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West Ham 1878 Post Office Trade Directory in Essex

History of West Ham in 1878

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West Ham 1878 Trade Directory - Commercial


Commercial Traders
Andrews Benj, greengrocer, Abbey Road
Applethwaite William Edmund, furniture dealer, 46 Plaistow Road
Baker Geo, grocer, Church Street & Marcus Street
Bander Samuel, baker, Church Street
Barrett Richd, carpenter, 87 Plaistow Road
Baugham Wm, pork butcher, Abbey Road
Baxter Margaret (Mrs), shopkeeper, Church Street north
Bell Thos & Co, vitriol works, Abbey Lane
Bennett Wm , Lord Gough, 72 Plaistow Road
Billings Charles, nurseryman, Upton Lane
Bowman Wm H, fishmonger, Church Street
Bowry Edmund W, oilman, Church Street
Brand Francis J, Angel Inn, Church Street
Brown Henry, greengrocer, 47 Paul Street
Brown Joseph, toy dealer, 4 Plaistow Road
Buckingham Harriet Alice (Mrs), beer retailer, West Ham Lane
Burrell Adam Heblin, baker, Church Street
Carr Robert, plumber, West Ham Lane
Carter Thomas, Greyhound, Abbey Road
Carter Thomas C, beer retailer, West Ham Lane
Chidley & Co, distillers, West Ham Lane
Child Thomas, shopkeeper, Church Street
Child William Thomas, upholsterer, Church Street
Chill John, brick layer, Church Street north
Choat Samuel & Son, smiths and bellhangers, Church Street north
Clempson Henry, West Road, Portway
Coe Sarah (Mrs), shopkeeper, West Ham Lane
Coles Mary (Mrs), dyer, West Ham Lane
Cooke Alfred Thomas, civil engineer, 4 Palmerston Road
Coombs Edward, baker, Church Street
Coster John, broker & appraiser, Abbey Road
Courier Newspaper & east London Advertiser (George Harmer, printer and publisher), West Ham Lane
Cowles Charles, chemist, West Ham Lane
Croney Thomas, grocer, Abbey Road
Crow Thomas, tar distiller, Abbey Lane
Dalton Asher, earthenware dealer, West Ham Lane
Davis John Samuel, baker, West Ham Lane
Dee William, house agent, West Ham Lane
Dottridge Brothers (late Geo Rivett), undertakers and funeral furnishers, Church Street and at Dorset works, East Road, City Road, London & branches
Dowden Thomas, wardrobe dealer, West Ham Lane
Drysdale Douglas, hosier, Church Street
Dunn & Co, acetic acid manufacturers and manufacturing chemists (late of Princes Square etc), Stirling Chemical works, Abbey lane
Early David, Park Tavern, Portway
Evennett Henry, corn dealer, Church Street
Finch James, brick layer, 61 Paul Street
Fitzgerald Kate (Mrs), White Swan, Abbey Lane
Flack James Charles & Sons, oil and colormen, West Ham Lane
Fletcher Thomas, shopkeeper, Langthorne Street
Foster James, confectioner, West Ham Lane
Fowler Edwd, hair dresser, West Ham Lane
Frost Arthur, pawnbroker, Church Street
Gaymere Lucy (Mrs), grocer, 60 Langthorne Street
Gidney, Clark & Co, varnish, white lead, paint, colour & grease manufacturers, lead merchants & oil refiners, Abbey Lane
Girton Samuel, greengrocer, Church Street
Goodacre, William & Co, cocoa nut manufacturers, Abbey Mill, Abbey Lane
Gover Catherine Mary (Mrs), school, Church Street
Grew Thomas, hatter, Church Street
Griggs William, shopkeeper, 14 Plaistow Road
Gynn David, pork butcher, Church Street
Hale William Hayward, chemical manure manufacturers, Abbey Lane
Hall John Swain, shopkeeper, Paul Street
Harbott George, shopkeeper, Abbey Lane
Harmer George, printer, West Ham Lane
Harp James, shopkeeper, Church Street
Harrison & Young, manufacturing chemists, Abbey works, Abbey Lane
Harvey & Gammon, millers, Abbey Mills, Abbey lane
Heard Arthur, greengrocer, West Ham Lane
Hempleman Fredk, blood manure works, Abbey Lane
Henden Benjamin, manufacturing chemists, Gift Lane works
Hey Frederick William, house decorators, West Ham Lane
Higgs Charles E, oil and colourman, Church street
Hill George, tobacconist, Church Street
Hosking Bros, builders & contractors, Upton lane
Howell William, plumber, 48 Paul Street
Hunt Wm H, shopkeeper, 2 Plaistow Road
Hutchinson John, beer retailer, 62 Paul Street
Ingleton Edwd, butcher, West Ham Lane
Ings Matthew, toy dealer, Church Street
Inkpen Stephn, blacksmith, West Ham Lane
Innous George, tripe dresser, Church Street
Ives Mary (Mrs), shopkeeper, West Ham Lane
Jackson George, baker, 59 Plaistow Road
Jackson Joseph, contractor, Sylvan Street
Jenkins Mary (Mrs), shopkeeper, West Ham Lane
Jennings James, tailor, West Ham Lane
Johnson Alf, beer retailer, 7 Plaistow Grove
Johnson Charlles, watch & clock maker, West Ham Lane
Kearsley Arthur M, farmer, Abbey Farm
Krutzskowsky Baldum, hair dresser, Church Street
Langthorne Chemical Works Limited, manufacturing chemists, saltpetre refiners, acetic acid & nitric nitrous acid manufacturers, Abbey Lane
