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Birmingham, Warwickshire 1849 Whites Directory G - O

Warwickshire pub history index

There are around 570 Hotels, Inns, and Taverns listed in the 1849 Whites directory

Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Birmingham, Warwickshire.

Garricks Head, Chas. Cheshire, 27 Lower Temple street
Gate Inn, Thomas Ryland, Icknield street, East
Gate Inn, Thomas Midlami, Saltley
General Elliott, Joseph Hobson,79 New Inkleys
General Wolfe, Sarah Lingard, 23 Aston road
George, Richard Bates, 144 Digbeth
George, John Briscoe, 30 Chapel street
George, Henry Whatton, 115 Lancaster street
George & Crown, Thomas Bourne, John street. Dale end
George & Dragon, Hy.Chambers,59 Church street
George & Dragon, Edward Biddle, 47 Wharf street, Suffolk street
George &Dragon, Eliz. Richards. 113 Barr street
George & Dragon, Henry Pinfold, 10 Nova scotia street
George & Dragon, William Rennie, 1 Weaman street
George & Dragon, D. Wollaston, 75 Livery street
Globe, John Smith, 71 Great Barr street
Globe, Thomas Bartley, 138 Vauxhall road
Globe Tavern, Jno.Brown,42 Great Hampton street
Golden Cross, Sarah Cheshire, 8 Dale end
Golden Cross, John Sheldon, 64 Snow hill
Golden Cross, Jas. Thorneloe, 81 Weaman street
Golden Cup Inn, Joseph Lunt, 20  Camden street
Golden Cup, Geo. Munn, 38 Little Charles street
Golden Cup, Jane Sills, 24 Stafford street
Golden Cup, John Sivan, 37 Smallbrook street
Golden Cup, Geo. Reynolds, 115 Bradford street
Golden Eagle, My. Wasdell, 49 Swallow street
Golden Elephant, John Walker, 15 Castle street
Golden Fleece, Thomas Pallett, 65 Edgbaston street
Golden Horse,William Dowding,55 Duddeston row
Golden Lion, Joseph Dukes, 13 Hall street
Golden Lion. Jno. Bennett, 75 Great Charles street
Golden Lion, Frederick Wood, 117 Lionel street
Golden Lion, John Taylor, 9 Aston street
Golden Lion, William Bradshaw, 25 High street, Deritend
Goodfellows Lodge, H. Gateley, 3 Old Meeting street
Gough Arms, Thomas Smith, 40 Upper Gough street
Gough Arms, John Wilson, 1 Sun street West
Grand Junction Inn, Jeremiah Ashmoll, 39 Cardigan street
Grand Junction Railway Inn, Henry Flavell, 1 Bloomsbury
Grand Turk and Commercial Inn, John Glossop, 8 and 9 Ludgate hill
Grand Turk, Joseph Page, 34 Bell street
Grand Turk, L. Lucas, 83 Hockley hill
Grapes Inn, Francis Allden, 190 Livery street
Grapes, Thomas Ward, 81 Aston street
Grapes, Samuel Shilton, Gibheath
Green Dragon, My .Ann Adkins, 8 Sheepcote street
Green Dragon, Thomas Hackney, 42 Lichfield. street
Green Man, John Moore, 8 Aston road
Green Man, Thomas Hildick,41 High street, Deritnd
Green Man, James Hobson, 9 Lancaster street
Green Man, Richard Moore, 22 Sand street
Green Man, Morris Myers, 43 Edgbaston street
Green Man, Richard Speer, 36 Coleshill street
Green Man, Cornelius Penton, 23 Fleet street
Green Man, George Newey, 30 Lower Temple street
Greyhound, William Knowles, 65 Lower Trinity street
Greyhound, Jno. Southall, 27 Navigation street
Grosvenor Arms, Henry Armishaw, 1 Grosvenor street West
Gun Barrel, James Spilsbury, Bristol road
Gun Makers Arms, James Hill, 92 Bath street
Half Moon, George Parkes, 52 Dudley street
Half Moon, John Genders. 6 Little Hill street
Handels Head, Joshua Price, 74 Warwick street
Handsworth Tavern, Robert Beeson, Handsworth village
Hare & Hounds, Jno. Sutton, 86 Woodcock street
Heart in Hand, John Fox, 47 Lichfield street
Hen & Chickens, James Davis, 130 New street
Hen & Chickens, James Edmunds, 16 Constitution hill
Hen & Chickens, Joseph Hawkesford, 34 Dartmouth street
Hen & Chickens, A .Spink,62 Bartholomew street
Holts Arms and Electric Telegraph Inn, Thomas Ide, 13 Lister street
Hope & Anchor, J. Greenhill, 43 Edmund street
Hope & Anchor, John Hanks. 1 Holland street
Hope& Anchor, James W. Whiston, 110 Coleshill street
Hope & Anchor, Ahel Grove, 29 Ward street
Hope & Anchor, P Blacklock, 79 Caroline street
Hope & Anchor, Francis Inchicy, 63 Green street, Birchall street
Hope & Anchor, C. Foden. 101 New Canal street
Hop Pole, John Brown, 25 Pershore street
Hop Pole, G. Pakeman, 114 Constitution hill
Horse & Groom, T. J.W. Bulpit, 28 Livery street
Horse & Groom, John Sheppey, 95 Holt street
Horse & Groom, William Dipple, 83 Digbeth
Horse & Groom, Joseph Richards, 42 John street, Dale end
