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Birmingham, Warwickshire 1875 Whites Directory L - S

Warwickshire pub history index

There are around 800 Hotels, Inns, and Taverns listed in the 1875 Whites directory

Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Birmingham, Warwickshire. The Birmingham, Warwickshire listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

Hotels, Inns & Taverns

Lamp, George W. B. Matthews, 73 Bull street
Lamb & Flag, Jonathan Bradley, 12 John street
Lamp, George Rotton, 33 Cannon street
Lamp, Chas. Williams,134 High street, Bordesley
Laurels, H. Lees, Hingeston street
Leicestershire House, Zachariah Gilbert, Dudley street
Leopard, Tom Cooper, 87 Dale end
Leopard, Maria Keeten, 16 Great Hampton street
Leopard, Matthew Bower, Goode street
Leopard, Peter Murtha, 87 Weaman street
Lion & Lamb, George Hy. Rickerby, 16 High street
Lister Tavern, Abraham Andrews, 115 Great Lister street
London Museum Concert Hall, George Biber, 143 Digbeth
London & North Western Railway Refreshment Rooms, New street station, Joshua WiIliams, proprietor, Edward Soden, manager
Lord Nelson, Edward Sheriff, 17 Loveday street
Lord Nelson, George Matthews, Lower Pershore street
Lord Nelson, Rd. Holmes, 32 Tanter street
Lozells Inn, Edwin Butler, 67 Lozells road
Malt Shovel, Stephen Edw. Davies, 20 Fordrough street
Malt Shovel, George Hayes, 42 High street, Aston New Town
Malt Shovel, Jas. Phillips, 24 Princip street
Malt Shovel, Ernest Rohrs, 47 Smallbrook street
Manor Tavern, Abm. Terry, Caroline street, Aston
Marquis of Cornwallis, Nathan Hy. Margetts, 40 Weaman street
Marquis of Lorne, Alfred Ansell, Cattell road
Mermaid Inn & Pleasure Gardens & Quoit Ground, Ellen Woollaston, Sparkhill, Yardley
Midland Commercial and Family Hotel, William Jno. Clements, 127 New street
Midland Wine and Spirit Stores, Thomas Baker, 77 Digbeth
Minerva, William Milliner, 17 Great Hampton row
Minerva, Thomas Jas. Leech, Great Barr street
Mitre Inn, William Jenkins, 40 Moor street
Mitre, Samuel Lester, Ledsam street
Mogul (The), William Hy. Price, 51 New Bartholomew street
Moseley Arms, John Allen, 105 Ravenhurst street
Moseley Arms (New), Jas. Perrin, Tindal street, Balsall Heath
Mount Pleasant, Abraham Reynolds, 43 Ledsam street
Mug House, Edwin Carter, Chapel street
Nags Head, Thomas Brown, 29 High street, Deritend
Nags Head, William Haddleton, 116 Lichfield street
Navigation Inn. Thomas Gilbert, 6 Wheeleys road
Navigation Inn, W. Wright, 36B Wharf street, Suffolk street
Navigation Inn, George Wilkins, Oxford street
Navigation Inn, Thomas Ireland, 1 Parade
Nelson, William Hy. Burgess, Steelhouse lane, and 34 Russell street
Nelson, George Jennings, 21 High street, Deritend
Nelson, Chas. Halwood, 80 Brearley street west
Nelson, Thomas Heath, 12 Nelson street
New Inn, Frederick Taylor, Berners street, Lozells
New Inn, George Bird, 200 Aston road, & 86 New John street
New Inn, Anthony E. Hemming, 256 Great Lister street
New Inn, George Mercer, Bromsgrove street
New Inn, Edward Thomas Moore, 149 New John street west
New Inn, Thomas Mayes, Birchfield road, Perry Barr
