Pub history and London

East London, Essex, & the City of London.

This site is about the History of East London & Essex , which share many links. Much of the early history of Essex is now entwined into that of the East of London - and some areas are still in Essex, but feel more a part of London.

The Watkins Commercial & General London Directory Map (1852)

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Here is the original Watkins map, in low resolution, and below are thumbnails to allow closer examination.

Here is the map segmented as above, using thumbnails of each section.

I use jpeg format files as they are generally smaller than gif, I use the free software from MWSnap to do this, very easily. It is brilliant software, thank you.

These images are about 225KB each.

To create this layout, create a table and add thumbnails; this is done by adding each image temporarily to a web page, in turn - and then selecting auto format to thumbnail for each picture. Once created, copy the thumbnail into the relevant section of the table, and delete the temporary file.

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