Horse & Jockey, R. Kenton, 40 Little Charles street
Horse & Jockey, Edw. Rogers, 120 Digbeth
Horse & Jockey, Abraham Ems, 13 Hill street
Horse Shoe, George Bearsley, 4 St Martins lane
Ivy Bush, Henry Davis, Hagley road
Jim Crow, John Tailby, 103  Hill street
Johnsons Head, Joseph Whiles, 18 Congreve street
Jolly Bacchus, B. Fowell, Thomas street, Dale end
Justice, A. Cotterill, 70, Lombard street
Kings Arms, My.Clements, 47 New Town row
Kings Arms, Edmund Webb, 123 William street
Kings Arms, John Sims, 9 Howe street
Kings Arms, Penelope Hinton, 5 Moores row
Kings Arms. John Smith, 99 Great Barr street
Kings Arms, Richard Ady, 1 Bradford street
Kings Arms, James Birch, 58 Pershore street
Kings Arms, Harriet Hillman, 40 Whittall street
Kings Arms, Harriet Careless, 14 Suffolk street
Kings Arms, Samuel Simmons, 7 Baggot street
King Edward IV Inn, N. Granger, 17 Parade
Kings Head Inn, T. Reeves, 67 Allison street
Kings Head, H. Hudson, 127 Digbeth
Kings Head, Hannah Belcher, 56 Dudley street
Kings Head, Charles Beasley, Hagley road
Kings Head, A. M. Adams, 18 Steelhouse lane
Kings Head, M. Freeth, 125 Lower Brearley street
Kings Head, T. Minor, 56 High street, Bordesley
King of Prussia, Rd. Tabberner, 16 Newton street
Lamb & Flag, F. Hattaway, 12  Jno. street, Dale end
Lamp Inn and Birmingham Cider Cellars, J. Stinton, 33 Cannon street
Lamp Tavern, William P. Shaw, 73 Bull street
Lamp Tavern, Ann Edwards, 20 Beak street
Lamp Tavern, W. D. Brownell, 134 High street, Bordesley
Leather Bottle, Edward Smallwood, 222 High street, Deritend
Leopard Inn, George Bott, 1 Henrietta street
Leopard, John Huskisson, 87 Dale end
Leopard, John Gray, 87 Weaman street
Leopard, William Darby, 16 Great Hampton street
Leopard, William Askey, 82 Brearley street
Lion & Lamb, Mary Hewitt, 17 High street
Lord Nelson, J. Parker, 22 High street, Deritend
Lord Nelson, William Sextone, 32 Tanter street
Lord Nelson, Thomas Pressdee, 41 Thorp street
Lozells Tavern, Job Martin, Lozells
Malt Shovel, Samuel Osborn,152 Dartmouth street
Malt Shovel, E. Harcourt, 50 Smallbrook street
Malt Shovel, S. A Coleman, Thomas street Dale end
Malt Shovel, Robert Owen, 20 Fordrough street
Malt Shovel, Joseph Green, 57 Little Charles street
Marquis Cornwallis, B. Sadler,40 Weaman street
Market Taverni T. Harris, 50  Worcester street
Minerva Inn, J. Fulford, 17 Great Hampton row
Mitre, Henry Harrison, 40 Moor street
Mitre, H. Gilbert, 66 Newhall street
Mogul, Thomas Nathaniel Hadley, 95 Bartholomew street
Moseley Arms, S. Fisher, 105 Ravenhurst street
Mug House, John, Trevitt, 7 Chapel street
Nags Head, W. Jones, 29 High street, Deritend
Nags Head, John Westwood, 94, Lichfield street
Navigation Inn, Thomas Hitchens, 1 Parade
Navigation Inn, Joseph Bennett, 36 Wharf street, Suffolk street
Navigation Inn, George Shaw, Wheeleys road.
Nelson,(Commercial,) R.Gooden, 1 Spiceal street
Nelson, James King, 2 Nelson street
Nelson, Mary Taylor, 34 Russell street
Nelson, R. Johnson, 17 Loveday street
New Inn, Edward Thomas, 243 Great Lister street
New Inn, Robert Leonard, 1 New John street
New Inn, William Smith, 193 Bromsgrove street
New Inn, Hy. Bolton, Handsworth village
New Inns, William Chattaway, 323 Summer lane
New Peacock, Edward March, 49 Aston road
Odd Fellows Arms, Thomas Brown, 54 Edmund street
Odd FellowsArms, Joseph Perkins, 33 Adam street
Old Barley Mow, Jas. Jones, 26 Northwood street
Old Crown, Joseph Baylis, 186 High street, Deritnd
Old Crown, John Coates, Lower Tower street
Old Engine, Thomas Bowley, 49 Dale end
Old Fox, E. Maiden, 55 Inge street
Old Fox, William Tilsley, 14 Fleet street
Old Guy, Elizabeth Bateman, 57 Digbeth
Old Kings Arms, Thomas Lewis, 14 London Prentice street
Old Malt Shovel, John Alfred Cleaver, 58 Coventry street
Old Malt Shovel, John Pitt, 21 Princip street
Old Peacock, Thomas Woolley, 55 Aston street
Old Rodney, Phoebe Powell, 49 Thorp street
Old Rodney, William Harper, 51 Hill street
Old Ship, Sarah Williams, 27 Fox street
Old Star, John James, 62 Lichfield street
Old Still, James Williams, 73 Weaman street
Old Union Mill, Joseph Wadhams, 11 Holt street
Old Wharf, Henry Spilsbury, 21 Oxford street
Old White Lion, H. Cole, 56 Lancaster street
Old White Lion, Thomas Brighton, 27 Thorp street
Orange Tree, Chas. Scambler, 83  Highgate

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