New Inn Vaults, James Sandiford, 340 Nechells Park road
New Inn Vaults, Chas. Hy. Hobday, 321 Summer lane
Newmarket Inn, Thomas Ball, 50 Worcester street
Nottingham Vaults, William Slinn, 95 Dale end
Odd Fellows Arms, Miles Pye, 33 Adams street
Old Abbey, Newsome Thwaite, Lodge road
Old Barley Mow, William Williams, 26 North Wood street
Old Bulls Head, William Kilby, 37 Wharf street, Suffolk street
Old College Inn, George Bedford, 67 Spring hill
Old Crown, Josiah Marlow, 188 High street, Bordesley
Old Crown & Cushion, Joseph Palmer, Birchfield road, Perry Barr
Old Crown, Edwin Floyd, 31 Lower Tower street
Old Crown, Thomas Roberts, 15 Edgbaston street
Old Engine, William Wright, 49 Dale end
Old Golden Cup, John Halliday, 70 Livery street
Old Green Man, John Hill, 9 Lancaster street
Old Green Man, James Townson, 79 Dartmouth street
Old Guy Inn, Hy. Griffiths, 57 Digbeth
Old Nelson Inn, George Pearce, 221 Great Lister street
Old Peacock, Hy. Nicholls, 55 Aston street
Old Rodney, Samuel Pope, 51 Hill street
Old Rodney, William Macey, 11 Hurst street
Old Ship, Mary Frier, Fox street
Old Star, Hy. Umbers, 70 Steelhouse lane
Old Stone Cross, Samuel John Coffe, 60 Dale end
Old Tree, Jas. Mitchell, 16 Hockley hill
Old Union Mill Inn, Jas. Cheetham, 11 Holt street
Old Wharf Tavern, Jno. Haswell, Oxford street
Orange Tree Tavern, Ann Gibson, 155 Moseley road
Parliament House, Chas. Cox, 39 Ashted row
Paul Pry, John Williams, 10 New Summer street
Peacock Inn, John Luckman, 25 Darwin street
Peacock (New), Jas. Shaw, 49 Aston road
Phoenix Inn (Old), William C. Ralph, Park street, Digbeth
Plough, Jas. Cooper, 128 Suffolk street
Plough & Harrow, John Binns, 102 Moseley road
Plough & Harrow, Robert Busby, 44 Webster street, ANT
Plough & Harrow, Mark Sansum, 131 Hampton street
Plough & Harrow, Samuel Musson, 4 Balsall street
Plough & Harrow (posting), Edw. & Ann Milward, 64 Hagley road
Prince Arthur Inn, Joseph Heard, Arthur street, Coventry road
Prince of Wales, William Grove, Thimble Mill lane
Prince of Wales, William Poutney, 311 Victoria road, Aston park
Pump Tavern, Thomas Hinks, 181 Aston road
Pump Tavern, W. Thomas Dawson, 8 Bull ring
Punch Bowl, Chas. Burbidge, 77 Steelhouse lane
Queen, Thomas Green, 39 New Inkleys
Queens Arms, William Wharton, 212 Bell Barn road
Queens Arms, Samuel Hunley, 82 Wynn street
Queens Arms, Leonard Durlsey, 25 Macdonald street, Sherlock street
Queens Arms, T. Moseley, Victoria road, Aston park
Queens Arms, H. H. Summers, 27 Easy row
Queens Arms, Thomas Frederick Jones, 29 Miles street
Queen Adelaide, Hy. Nee, 42 Hospital street
Queens Head, Alfred Alexander, 79 Hockley street
Queens Head, Bernard Creaghan, 381 Farm street
Queens Head, John Davis, 110 Burbury street
Queens Head, John Bird, Bishop street, Moseley street
Queens Head, Thomas Cheatham, 153 Camden street
Queens Head, Thomas. Machin, 251 Icknield Port road
Queens Head, William Blandford, 22 Steelhouse lane
Queens Head, George Ravenscroft, 41 Gooch street
Queens Head, Frederick Weston, Garrison street
Queens North Western Commercial and Family Hotel, Joshua Williams, Stephenson place

