Brighton in 1866, Beer Retailers A - G

Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Brighton, Sussex .

This is a work in progress, but I would welcome any useful information that you can add, particularly pictures and photographs. These can be old postcards or modern photographs, all are welcome; plus any interesting stories about your Publican families etc etc.

Sussex Index

Beer Retailers :

Allen A, 33 Upper St James Street
Andrew W, 3 Little East Street
Angell F, 10 Lower Market Street
Arnold W, 16 Church Street
Attrree C, 18 Over Street
Austin D, 8 Albion Hill
Back J, 25 Upper Bedford Street
Baker B, 27 George Street
Baker R, 14 Montague Place
Balchan T, 42 John Street
Barnard W, 92 Carlton Street
Bartholomew G, 6 Lavender Street
Bartlett A W, 119 Church Street
Batchelor G, 13 Foundry Street
Behr J, 140 Edward Street
Bennett J, Hove Street, Cliftonville
Best W, 24 Mount Zion Place
Bignell F, 4 Richmond Street
Bird T, 65 Ship Street
Blann W, 3 Windsor Cottages
Bond E, 22 Hanover Street
Botting J, 93 Church Street
Box T, 55 Edward Street
Bridge W, 30 Bond Street
Bristow S, 125 Church Street
Brooker R, 3 Lower Market Street
Burrell C, 78 North Lane
Butcher G, 11 Bartholomews
Caddy C, 31 Bond Street
Carey J, 10 Marlborough Street
Carter J, 21 Edward Street
Carter J J, 5 Surrey Street
Carter W, 76 Trafalgar Street
Chambers J, 76 London Road
Chatfield E, 31 Rose Hill Terrace
Clifford F, 11 Edward Street
Colbran G, 55 Russell Street
Collins E, 48 Upper North Street
Collins J, 71 Rose Hill Terrace
Collison A, 14 Edward Street
Comper G, 14 Lower Market Street
Cooper T, 12 Portland Street
Cottingham A, 7 Queens Gardens
Crowhurst A, Rose Hill east
Crowhurst J J, 4 Gardner Street
Crowhurst Mrs S A, 9 & 10 Bedford Street
Crunden J, 15 Red Cross Street
Cryer T, 49 Islingword Road
Dale T, 2 Wentworth Street
Davey J, 5 George Street
Deves J, 48 Spring Gardens
Divall G, 4 Albion Hill
Earl H, 10 Elm Grove
Edmonds C, 168 Edward Street
Edwards R, 16 Elm Grove
Elliott J E, 42 Middle Street
Eliott W DF, 81 & 82 Trafalgar Street
Ellis E, 31 Camelford Street
Ellis J, 1 North Quadrant - Cork Cutters Arms
Ellis M, 21 Sidney Street
Ellis S, 34 Cheapside
Ellison M, 6 York Road, London Road
Elphick E, 81 St Georfes Road
Every J, 37 Wood Street
Ewer Mrs E, 38 Trafalgar Street
Farrant J, 2 Rock Street
Feist T, 10 Upper Market Street
Fielder Mrs S, 18 Egremont Street
Fletcher G, 100 Gloucester Lane
Francis W, 2 Norfolk Street
Fuller Mrs S, 17 Richmond Street
Furnell B, Cumberland Place
Gardiner E H, 101 North Lane
Gates Mrs A, 34 Brunswick Place
Gates B, Shoreham Road, Hove
Gilligan M, 18 Cheapside
Godfree E M, 19 Eastern Road
Godley G, 39 Sloane Street
Goldsmith A, 33 Tidy Street
Greenfield Mrs M, 17 Gloucester Lane
Griffin G, 8 Queens Road

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