Brighton in 1866, Beer Retailers O - Y

Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Brighton, Sussex .

This is a work in progress, but I would welcome any useful information that you can add, particularly pictures and photographs. These can be old postcards or modern photographs, all are welcome; plus any interesting stories about your Publican families etc etc.

Sussex Index

Beer Retailers :

Ockenden Mrs A, 168 Eastern Road
Osborne C, 3 Manchester Street
Packham J, 71 Edward Street
Page J, 109 Southover Street
Page W, 27 Islingword Road
Paine C, 34 Trafalgar Street
Parker J, 13 Farm Road, Hove
Patrick E, 7 Henry Street
Payne Mrs E, 90 Carlton Street
Payne R, 17 Kensington Place
Payne R, 2 Regency Colonnade
Pennicott W, 2 Brunswick Street west
Pescott J, 24 Cheapside
Peto H, 49 Trafalgar Street
Phelps C, 21 Little Preston Street
Phillips J, 2 Norfolk Place
Pitcher G, 85 Trafalgar Street
Pointing J, 47 Church Street
Poole B, 56 Edward Street
Powell F, 103 Richmond Street
Purchett R, 1 Carlton Hill
Ratcliff Mrs E, 13 Bartholomews
Reader S R, 35 Whitecross Street
Reed T, 38 Cavendish Street
Relf S, 72 Islingword Road
Richards T, 49 Guildford Street
Richardson Mrs F, 19 Sussex Road, Hove
Robbins I, 44 Cheapside
Robinson J, 46 Church Street
Romaine J, 60 Calton Street & 28 Grosvenor Street
Rumsley T, 3 Russell Street
Scott W, 42 Cheapside
Seamer J, 95 Edward Street
Seymer S, 29 Edward Street
Shearman S, 16 Western Street
Shepherd R, 8 Redcross Street
Sherlock R, 21 Oxford Street
Simmonds H, 68 North Lane
Simmonds J, 28 Station Street
Skuse W, 24 Frederick Place
Smart J, 27 Surrey Street
Smith J, 47 Carlton Street
Smith J S, 103 Trafalgar Street
Smith S, 135 Sussex Street
Smith T C, 51 Newhaven Street
Smith W, 8 Boyces Street
Smith W H, 69 & 70 Queens Road
Songhurst G, 3 Edward Street
Sparkes J, 52 Lavender Street
Sparks J, 13 Middle Street
Stapley J, Lewes Road, Preston
Stapley R, 119 London Road
Stoner J, 12 Meeting House Lane
Street G B, 58 William Street
Sunley D, 124 London Road
Sweetman W, 31 Cannon Street
Swindells W, 96 Church Street
Tacey W, 51 North Lane
StreetTeeling W, 50 Thomas Street
Tester W, 50 Thomas Street
Thornton G, 92 Church Street
Tricker J, 70 Upper Gloucester Lane
Trowbridge M, 15 Cross Street
Tuddenham R, 32 Grosvenor Street
Tully E, 18 Elder Street
Turrell A, 84 Carlton Street
Tutt Mrs A, 1 Station Street
Upton Mrs M, 12 Gardiner Street
Venus T, 14 & 15 Broad Street
Vergo W, Quebec Street
Vernall H, 1 New England Street
Virgol W, 76 Southover Street
Wadey W, 4 Crown Street
Ward J, 37 Kensington Gardens
Warner J, 15 South Street
Weisser J, 67 Edward Street
Welch G, 52 St James Street
Welfare Mrs M, 4 Chapel Street
Wenham W, 5 Brunswick Street west
West J, 85 North Lane
Westlake H, 1 Peel Place
Wheeler A, 10 Edward Street
Wheeler G, 24 Upper Park Place
Wheeler W, 95 Carlton Street
Wiggins T, 69 North Lane
Wilcock W, 2 Margaret Street
Wilton J, 39 Upper North Street
Wood T N, 11 Hereford Street
Woolger A, 52 Regent Street
Wooller H, Holland Road, Hove
Wooller T, 34 Upper North Street
Yeandle T, 10 & 11 Carlton Street
Young T, 86 Edward Street

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