Railway Tavern, Thomas L. Price, Park road, Icknield street E
Railway Tavern. John Patrick, 23 Manchester street
Railway, E. Tyers, Slough lane
Railway Inn, Thomas Shaw, New road, Great Bridge
Railway Inn, William Sterry, Curzon street
Railway Inn, Jno. Greatwood, Clifton road, Sparkbrook
Railway Tavern, William Jones, 132 Lawley street
Rainbow, C. Flavell, 160 High street, Bordesley
Raven, Joshua Hall, 1 Great Lister street
Red Cow, Samuel Jerome, 23 Horse fair
Red House, Joseph Smith, 348 New John street west
Red Lion Commercial Hotel, J. Lichfield, 21 Bread street
Red Lion, Jas. Chaplin, 33 Smallbrook street
Red Lion, Chas. Jas. Hinsley, 11 Bond street
Red Lion, John Clements, 58 High street
Red Lion, Charlotte Foxall, 31 1/2 Lancaster street
Red Lion, Joseph Lea, 95 Warstone lane
Red Lion, Jas. Pears, 199 High street, Deritend
Red Lion, William Shuter, 63 Suffolk street
Red Lion, Hy. Greatrex, Thimble mill lane
Red Lion, Rebecca Gray, Lichfield road
Red Lion, William Severn, 71 St. Martin street
Red Lion, Thomas Smith, Cheapside
Reservoir Inn, John Cornforth, 57 Osler street
Reservoir Tavern, Jane Lowe, 7 Eyre street
Rising Sun, Chas. Dutton, 108 Suffolk street
Rising Sun, John Hunt, 1 Old Cross street
Roebuck, Hy. Meacheam, 10 Cox street
Roebuck, William Grove, 19 Moor street
Roebuck, Alfred Powell, 108 Broad street
Roebuck, Eliz. Stevenson, Soho hill
Roebuck, Jas. Parker, 82 Ludgate hill
Roebuck, George T. Taylor, 66 Lower Hurst street
Roebuck, William Clamp, 140 William street, Granville street
Roebuck, John Sutton, 127 Benacre street
Roebuck, George Stevenson, Soho hill, Handsworth
Rollers Arms, Hy. Lee, Floodgate street
Rose & Crown, T. Fisher, Bread street
Rose & Crown, Josiah Walton and Co., 42 Wheeler street
Rose and Crown, William Boden, 71 Weaman street
Rose and Crown, Thomas V. Constable, 37 Moor street
Rose and Crown, John Hickman, 29 Trent street
Rose & Crown, Thomas Taylor, 100 Lichfield street
Rose and Crown, William Jones, 12 Summer row
Rose and Crown, Chas. Pipps,134 Bromsgrove street
Rose and Crown, George Nixon, 19 Whittall street
Rose and Crown, George Hy. Currier, 197 Cheapside
Rose and Punchbowl, George Redpath, 41A Bull street
Rose and Shamrock, Thomas Dayman, 3 Thomas street
Royal Albert Hotel, Jas. Chalton, Upper Thomas street, Aston
Royal Commercial Hotel, Donald McInnes, 26 Temple row
Royal Elephant, Thomas Barnwell, 228 Aston road
Royal Exchange, Charlotte Bushell, 1 High street, ANT
Royal Exchange, Thomas Garratt, 53 Barker street, Hunters lane
Royal Exchange, Hannah Davis, 60 Rocky lane
Royal Exchange, William Rodd, 26 Whittall street
Royal Exchange, Samuel Robbins, Dudley street
Royal Exchange, Mary Ann Blood, 113 Dale end
Royal Exchange, Charlotte Bushell, 1 Alma street, Summer lane
Royal George, William Chapman, 350 Summer lane
Royal Oak, Jas. Smith, 7 Lozells road
Royal Oak, Ann Jefferies, Andover street
Royal Oak, William Mason, 4 Broad street
Royal Oak, Jas. Roberts, 82 Barr street
Royal Victoria Cross, Alfred Horner, 31 William street, Lozells
Ryland Arms. John Moreton, 1 Upper Ryland street
Ryland Arms, G. Thistlewood, 16 Ryland street

