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Wattisfield Public Houses

WATTISFIELD in 1844, is a pleasant village on the Bury road, 3 miles W.S.W. of Botesdale, and 6 miles N.E. by E. of Ixworth, has in its parish 601 souls, and about 1,600a. of fertile land, under which is a bed of fine clay, of which, excellent bricks, tiles, and brown earthenware are manufactured. It was one of the lordships belonging to the Abbot of Bury, and in Kirby's time was held by the Thompson and Moody families. J. B. Powell, Esq., is now lord of the manor, but a great part of the soil belongs to George Mallows,Esq.(who has a handsome seat here,) and several smaller owners. The Church (St. Margaret) is a neat fabric with a tower and five bells; and the benefice is a discharged rectory, valued in K.B. at 8 11s. 8d., and in 1835, at 336. Mrs. Morgan is patroness, and her husband, the Rev. R. Morgan, is the incumbent, but does not reside here. In the village is an Independent Chapel, built in 1678, by a congregation which was formed at Market Weston, in 1654. It has a small endowment, and seat room for 700 hearers. Here is also a small Wesleyan Chapel, built in 1835. The Town Estate has been vested in trust, from a very remote period, for the general benefit of the parish, and comprises
a house and one rood of land, occupied rent free, by poor persons, and 54a. Ir. 2p. of land, let for 71 17s. per annum; but of this 2a. 1r. 36p is "Poor's Land," purchased in 1647, with 30 given by Robert Mallows and Nicholas Look The rents are applied in the first instance, in defraying the church wardens' expenses, and the salaries of the parish clerk and constable; and the surplus is laid out in coals, which are sold at reduced prices, to the poor parishioners. In the 4th of Charles 1st., Sir Nicholas Bacon left 33 6s. 8d. to be laid out in lands, and the rents thereof to be applied in repairing Wattisfield Causeway, which now forms part of the turnpike road. The 4a. of land, purchased with this legacy, is vested with the surveyors of the highways, and the rent is carried to their accounts.
Buck Sarah, victualler, Black Swan
Bullock John, shoemaker
Carter Nathaniel, victualler, White Swan
Cooke Thomas, shoemaker
Cone Samuel, grocer, draper and tailor,
Doe John, corn miller
Farrow Josiah, cattle dealer
Garthwake Rev. William, (Independant Minister)
Golding Rev. Thomas, curate
Green Mrs. Elizabeth Ann
Hammond Jesse, shopkeeper
Harrison Thomas, brown earthenware manufacturer
Howard Edmund, shoemaker
Howe Roger, brick and tile maker
Kerry Charles, wheelwright
Knight James, baker, &c.
Mallows George, Esq.
Mallows Mrs. Sophia
Nunn John, grocer and draper
Parker Henry, blacksmith
Sill Edmund, gardener and beer seller
Sparke William, bricklayer & carpenter
Watson Thomas, brown earthenware manufacturer
Beart Lucy, owner
Casson John
Clamp George, Hill Green
Doe James
Driver William. Pot kiln
Farrow William (& maltster)
Harrison Thomas
Hunt Thomas
Kelton Benjamin
Manning Isaac
Nunn Enoch
Sill Edmund
Youngman Henry, Hall
Youngman John

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