poor children, and 10s. to buy them books.
Blaxhill Samuel, tailor
Bokenham Robert, wheelwright
Butcher John, bricklayer
Chapman John, corn miller
Copeman Arthur Stanhope, veterinary surgeon
Ingate Robert, corn miller
Kemp Rev Robert, curate
Kemp Charles, tailor
King James, basket maker
Lumiss William, parish clerk
Morse Daniel, saddler
Pashley Mr Daniel Thompson, (owner)
Rackham William & Sarah, National school
Ralph John, Thatcher
Sampson Robt. surveyor & Postman
Stanford Philip, joiner
Strowger Thomas, mole catcher
Walker John, gent. White House
White James, gardener & booths.
Woods John, butcher & vict. Bell
Plant Edward
Winter John
Boot & Shoe makers
Bellamy Frederick
Salter William
Upton John
Barrett John (& owner)
Goddard John
Goddard Samuel
Mongan George
Pashley D T
Peck James
Philpot John
Stofer William
Thurlow John
Upson James
White William
Wigg Herbert
Winter John
Wright Samuel
Grocers & Drapers
Aldis Edw Chas
Penstead Samuel
Rackham Benj (and baker)

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