Sailors Return, Hy. Jackson, 2 Watery lane
St. Georges Inn, T. Ross, 38 Harford street
St. Georges Tavern, Alfred Groves, 18 Upper Tower street
St. Matthews, Groves Earp, 100 Lupin street
St. Phillipa, Emma Watton, 35 Church street
Salmon Inn, Jas. Smith, 42 Severn street
Salutation, Herbert W. Green, 30 Alma street, Summer lane
Sampson and Lion, Jas. Price, 46 Hill street
Saracens Head, Jas. W. Spreadborough, 20 Edgbaston street
Sea Horse, Ann Davis, Buck street
Seven Stars, Eliz. King, Lawley street
Shakespeare Inn, John Davis, 23 Kenion street
Shakespeare Inn, William Parsons, 54 Livery street
Shakespeare Inn, Mark Yates, Lower Temple street
Shakespeares Head, Chas. Godfrey, 70 Constitution hill
Shakespeares Head, Joseph Clibbery, 15 Lancaster street
Shareholders Arms, Mrs. Sarah Jay, 27 Park lane
Shepherd & Shepherdess, Thomas Richards, 69 Heneage street
Shepherd & Shepherdess, John Tabberner, 13 Old Cross street
Sherbourne Hotel, Morris Roberts, 50 Sherbourne road
Ship, Joseph Kiffin, 103 Steelhouse lane
Ship, Eliza Turner, Camp hill
Sir Charles Napier, George L. Richards, 155 Gooch street
Sir Charles Napier Inn, John Milner, Blews street west, Lower Camden street
Sir John Falstaff, William Douglas, 58 Weaman street
Sir Robert Peel, Thomas E. Fisher, Peel street
Small Arms Inn, Joseph Rhodes, 137 Muntz street
Small Heath Inn, Fanny Jones, 386 Coventry road
Soho Tavern, David Day, 207 Park road, Icknield street E
Sportsman Inn, Hy. Harrison, 66 Willis street
Sportsman Inn, George Froggatt, Warwick road, Sparkhill
Sportsman Inn, J. Hinks, 23 Worcester street
Sportsman Inn, Thomas William Jones, Saltley road
Spotted Dog, Thomas Reeves, 1 Meriden street
Spread Eagle Wine and Spirit Vaults, George Granger, 14 Spiceal street
Spring Gardens, E. Bradley, 24 Floodgate street
Stag and Pheasant, Thomas Dickens, Bromsgrove street
Stag and Pheasant, Thomas Swain, 26 Woodcock street
Star Commercial Hotel, Thomas Parkes, 13 1/2 Mount street, Newhall street
Star, Robert Pennell, Aston road north
Star, Jas. Nichol, 109 Gooch street
Star & Garter, Jas. Perry, Brearley street west
Station Hotel, Thomas Norton, Adderley Park road
Station Hotel, Eliz. Sandford, 302 Icknield street W
Station Inn, Chas. Lees Holt, 24 Ladywood road
Steam Clock, John Inshaw, 23 Morville street
Stork Commercial and Family Hotel, Benj. Scriven, Square
Stork, Hy. Meers, 43 Freeman street
Stork Inn, Henry Mitchell, 155 Newtown row, late of Drovers Arms, Smithfield, & The Exchange, Dudley street
Stour Valley Inn, H. Horsford, Icknield street W
Stratford Arms, W. Shorthouse, 92 Kyrwicks lane
Suffields Luncheon Bar, 18 Temple street
Summer Hill Tavern, Mary & Emma Lea, 42 Summer hill terrace
Sun, William Sutton, 101 Bristol street
Swan Inn and Galton Gardens (Established 200 years), first class billiard rooms, splendid bowling green, quoit grounds, croquet lawn, and dancing platform, J. F. Rudge, proprietor, Smethwick
Swan Commercial Hotel, Sarah Street, 139 New street
Swan, Hy. Normansell, 17 Summer row
Swan, Peter CoIlins, 88 Bell Barn road
Swan, George Harrison, 36 Bloomsbury
Swan, John Rayson, 1 Summer street, Swallow street
Swan, Charles Shaw, Upper Sutton street, Aston road, Aston
Swan Pool Tavern, George Butler, Lichfield road
Swan with Two Necks, William Draycott, 53 High street, Deritend
Swan with Two Necks, Thomas Corless, 21 New street, Aston New Town
Swan with Two Necks, C. Godfrey, 101 Aston street
Swan with Two Necks, Samuel Burn, Great Brook street
Sycamore Tavern, Caroline Harris, Park road, Aston
Sydenham Hotel, C. Cross, Golden Hillock road
Sydenham Palace, Hannah Benson, Edgbaston street

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