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WICKHAMBROOK in 1844, is a large scattered village, in the pleasant vale of a rivulet, 7 miles N. of Clare, and 11 miles S.W. of Bury St. Edmund's, has in its extensive parish 1623 inhabitants, and about 4000 acres of fertile clayey land, including many widely scattered farm houses, and the hamlets of Ashfield Green, half a mile N.E.; Genesis Green, 2 miles N.; part of Boyden End, 2 miles N.W.; and Clopton, half a mile E. of the village. It is in three Manors, viz., Badmondisfield Hall, formerly held by the Somersets, Norths, and Warners, and now by Nathaniel Warner Bromley, Esq.; Gaines Hall, held by Mrs. Sparke; and Clopton Hall, anciently appropriated to Stoke College, and now forming part of the charity estates belonging to Thaxted, in Essex, left by Lord William Maynard. William Rayner, Esq., owns about one-third of the parish, and here are several smaller proprietors. (See list of Farmers.) Gifford's Hall, now a farm house, one mile S.E. of the village, belongs to Mr. Chinery, and was formerly held by the Owers family. Wickham House was formerly the seat of Major Robert Sparrow, and is now occupied by Mr. G. H. Sparrow. Petty Sessions are held at the White Horse every fourth Friday; and the neighbouring farmers and buyers hold a monthly meeting at the same Inn every fourth Thursday. The Church (All Saints) is a neat structure, with a tower and five bells, and the living is a vicarage, valued in K.B. at �8. 6s. lOd., and in 1835, at �210, but now having a yearly modus of �350 awarded in 1840. The patronage is in the Crown, and the Rev. Charles Borton is the incumbent. The rectorial tithes belong to N. W. Bromley, Esq., and three other impropriators. There was anciently a free chapel, dedicated to St. Mary, at Badmondisfield, in the patronage of the Hastings and Grey families; but it was granted in 1583, to William Mansey, of London, and no traces of it are now extant. In the village is a neat Independent Chapel, belonging to a congregation formed in 1734. Two schools are partly supported by subscription. A tenement and about 15a. of land are vested in trust as declared by ancient deeds, for the relief of the poor and the reparation of the church, and are now let for �15 a year, of which �2. 5s. belongs to the church, and the remainder to the poor. It is not known how the property was acquired, except 4a. purchased with the benefaction of Thomas Heigham. In 1785, Anne Warner left �400 three per cent, reduced annuities, in trust to distribute the dividends thereof on Christmasday, among the poor parishioners, who have also the dividends of �250 three per cent, stock, bequeathed in 1818 by Elizabeth Chinery, for distributions of hempen cloth. They have likewise three rent-charges, amounting to �2.10s. per annum, given by Dr. Palmer, Charles Owens, and Benjamin French. The sum of �10 a year, towards the support of the poor, is received from Vernon's Charity. (See Hnndon.) Anthony Sparrow, in 1615, charged the Stansfield Mill Farm, with the yearly payment of �8, for the relief of the poor of the following parishes, viz., �2 to be distributed in Depden; 13s. 4d. in each of the parishes of Stansfield, Denston and Bede ; 10s. in Chedburgh and Hawkedon; and �3 to be divided among the six inmates of the Almshouse, which he had built at Wickhambrook. Attached to this almshouse is about 1r. 20P. of garden ground. Borton Rev Charles, Vicarage
Brown John, P. registrar, vestry clerk, and beerhouse keeper
Chapman Joseph, victualler, Crown
Coleman Rev Henry, (lndependent minister)
Cross Miss, schoolmistress
Dunthorn and Stutter, surgeons
Garrod James, cooper
Gudgeon John, victualler, White Horse Inn
Marrow Ann, plumber and glazier
Rannow Mrs Ann, Thorn Cottage
Slater Daniel, relieving officer
Smith James, schoolmaster
Smith John, parish clerk
Smith Thomas, beerhouse keeper
Crick Alfred
Hinds Elizabeth
Simpson Robert
Boot & Shoe Makers.
Chapman George
Edgley John
Hargent John
King Robert
Parry _
Pryke George
Pryke Thomas
Pryke Thomas jun
Parker John
Smith James
Death Robert
Kemball James
Corn Millers.
Chapman John
Woollard Joseph
(* are Owners.)
Ayfon _, Barber's Farm
Crick John
Everard George, Clapton
Frost Jno. Rookery
*Frost Jas. Boyden-End
Frost Sarah,Boyden-End
* Fuller Benj, Badmondisfield
Fuller William, Hale Farm
Goldsmith George, Genesis green
*Isaacson Mrs. Gaines Hall
Johnson Stephen, Bromley
Pask James
*Pawsey George, Atterton green
Peacock William, Ashfield-Place
Peacock George
Pearl Henry, (& maltster)
*Pryke James, Ashfield green
*Pryke John, Ashfield Hall
Rowling Joseph, Baxter green
Rutter John, (& glover)
Saville John, Clopton Hall
Saville William, Gifford's Hall
Shave Simeon
Sparrow George Hibble, Wickham House
Spencer William
Smith Mrs. Ashfield green
Wing William, Ashfield green
Wakelin John, Genesis green
Woollard Joseph, Parkgate
Brewster John, (& joiner)

Tyson Richard
Hockley William
Marrow Josiah
Pattle Thomas (& baker)
French James
Pymer Benjamin
Claydon John
Crick Alfred
To Bury, Wed. & Sat.
Brown Henry
Simpson Thomas
Whitred James
To Clare, Tues. and Thursday.
Jarvis John

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