Leather Cloth Company Limited, sole manufacturers of Crockettís American leather cloth (Henry Cooper, managing director); warehouses and offices, 4 Cannon Street EC & 94 Boulevard de Sebastopol, Paris; works, Abbey Lane
Levick George, surgeon, Church Street
Lovegrove Frederick, Manor Tavern, Upton Cross
Mable Wm, shopkeeper, 8 Plaistow Road
McRae Chas, beer retailer, Manor Road
Mahoney John, shopkeeper, Upton Lane
Mansford William James, clothier, Church Street
Metropolitan Board of Works Pumping Station, Abbey Lane
Middleton Charles, coffee rooms, West Ham Lane
Munro Wm, Kings Head, Church Street
Murray Wm, Adam & Eve, Abbey Lane
Nash Arthur Thomas, corn dealer, West Ham Lane
Nevill Jas, British Lion, West Ham Lane
Newland George, confectioner, Church Street
Newman John, draper, Church Street
Norton William, rent collector, 6 Ham Terrace, West Ham Lane
Oil & Stearine Co Limited (Thomas Felton, sec), West Ham marsh & 6 Arthur Street east etc
Palmer George & Richard William, Carmen etc
Pearson George, grocer, Upton Lane
Pedrick Fanny (Miss), chimney sweeper, Church Street
Perfect George, plumber, 38 Plaistow Road
Pierce George, baker, 39 Plaistow Grove
Pinnock Henry, grocer, 58 Plaistow Road
Poupard Charles George, lubricating oil manufacturers, Eastern Road
Priddle Francis, chemist, Church Street
Prince John Jas, boot maker, Church Street
Purcell Charles, stonemason, Church Street
Purchase Jno, greengrocer, 67 Plaistow Road
Quint Samuel, dairyman, Church Street
Rawlins Charles, butcher, Church Street
Raymond Geo, butcher, 48 Plaistow Road
Reynolds Wm & Co, nautical instrument makers, Portway House, Upton Cross
Richards Edward, corn dealer, Church Street
Roberts William, shopkeeper, Portway
Roger Harrisís Almshouses, Gift Lane
Rogers James, beer retailer, Church Street
Round Moses, tailor, West Ham Lane
Rushworth Wm R, butcher, Church Street
Scarborough James Henry, baker, Stanley Terrace, Portway
Schmidt John, baker, West Ham Lane
Scurr Agnes (Mrs), servants registry office, Upton Lane
Sedgwick Geo Alfred, vestry clerk & solicitor, Ivy House, Church Street, West Ham , E; Town Hall, Stratford & 27 Leadenhall Street, City EC
Shead Susan (Mrs), confectioner, West Ham Lane
Shrimpton Emma (Mrs), shopkeeper, 4 Langthorne Street
Simpson Joseph, marine store dealer, Marcus Street, Church Street
Sippett Jas, shopkeeper, 14 Plaistow Grove
Sisely John, builder, West Ham Lane
Smith Benjamin, boot maker, Church Street
Smith David, confectioner, Church Street
Smith Edmund, carpenter & undertaker, West Ham Lane
Sole John, marine store dealer, Plaistow Grove
Stanton Robert, beer retailer, 12 Plaistow Road
Stead James, Unicorn, Church Street
Stock Alfred, marine store dealer, West Ham Lane
Stockdale Alfred Robert, boot & shoe maker, 16 Plaistow Road
Stocker Charles Joseph, surgeon, Hampton House, Upton lane
Storey Thomas, grocer, Church Street
Stratford  & West ham Building Society (Henry Frewer, sec), Working Menís hall, West Ham Lane
Sumner James, grocer, West Ham Lane
Tatley Christr, beer retailer, Plaistow Grove
Taylor John, Boot maker, Church Street
Taylor Sarah (Mrs), upholstress, 4 Manor Place, West Ham Lane
Trew Archibald, Princess of Wales, West Ham Lane
Ursuline Convent (Miss Mary Crescentia, lady superior, Upton Lane
Vause Harriet (Mrs), Spotted Dog, Upton Lane
Waites Robt Wm, dairyman, Church Street
Wallis George & Thomas, varnish manufacturers, Abbey Mills
Ward John, wardrobe dealer, West Ham Lane
Weakley Samuel & James, merchants, 3 Kent Terrace, Victoria Road
Webb Brothers, boot makers, Church Street
Webb Edward William, earthenware dealer, West Ham Lane
Webb William, grocer, Abbey lane
Welch David, pork butcher, West Ham Lane
Welton James, magnetic belt maker, West Ham Lane
West Ham Commissionersí Green Yard, Langthorne Street
West Ham Fire Brigade Station (Wm Jones, superintendent), West Ham Lane
West Ham High School for Girls (Miss Hariet Mortimer Rowden, mistress), West Ham Lane
West Ham Model School (Robert gandy, ead master), Church Street
West Ham, Stratford & south Essex Dispensary (Everett Clayton, resident surgeon), West Ham Lane
Wilkinson John, grocer & cheesemonger, 90 Langthorne Street
Williamus Wellington & Co, paper stainers, Abbey Lane
Willis Thos, herbalist, Church Street north
Wiltshire Joseph, earthenware dealer, 57 Plaistow Road
Withers Aaron, pawnbroker, West Ham Lane
Working Menís Hall & Club Room (benj Berry, sec), West Ham Lane
Young Henry, baker & corn dealer, Abbey Road


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And next is the complete 1940 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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